The Essential Brunswik

Beginnings, Explications, Applications

av Kenneth R Hammond  (inbunden, 2001)

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The Essential Brunswik (inbunden)
  • Inbunden (hardback)
  • Språk: Engelska
  • Antal sidor: 560
  • Utg.datum: 2001-10-01
  • Förlag: OUP USA
  • Medarbetare: Stewart, Thomas R.
  • Illustrationer: 2ill.figs.tabs.
  • Dimensioner: 263 x 185 x 30 mm
  • Vikt: 1160 g
  • Antal komponenter: 1
  • ISBN: 9780195130133

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INTRODUCTION; PART 1: BEGINNINGS: THE GRAND IDEAS INTRODUCED; 1. The Organism and the Causal Texture of the Environment [1935]; 2. Psychology as a Science of Objective Relations [1937]; 3. Organismic Achievement and Environmental Probability [1943]; 4. Distal Focussing of Perception: Size Constancy in a Representative Sample of Situation [1944]; 5. Points of View: Components of Psychological Theorizing [1946]; 6. Remarks on Functionalism in Perception [1949]; 7. Representative Design and Probabilistic Theory in a Functional Psychology [1955] and In Defense of Probabilistic Functionalism: A Reply [1955]; PART 2: EXPLICATIONS: ICONOCLASM AT WORK; A. DEMONSTRATIONS OF A NEW METHODOLOGY: REPRESENTATIVE DESIGN; 8. Probability Learning of Perceptual Cues in the Establishment of a Weight Illusion [1951]; 9. Thing Constancy as Measured by Correlation Coefficients [1940]; 10. Probability as a Determiner of Rat Behavior [1939]; 11. Ecoloigcal Cue-Validity of "Proximity" and of Other Gestalt factors [1953]; B. DEMONSTRATIONS OF A COMPREHENSIVE THEORY; 12. The Conceptual Framework of Psychology [1952]; 13. Survival in a World of Probable Objects [1957]; C. FINAL THOUGHTS; 14. "Ratiomorphic" Models of Perception and Thinking [1955]; 15. Perception and the Representative Design of Psychological Experiments [1956]; 16. Ontogenetic and Other Developmental Parallels to the History of Science [1959]; 17. Historical and Thematic Relations of Psychology to Other Sciences [1956]; 18. Scope and Aspects of the Cognitive Problem [1957]; PART 3: APPLICATIONS; A. THEORETICAL AND METHODOLOGICAL CONTRIBUTIONS TO PSYCHOLOGY; 19. The Contribution of Representative Design to Calibration Research; 20. Assessing Self-Insight via Policy Capturing and Cognitive Feedback; 21. Judgment Analysis; 22. Brunswik's Theoretical and Methodological Contributions to Research in Interpersonal Perception; 23. Hierarchical Linear Models for the Nomothetic Aggregation of Idiographic Descriptions of Judgment; 24. Vicarious Functioning Reconsidered: A Fast and Frugal Lens Model; 25. Multiple Cue Probability Learning; 26. From Ecological to Moral Psychology: Morality and the Psychology of Egon Brunswik; 27. The Lens Model Equation; B. OVERVIEWS OF APPLICATIONS TO SUBSTANTIVE PROBLEMS; 28. The Realistic Accuracy Model and Brunswik's Approach to Social Judgment; 29. Application of the Lens Model to the Evaluation of Professional Performance; 30. Brunswik and Medical Science; 31. The Perception and Judgment of Rapport; 32. The Relationship between Strategy and Achievement as the Basic Unit of Group Functioning; 33. Brunswikian Research on Social Perception, Interpersonal Learning and Conflict, and Negotiation; 34. Understanding the Effects of Psychiatric Drugs on Social Judgment; 35. Human Factors; 36. Representative Design: Cognitive Science from a Brunswikian Perspective; C. EXAMPLES OF CURRENT BRUNSWIKIAN RESEARCH AND APPLICATION; 37. Assessing the Reliability of Judgments; 38. Vicarious Functionin

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