Fler böcker av författarna

  • How to Draw Pokemon

    Tracey West

    Young readers can catch step-by-step secret tips on drawing their favorite Pokmon, including Pikachu, Togepi, Chikorita, Meowth, Pichu, Houndour, Lugia, Cyndaquil, and others.

  • Pokemon Challenge

    Tracey West, Katherine Nolls

    These pages have been filled with the best Pokmon challenges ever, so fans can test their knowledge. Youngsters can face off against mind-boggling riddles, solve secret codes, test their memory skills, and much more. Full color.

  • Bakugan: 3-D Book

    Tracey West

    The world of Bakugan comes to life in this 3-D book packed with eye-popping Bakugan images. Includes two pairs of special glasses and an oversized center gatefold to double the action. Full color. Consumable.

  • Way of the Ninja (Lego Ninjago: Reader)

    Tracey West

    The son of a blacksmith, Kai's only dream is to master his father's craft. Until the day an army of skeleton warriors raids his villages and kidnaps his sister, Nya. Kai's only hope of rescuing his sister lies with Sensei Wu, a mysterious old man ...