Ethnographic Fieldwork

An Anthropological Reader

av Antonius C G M Robben, Jeffrey A Sluka  (häftad, 2011)

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Ethnographic Fieldwork + Disaster Theory
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Ethnographic Fieldwork (häftad)

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  • Utg.datum: 2011-12-30
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Iraq at a Distance

Antonius C G M Robben

Fieldwork Under Fire

Carolyn Nordstrom, Antonius C G M Robben

Political Violence and Trauma in Argentina

Antonius C G M Robben

Death, Mourning, and Burial

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"This final section serves to bring full circle many of the central issues about the relationship between ethnographers and their research subjects and, thus, is a fitting conclusion to an extraordinary collection." ( Anthropos , 2 October 2013)

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Antonius C. G. M. Robben is Professor of Anthropology at Utrecht University, the Netherlands, and past President of the Netherlands Society of Anthropology. He is the author of Sons of the Sea Goddess: Economic Practice and Discursive Conflict in Brazil (1989) and Political Violence and Trauma in Argentina (2005), and editor of Fieldwork Under Fire: Contemporary Studies of Violence and Survival (with Carolyn Nordstrom, 1995) and Iraq at a Distance: What Anthropologists Can Teach Us About the War (2010). Jeffrey A. Sluka is Associate Professor of Social Anthropology at Massey University, New Zealand. He is past Chair of the Association of Social Anthropologists of Aotearoa/New Zealand, a Fellow of the American Anthropological Association, author of Hearts and Minds, Water and Fish: Popular Support for the IRA and INLA in a Northern Irish Ghetto (1989), and editor of Death Squad: The Anthropology of State Terror (2000).


About the Editors x Editors' Acknowledgments xi Acknowledgments to Sources xii Fieldwork in Cultural Anthropology: An Introduction 1 Jeffrey S. Sluka and Antonius C. G. M. Robben Part I Beginnings 49 Introduction 51 Antonius C. G. M. Robben 1 The Observation of Savage Peoples 56 Joseph-Marie Degerando 2 The Methods of Ethnology 63 Franz Boas 3 Method and Scope of Anthropological Fieldwork 69 Bronislaw Malinowski Part II Fieldwork Identity 83 Introduction 85 Antonius C. G. M. Robben 4 A Woman Going Native 92 Hortense Powdermaker 5 Fixing and Negotiating Identities in the Field: The Case of Lebanese Shiites 103 Roschanack Shaery-Eisenlohr 6 Being Gay and Doing Fieldwork 114 Walter L. Williams 7 Automythologies and the Reconstruction of Ageing 124 Paul Spencer Part III Fieldwork Relations and Rapport 135 Introduction 137 Jeffrey A. Sluka 8 Champukwi of the Village of the Tapirs 143 Charles Wagley 9 Behind Many Masks: Ethnography and Impression Management 153 Gerald D. Berreman 10 The Politics of Truth and Emotion among Victims and Perpetrators of Violence 175 Antonius C. G. M. Robben Part IV The "Other" Talks Back 191 Introduction 193 Jeffrey A. Sluka 11 Custer Died for Your Sins 199 Vine Deloria, Jr. 12 Here Come the Anthros 207 Cecil King 13 When They Read What the Papers Say We Wrote 210 Ofra Greenberg 14 Ire in Ireland 219 Nancy Scheper-Hughes Part V Fieldwork Confl icts, Hazards, and Dangers 235 Introduction 237 Jeffrey A. Sluka 15 Ethnology in a Revolutionary Setting 244 June Nash 16 The Ethnographer's Tale 256 Neil L. Whitehead 17 Anthropology from the Bones: A Memoir of Fieldwork, Survival, and Commitment 274 Cynthia Keppley Mahmood 18 Reflections on Managing Danger in Fieldwork: Dangerous Anthropology in Belfast 283 Jeffrey A. Sluka Part VI Fieldwork Ethics 297 Introduction 299 Jeffrey A. Sluka 19 The Life and Death of Project Camelot 306 Irving Louis Horowitz 20 Confronting the Ethics of Ethnography: Lessons From Fieldwork in Central America 318 Philippe Bourgois 21 Ethics versus "Realism" in Anthropology 331 Gerald D. Berreman 22 Worms, Witchcraft and Wild Incantations: The Case of the Chicken Soup Cure 353 Jeffrey David Ehrenreich 23 Code of Ethics (2009) 359 American Anthropological Association Part VII Multi-Sited Fieldwork 365 Introduction 367 Antonius C. G. M. Robben 24 Beyond "Culture": Space, Identity, and the Politics of Difference 374 Akhil Gupta and James Ferguson 25 Afghanistan, Ethnography, and the New World Order 387 David B. Edwards 26 Being There ... and There ... and There! Reflections on Multi-Site Ethnography 399 Ulf Hannerz 27 A New Form of Collaboration in Cultural Anthropology: Matsutake Worlds 409 Matsutake Worlds Research Group Part VIII Sensorial Fieldwork 441 Introduction 443 Antonius C. G. M. Robben 28 Balinese Character: A Photographic Analysis 450 Gregory Bateson and Margaret Mead 29 The Taste of Ethnographic Things 465 Paul Stoller and Cheryl Olkes 30 Dialogic Editing: Interpreting How Kaluli Read Sound and Sentiment 480 Steven Feld 31 On Rocks, Walks, and Talks in West Africa: Cultural Categories and an Anthropology of the Senses 496 Kathryn Linn Geurts Part IX Refl exive Ethnography 511 Introduction 513 Antonius C. G. M. Robben 32 Fieldwork and Friendship in Morocco 520 Paul Rabinow 33 The Way Things Are Said 528 Jeanne Favret-Saada 34 Transmutation of Sensibilities: Empathy, Intuition, Revelation 540 Thomas J. Csordas 35 "At the Heart of the Discipline": Critical Reflections on Fieldwork 547 Vincent Crapanzano Part X Engaged Fieldwork 563 Introduction 565 Jeffrey A. Sluka 36 Introduction - 1942 573 Margaret Mead 37 Scholarship, Advocacy, and the Politics of Engagement in Burma (Myanmar) 579 Monique Skidmore 38 "Human Terrain&qu

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