Ethical Theory

An Anthology

av Russ Shafer-Landau  (häftad, 2012)

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Ethical Theory (häftad)

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  • Häftad (paperback)
  • Språk: Engelska
  • Antal sidor: 816
  • Utg.datum: 2012-07-06
  • Upplaga: 2 Rev ed
  • Förlag: John Wiley & Sons Ltd
  • Dimensioner: 241 x 184 x 38 mm
  • Vikt: 1360 g
  • Antal komponenter: 1
  • ISBN: 9780470671603

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Bloggat om Ethical Theory


Preface xi <p>Source Acknowledgments xiii <p>Part I The Status of Morality 1 <p>Introduction to Part I 3 <p>1. Of the Influencing Motives of the Will and Moral Distinctions Not Derived from Reason 7 David Hume <p>2. A Critique of Ethics 16 A. J. Ayer <p>3. The Subjectivity of Values 22 J. L. Mackie <p>4. Ethics and Observation 31 Gilbert Harman <p>5. Moral Relativism Defended 35 Gilbert Harman <p>6. Cultural Relativism 44 Harry Gensler <p>7. The Subject-Matter of Ethics 48 G. E. Moore <p>8. Ethics as Philosophy: A Defense of Ethical Nonnaturalism 54 Russ Shafer-Landau <p>9. Realism 63 Michael Smith <p>Part II Moral Knowledge 69 <p>Introduction to Part II 71 <p>10. Thinking About Cases 74 Shelly Kagan <p>11. But I Could be Wrong 85 George Sher <p>12. Proof 94 Renford Bambrough <p>13. Moral Knowledge and Ethical Pluralism 101 Robert Audi <p>14. Coherentism and the Justification of Moral Beliefs 112 Geoffrey Sayre-McCord <p>Part III Why Be Moral? 127 <p>Introduction to Part III 129 <p>15. The Immoralist s Challenge 132 Plato <p>16. Morality as a System of Hypothetical Imperatives 138 Philippa Foot <p>17. A Puzzle About the Rational Authority of Morality 144 David O. Brink <p>18. Moral Rationalism 159 Russ Shafer-Landau <p>19. Psychological Egoism 167 Joel Feinberg <p>20. Flourishing Egoism 178 Lester Hunt <p>21. Ethical Egoism 193 James Rachels <p>22. Moral Saints 200 Susan Wolf <p>Part IV Ethics and Religion 213 <p>Introduction to Part IV 215 <p>23. Euthyphro 218 Plato <p>24. A New Divine Command Theory 220 Robert Merrihew Adams <p>25. God and Objective Morality: A Debate 225 William Lane Craig and Walter Sinnott-Armstrong <p>26. God and Immortality as Postulates of Pure Practical Reason 230 Immanuel Kant <p>27. God and the Moral Order 234 C. Stephen Layman <p>28. God and Morality 242 Erik Wielenberg <p>Part V Value 253 <p>Introduction to Part V 255 <p>29. Hedonism 258 John Stuart Mill <p>30. The Experience Machine 264 Robert Nozick <p>31. The Good Life: A Defense of Attitudinal Hedonism 266 Fred Feldman <p>32. Rationality and Full Information 277 Thomas Carson <p>33. Desire and the Human Good 286 Richard Kraut <p>34. What Makes Someone s Life Go Best 294 Derek Parfit <p>35. What Things are Good? 299 W. D. Ross <p>Part VI Moral Responsibility 303 <p>Introduction to Part VI 305 <p>36. Determinism and the Theory of Agency 308 Richard Taylor <p>37. The Impossibility of Moral Responsibility 312 Galen Strawson <p>38. Freedom and Necessity 317 A. J. Ayer <p>39. Moral Luck 322 Thomas Nagel <p>40. Sanity and the Metaphysics of Responsibility 330 Susan Wolf <p>41. Freedom and Resentment 340 Peter Strawson <p>Part VII Moral Standing 353 <p>Introduction to Part VII 355 <p>42. We Have No Duties to Animals 359 Immanuel Kant <p>43. All Animals are Equal 361 Peter Singer <p>44. The Rights of Animals and Unborn Generations 372 Joel Feinberg <p>45. On Being Morally Considerable 381 Kenneth Goodpaster <p>46. Abortion and Infanticide 390 Michael Tooley <p>47. An Argument that Abortion is Wrong 400 Don Marquis <p>Part VIII Consequentialism 411 <p>Introduction to Part VIII 413 <p>48. Utilitarianism 417 John Stuart Mill <p>49. Extreme and Restricted Utilitarianism 423 J. J. C. Smart <p>50. Rule-Consequentialism 428 Brad Hooker <p>51. Alienation, Consequentialism, and the Demands of Morality 441 Peter Railton <p>52. What is Wrong with Slavery 458 R. M. Hare <p>53. Famine, Affluence and Morality 466 Pete

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