Film and Theory

An Anthology

av Robert Stam, Toby Miller  (häftad, 2000)

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Film and Theory (häftad)
  • Häftad (paperback)
  • Språk: Engelska
  • Antal sidor: 880
  • Utg.datum: 2000-01-01
  • Förlag: Blackwell Publishers
  • Medarbetare: Miller
  • Illustrationer: 0
  • Dimensioner: 230 x 155 x 50 mm
  • Vikt: 1200 g
  • Antal komponenter: 1
  • Komponenter: 23:B&W 6 x 9 in or 229 x 152 mm Perfect Bound on White w/Gloss Lam
  • ISBN: 9780631206262

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Bloggat om Film and Theory

Övrig information

Toby Miller is a Professor in the Cinema Studies Department at New York University. He is the author of a wide range of work in cultural studies, including two recent books, "Technologies of Truth" (1998) and (with Alec McHoul) "Popular Culture and Everyday Life" (1998). He is also co-editor of the journal "Social Text" and with Robert Stam co-editor of "The Blackwell Companion to Film Studies." Robert Stam is a Professor in the Cinema Studies Department at New York University. His many books include "Film Theory: An Introduction" (Blackwell Publishers, 1999); "Tropical Multiculturalism: A Comparative History of Race in Brazilian Cinema and Culture" (1997); "Unthinking Eurocentrism: Multiculturalism and the Media, " with Ella Shohat (1994), which won the Katherine Singer Kovocs "Best Film Book Award"; and "Subversive Pleasures: Bakhtin, Cultural Criticism, and Film" (1992).


Acknowledgments. Introduction. Part I: The Author: Introduction: Robert Stam. 1. Dennis Potter and the Question of the Television Author: Rosalind Coward. 2. To Desire Differently: Feminism and the French Cinema (extract): Sandy Flitterman-Lewis. 3. The Unauthorized Auteur Today: Dudley Andrew. Part II: Film Language: Introduction: Robert Stam. 4. The Specificity of Media in the Arts: Noel Carroll. 5. For a Semio-Pragmatics of Film: Roger Odin. 6. The Scene of the Screen: Envisioning Cinematic and Electronic 'Presence': Vivian Sobchack. Part III: The Image and Technology: Introduction: Toby Miller. 7. Necessities and Constraints: A Pattern of Technological Change: Brian Winston. 8. Projections of Sound on Image: Michel Chion. 9. Modes of Production: The TV Apparatus: John T. Caldwell.Part IV: Text and Intertext: Introduction: Robert Stam. 10. Questions of Genre: Steve Neale. 11. A Semantic/Syntactic Approach to Film Genre: Rick Altman. 12. The 'Force-Field' of Melodrama: Stuart Cunningham. 13. Film Bodies: Gender, Genre and Excess: Linda Williams. Part V: The Question of Realism: Introduction: Robert Stam. 14. The Cinema of Attraction: Early Film, Its Spectator and the Avant-Garde: Tom Gunning. 15. Classical Hollywood Cinema: Narrational Principles and Procedures: David Bordwell. 16. Black American Cinema: The New Realism: Manthia Diawara. Part VI: Alternative Aesthetics: Introduction: Robert Stam. 17. Towards a Third Cinema: Notes and Experiences for the Development of Cinema of Liberation in the Third World: Fernando Solanas and Octavio Getino. 18. For an Imperfect Cinema: Julio Garcia Espinosa. 19. Towards a Critical Theory of Third World Films: Teshome H. Gabriel. 20. Rethinking Women's Cinema: Aesthetics and Feminist Theory: Teresa de Lauretis. Part VII: The Historical Spectator/Audience: Introduction: Toby Miller. 21. Cowboys and Indians: Perceptions of Western Films Among American Indians and Anglos: JoEllen Shively. 22. Television News and its Spectator: Robert Stam. 23. Addressing the Spectator of a 'Third World' National Cinema: The Bombay 'Social' Film of the 1940's and 1950's: Ravi S. Vasudevan. Part VIII: Apparatus Theory: Introduction: Toby Miller. 24. The Imaginary Signifier: Christian Metz. 25. The Orthopsychic Subject: Film Theory and the Reception of Lacan: Joan Copjec. 26. Feminism, Film Theory, and the Bachelor Machines: Constance Penley. Part IX: The Nature of the Gaze: Introduction: Toby Miller. 27. Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema: Laura Mulvey. 28. Film and the Masquerade: Theorizing the Female Spectator: Mary Ann Doane. 29. The Oppositional Gaze: bell hooks. 30. Looking Awry: Slavoj Zizek. Part X: Class and the Culture Industries: Introduction: Toby Miller. 31. Constituents of a Theory of the Media: Hans Magnus Enzenburger. 32. Ideology, Economy and the British Cinema: John Hill. 33. Mass Culture and the Feminine: The 'Place' of Television in Film Studies: Patrice Petro.Part XI: Stars and Performance: Introduction: Toby Miller. 34. Introduction to Heavenly Bodies: Film Stars and Society: Richard Dyer. 35. Marlon Brando in 'On the Waterfront': James Naremore. 36. Roseanne: Unruly Woman as Domestic Goddess: Kathleen K. Rowe. 37. The She-Man: Postmodern Bi-Sexed Performance in Film and Video: Chris Straayer. Part XII: Permutations of Difference: Introduction: Robert Stam. 38. Gender and Culture of Empire: Towards a Feminist Ethnography of the Cinema: Ella Shohat. 39. Categories of Stereotyping of American Indians in Film: Ward Churchill. 40. Cultural Identity and Cinematic Representation: Stuart Hall. 41. White Privilege and Looking Relations: Jane Gaines. 42. White: Richard Dyer. Part XIII: The Postmodern and the Global: Introduction: Robert Stam. 43. Television and Postmodernism: Jim Collins. 44 Critical and Textual Hypermasculinity: Lynne Joyrich. 45. Conclusion: Henry Jenkins. Bibliography. Index.

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