Total Relationship Marketing

Marketing Management, Relationship Strategy and CRM Approaches for the Network Economy

av Evert Gummesson  (häftad, 2008)

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Total Relationship Marketing (häftad)
  • Häftad (paperback)
  • Språk: Engelska
  • Antal sidor: 392
  • Utg.datum: 2008-05-01
  • Upplaga: 3
  • Illustratör/Fotograf: Illustrated
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  • Dimensioner: 246 x 190 x 21 mm
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  • Komponenter: 50:B&W 7.44 x 9.69 in or 246 x 189 mm (Crown 4vo) Perfect Bound on White w/Gloss Lam
  • ISBN: 9780750686334

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Recensioner i media

'An informed and innovative approach . . . Gummesson has provided a vivid demonstration of the ubiquity of relationships in marketing.' <br>PHILIP KOTLER, Distinguished Professor of International Marketing, Northwestern University, USA <br>"There is no one I know who knows more about relationship marketing than Evert Gummesson. In this third edition of Total Relationship Marketing he provides an informed and innovative approach to relationship marketing, CRM, Return on Relationships, and the suppliers' and customers' roles in the valuecreating network economy." <br>Philip Kotler<br>S.C. Johnson Distinguished Professor of International Marketing, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, USA <br>"A corporation, its employees and management operate within multiple relationships to customers, suppliers, the media, banks and numerous others. With its broad approach to relationship marketing Gummesson's book has become a classic. This updated third edition clearly shows the critical role of relationships for the enhancement of service and profits in today's economic reality." <br>Thomas Sattelberger<br>Chief Human Resources Officer and Member of the Board of Management, Deutsche Telekom AG, Bonn, Germany <br>"In this third edition of Total Relationship Marketing<br>Evert Gummesson integrates his thirty relationships with new developments in marketing, among them the service-dominant logic, the network thinking of manyto-<br>many marketing, and the value-creating economy where intellectual capital is many times as important as its financial capital. Do as the author says: Put on the relationship eye-glasses and rethink your marketing!" <br>Leif Edvinsson<br>President of UNIC andProfessor of Intellectual Capital, Lund University, Sweden, and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University <br>"Evert Gummesson invites readers to think about relationship marketing in new and exciting ways. This is a fascinating, worthwhile book." <br>Leonard L. Berry<br>Distinguished Professor of Marketing, the Mays Business School, Texas A&M University, USA <br>"The ideas of Gummesson's book are trend-setting realities in the new context of today's business, characterized by networks and relationships.<br>Particularly important for all managers, whether they are responsible for specific marketing aspects of a firm's value creation, or whether they are general managers." <br>Peter Lorange<br>President and The Nestle Professor, IMD, Lausanne, Switzerland <br>"Evert Gummesson is a pioneer in the field of relationship marketing. He is an original and stimulating thinker whose insights and ideas are essential reading for anyone who is seeking to understand the role of marketing in a rapidly changing global environment. This book is an important contribution to the literature of marketing." <br>Michael J. Baker<br>Professor Emeritus, Founding Editor Journal of Marketing Management and Journal of Customer Behaviour, UK

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Övrig information

Evert Gummesson is one of Europe's leading marketing thinkers. He has a major international reputation based on his teaching, writing and consultancy in Europe, the UK and North America. Since the first edition of Total Relationship Marketing, Evert Gummesson has received two awards for his pioneering work in marketing: "The Year 2000 Award For Leadership In The Services Field" presented by The AMA and The Chris Ottander Prize, a Swedish award sponsored by the leading business weekly Veckans Affrer.


Figures and tables Preface and acknowledgements Introduction Chapter 1 Rethinking marketing What are RM, CRM and 1to1? Society is a network of relationships - and so is business! The roots of RM Basic values of marketing RM versus transaction marketing Common sense, intuition and experience What do we see through the relationship eye-glasses? General properties of relationships, networks and interaction The 30Rs of RM - introductory specification of thirty relationships Chapter 2 Classis market relationships Relationship 1 The classid dyad - the relationship between the supplier and the customer Relationship 2 The classic triad - the drama of the customer-supplier-competitive triangle Relationship 3 The classic network - distribution channels Chapter 3 Special market relationships Relationship 4 Relationships via full-time marketers (FTMs) and part-time marketers (PTMs) Relationship 5 The service encounter - interaction between customers and service providers Relationship 6 The many-headed customer and the many-headed supplier Relationship 7 The relationship to the customer's customer Relationship 8 The close versus the distant relationship Relationship 9 The relationship to the satisfied customer Relationship 10 The monopoly relationship - the customer or supplier as prisoners Relationship 11 The customer as 'member' Relationship 12 The e-relationship Relationship 13 Parasocial relationships - relationships to brands and objects Relationship 14 The non-commercial relationship Relationship 15 The green relationship Relationship 16 The law-based relationship Relationship 17 The criminal network Chapter 4 Mega relationships Relationship 18 Personal and social networks Relationship 19 Mega marketing - the real 'customer' is not always found in the marketplace Relationship 20 Alliances change the market relationships Relationship 21 The knowledge relationship Relationship 22 Mega alliances change the basic conditions for marketing Relationship 23 The mass media relationship Chapter 5 Nano relationships Relationship 24 Market mechanisms are brought inside the company Relationship 25 Internal customer relationships Relationship 26 Quality and customer orientation: the relationship between operations management and marketing Relationship 27 Internal marketing - relationships with the 'employee market' Relationship 28 The two-dimensional matrix relationship Relationship 29 The relationship to external providers of marketing services Relationship 30 The owner and financier relationship Chapter 6 Do RM and CRM pay? Return on relationships (ROR) Satisfaction, loyalty and ROR Duration, retention and defection Customer interaction, triplets and tribes Intellectual capital and the balanced scorecard Return on the non-measurable ROR and the whole network Strategies for improved ROR An RM-inspired marketing plan and audit Chapter 7 RM, the network organization and the network society Introducing the new organization Nobody has seen a corporation! The company and the market: two phenomena, or two perspectives on the same phenomenon? Paradoxes of organizations The human ratio: internal and external 'employees' From delimited structures to boundaryless processes Our need for security Synthesis 1: from exclusive hierarchies to inclusive networks and processes Synthesis 2: from partial to complete marketing equilibrium Chapter 8 The genesis of RM and CRM Theoretical contributions to RM Current RM and CRM literature: a comparison with the 30R approach Synthesis of theories and experiences to a more general marketing theory Chapter 9 In conclusion - RM and CRM provide a paradigm shift! A paradigm shift in marketing New concepts RM, CRM and the 4Ps The value society and the network society, modernism and post-modernism Epilogue: approaching the end of the book - or the beginning? References

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