Marketing Research (häftad)
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12 Revised edition
John Wiley & Sons Inc
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Marketing Research

Häftad, Engelska, 2016-01-26
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Marketing Research prepares marketing students to make data driven business decisions. With a focus on market intelligence, strategy, theory and application, the authors introduce the latest developments in the field of marketing research and discuss their impact on marketing research applications--all in a macro-micro framework to help students understand the big picture.
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PART I The Nature and Scope of Marketing Research Chapter 1 A Decision-Making Perspective on Marketing Intelligence 1 Chapter 2 Marketing Research in Practice 29 Chapter 3 The Marketing Research Process 45 Chapter 4 Research Design and Implementation 72 PART II Data Collection SECTION A Secondary and Exploratory Research Chapter 5 Secondary Sources of Marketing Data 102 Chapter 6 Standardized Sources of Marketing Data 126 Chapter 7 Marketing Research on the Internet 152 Chapter 8 Information Collection: Qualitative and Observational Methods 177 SECTION B Descriptive Research Chapter 9 Information from Respondents: Issues in Data Collection 215 Chapter 10 Information from Respondents: Survey Methods 231 Chapter 11 Attitude Measurement 260 Chapter 12 Designing the Questionnaire 288 SECTION C Causal Research Chapter 13 Experimentation 323 SECTION D Sampling Chapter 14 Sampling Fundamentals 353 Chapter 15 Sample Size and Statistical Theory 380 PART III Data Analysis Chapter 16 Fundamentals of Data Analysis 403 Chapter 17 Hypothesis Testing: Basic Concepts and Tests of Associations 422 Chapter 18 Hypothesis Testing: Means and Proportions 440 PART IV Special Topics in Data Analysis Chapter 19 Correlation Analysis and Regression Analysis 476 Chapter 20 Discriminant, Factor, and Cluster Analysis 506 Chapter 21 Multidimensional Scaling and Conjoint Analysis 548 Chapter 22 Presenting the Results 573 PART V Applications of Marketing Intelligence Chapter 23 Marketing-Mix Measures 591 Chapter 24 Brand and Customer Metrics 635 Chapter 25 New Age Strategies 655 Appendix: Tables 694 A-1. Standard Normal Probabilities 694 A-2. X2 Critical Points 695 A-3. F Critical Points 697 A-4. t Critical Points 702 A-5. Procedures for Conducting Univariate and Multivariate Analysis in SPSS 703 A-6. Output of Select Tables in SPSS 707 Glossary 718 Index 729