Philosophy on Tap

Pint-sized Puzzles for the Pub Philosopher

av Matt Lawrence  (häftad, 2011)

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Philosophy on Tap (häftad)

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Matt Lawrence

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Recensioner i media

"The book is certainly a remarkable tour de force, combining amusement and instruction. It can be read from cover to cover, or can dip into it when a beery occasion arises. However, even teetotalers can peruse it with pleasure and profit." (Metapsychology, 15 November 2011) "Recommended for fraternity brothers who missed Philosophy 101 or nonteetotaling philosophy majors seeking to broaden their beer horizons. For a more serious yet similarly accessible intro to philosophy, readers will want to consider the excellent (and free) courses on iTunes U from Oxford, Yale, and Berkeley". (, 15 May 2011) "But, if you're already open minded you should have just as much fun without the beer! But if you enjoy both prepare for an exploration of life's toughest questions and some of its tastiest brews. If anything, it's wonderful to know that with barely any effort you can have a real (read: non-superficial) conversation with almost anyone by reading one of these puzzles aloud." (The Beer Connoisseur, 2011) "This fun paperback considers the Big Questions that have troubled college sophomores since Aristotle had his tenure." (, 15 April 2011)

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Övrig information

Matt Lawrence is Professor of Philosophy at Long Beach City College in Long Beach, California. He is the author of Like a Splinter in Your Mind: The Philosophy Behind the Matrix Trilogy (Blackwell, 2004).


Preface. A funny thing happened on the way to the monastery Personal Acknowledgments. Acknowledgments. 1. Transporter Troubles. 2. Zeno's Hand to Mouth Paradox. 3. If a Pint Spills in the Forest. 4. The Beer Goggles Paradox. 5. Pascal's Wager. 6. The Experience Machine. 7. Lucretius' Spear. 8. The Omnipotence Dilemma. 9. What Mary Didn't Know About Lager. 10. Malcolm X and the Whites Only Bar. 11. Untangling Taste. 12. The Foreknowledge Paradox. 13. The Buddha's Missing Self. 14. The Blind Men and the Black and Tan. 15. Liar's Paradox. 16. Paley's Cask. 17. Chuang Tzu's Butterfly. 18. Descartes' Doubt. 19. God's Command. 20. Mill's Drunkard. 21. The Myth of Gyges. 22. Laplace's Superscientist. 23. Gaunilo's Perfect Ale. 24. The Problem of Moral Truth. 25. How to Sew on a Soul. 26. Plato's Forms. 27. Realizing Nirvana. 28. The Problem of Evil. 29. Time's Conundrum. 30. Time Travel Paradoxes. 31. Hitler's Lager. 32. The Zen Koan. 33. Sex and Sensibility. 34. Socrates' Virtue. 35. Nature Calls. 36. Nietzsche's Eternal Recurrence. 37. The Most Interesting Man and the Firing Line. 38. Turing's Tasting Machine. 39. Singer's Pond. 40. The Wisest One of All. 41. Enter the Matrix. 42. A Case of Bad Faith. 43. Cask and Cleaver. 44. Flirting with Disaster. 45. Fear of Zombies. 46. Lao Tzu's Empty Mug. 47. Beer and the Meaning of Life. 48. The Case for Temperance. Notes. Glossary of Beer and Philosophical Terms.

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