Behavioral Medicine and Women

A Comprehensive Handbook

av Elaine A Blechman, Kelly D Brownell, Kelly D Brownwell  (häftad, 1999)

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  • Häftad (paperback)
  • Språk: Engelska
  • Antal sidor: 876
  • Utg.datum: 1999-10-01
  • Upplaga: annotated ed
  • Förlag: Guilford Publications
  • Dimensioner: 254 x 177 x 38 mm
  • Vikt: 1542 g
  • Antal komponenter: 1
  • ISBN: 9781572305229

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Recensioner i media

"This is a magnificent resource manual...140 chapters with detailed introductions to topics, easy-to-use annotated references written by leading experts in diverse fields, all contributing to building an up-to-date knowledge base in the exciting area of women's health." --Mary Roth Walsh, PhD, Editor of "Women, Men and Gender" "The enormous popular interest in the content areas covered by this handbook is reflected in the number of paperbacks devoted to many of these topics. Some of these are of dubious quality, departing from the scientific findings underpinning the field. Hence there is much misinformation in the public domain--misinformation that affects patients' attitudes toward their treatment. This handbook offers an excellent corrective to this situation, allowing clinicians treating women to obtain authoritative information quickly on topics with which they may have only a passing familiarity, and allowing them to convey such information to their patients in a balanced manner. This should result in better care for that half of humanity to whose care this book is addressed." --from the Foreword by W. Stewart Agras, MD, School of Medicine, Stanford University "Over 150 of the very best-known people in women's health and medicine cover an exhaustive compendium of topics....Perhaps, most importantly, the present volume brings new information about social and behavioral coping processes that are a major part of women's lives in regard to health, prevention, illness, and health care utilization. As new areas of interests emerge, scientists and clinicians depend heavily on an encyclopedic knowledge base that encompasses both theoretical understandings and practical applications. Usually such information is not available. Blechman and Brownell have done us all a service by incorporating women's health needs and treatments within a comprehensive behavioral model that covers the important aspects of individual well-being and public health across both ps

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Övrig information

Elaine A. Blechman, PhD, Department of Psychology, University of Colorado at Boulder Kelly D. Brownell, PhD, Department of Psychology, Yale University


Agras, Strickland, Forewords. Part I:Life Course Perspectives. Brooks-Gunn, Graber, Section Editors' Overview. Woods, Rosenstein, Brain and Behavior Development. Thoman, Infancy. Field, Maternal Cocaine use and Fetal Development. Olson, Maternal Alcohol Use and Fetal Developmetn. Szkrybalo, Ruble, Childhood: Gender Role Development. Petersen, Adolescence. Graber, Brooks-Gunn, Puberty. Millstein, Halpern-Flesher, Adolescent Sexuality. Hardy, Teenage and Adolescent Pregnancy. Helstrom, Blechman, Parnting. Seltzer, Parenting of Adults with Mental Retardation. Thomas, Midlife. Moen, Aging. Part II: Stress and Coping. Blechman, Section Editor Overview. Beach, Attachment. Fincham, Marital Quality. O'Leary, Marital Conflict. Wills, Social Support. Eysenck, Personality. Basso, Type A Behavior Pattern. Smith, Hostility. Gustafson, Achievement. Carver, Optimism. Maddi, Hardiness. Wright,Resilience. Repetti, Multiple Roles. Sweeting, Life Events. Aspinwall, Social Comparison. Ryff, Positive Mental Health. Part III: Prevention. King, Section Editor Overview. Sikkema, HIV Prevention. Mantell, Susser, HIV Prvention among Homeless Women. Mayer, Breast Cancer Screening: Improving Adherence. Kaplan, Breast Cancer Screening: When to Begin? Nelson, Osteoporosis Prevention. Killen, Smoking Prevention. Tucker, Preventing Alcohol Problems. Brunner, St. Jeor, Nutrition: Diet and Disease. Brunner, St. Jeor, Nutrition: Guidelines, Attitudes and Behaviors. Glanz, Nutrition Education. Osborne, Oral Health. Dubbert, Exercise. Douthitt Exercise for Adolescents. Gregerson, Relaxation. Part IV: Health Care Paradigms, Policies, and Settings Gilchrist, Section Editor Overview. Edmunds, Health Care Policy. Levy, Accountability. Wallis, Medical Curricula and Training. Wallen, Substance Abuse and Health Care Utilization. Balassone, School-Based Clinics. Maheu, Worksite Nicotine Treatment. Pierce, The Military and Health. Brown, Prenatal Care Access. Black, Scott, Self-Administered Interventions. Cornman, Self-Administered Interventions. Cornman, Alternative Medicine. Part V: Body Image and Substance Use. Brownell, Section Editor Overview. Sokol, Gray, Anorexia Nervosa. Hefferman, Bulimia Nervosa. Troop, Stress and Coping in Eating Disorders. Polivy, McFarlane, Dieting, Exercise, and Body Weight. Eklund, Social Physique Anxiety. Rosen, Negative Body Image. Cash, The Emergence of Negative Body Images. Pruzinsky, Breast Implants. Wing Obesity. Rohsenow, Alcoholoism. Baraona, Alcohol Metabolism. McCaul, Drug Abuse. Hall, Drug Abuse Treatment. Husten, Cigarette Smoking. Part VI: Sexuality and Reproduction. Williams, Section Editor Hall, Drug Abuse Treatment. Husten, Cigarette Smoking. Part VI: Sexuality and Reproduction. Williams, Section Editor Overview. Morokoff, Sexual Functioning. Warren, Solidum, Reproductive Endrocrinology. McFarlane, Premenstrual Disorders. Wilkie, Schmidt, Gynecological Pain. Laws, Sexual Abuse. Dunkel-Schetter, Lobel, Pregnancy and Childbirth. Rogers, Pregnancy in Women with Disabilities. Gotlib, Postpartum Depression. Lawrence, Breastfeeding. Labbok, The Lactational Lactational Amenorrhea Method. Ballagh, Contraception. Alder, Smith, Abotion. Giudice, Reproductive Technologies. O'Hanlan, Menopause. Zeiss, Sexuiality and Aging. Part VII: Physiological Disorders with Behavioral Psychosocial C

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