2012: A Clarion Call

Your Soul's Purpose in Conscious Evolution

av Nicolya Christi. Häftad, 2011

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  • Häftad (Paperback)
  • Språk: Engelska
  • Antal sidor: 240
  • Utg.datum: 2011-02-23
  • Förlag: Bear & Company
  • Illustrationer: Illustrations
  • Dimensioner: 222 x 152 x 19 mm
  • Vikt: 385 g
  • Antal komponenter: 1
  • ISBN: 9781591431299

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"This is the most remarkable spiritual book on this or any other subject that I have ever read." Ervin Laszlo, Nobel Peace Prize nominee "A beautiful offering to all consciously evolving humans." Barbara Marx Hubbard, founder of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution "In this beautiful, inspiring, and timely book, Nicolya Christi adds her wise voice to those of the Mayan Elders for whom 2012 heralds the promise of an evolutionary leap for humanity. Nicolya's clarion call is an empowering guide to help us envisage and co-create our cosmic destiny." Jude Currivan, Ph.D, author of The 8th Chakra and The 13th Step "... an uplifting, inspiring, and educational treatment about the year 2012, and what happens when we reach the end of the Mayan calendar. The book is a spiritual journey in and of itself that is work taking, whether you are a 2012 enthusiast, skeptic or newcomer. Regardless of what happens on December, 21, 2012, Christi's book serves as a profound roadmap for our human destiny, our spiritual evolution, and our role in the cosmos." Nexus: Colorado's Holistic Guide, July 2011 "Christi provides us with a step-by-step process to heal and transform our own inner world, because the changes need to be made within ourselves before changes can occur in the outside world... Nicolya Christi is a good role model to follow." Irene Watson, Reader Views, March 2011 "... Christi outlines the imperative and indicators for conscious evolution, asking each human to heed the call and realize what could be the soul's highest purpose." Publisher's Weekly, April 2011 "... an important read." Rahasya Poe, Lotus Guide, July 2011 "... an extremely interesting and different point of view ..." The Pagan Review, August 2011 "... has plenty to offer those intrigued by 2012 and has attracted glowing recommendations from luminaries in the world of consciousness-raising . . makes a good addition to a questioner's bookshelf." Juno Magazine, August 2011 "Written in an engaging and personal style 2012: A Clarion Call invites the reader not only to read, but to act on behalf of ourselves and our world in this time of great danger and even greater possibility." Robert Simmons, MetaGuide Magazines, September 2011 "2012: A Clarion Call invites us to believe that through healing ourselves, we have the opportunity to heal the world. Highly recommended for those looking for ways to grow spiritually and help the planet." Merikah Robertson, Common Ground Magazine, December 2011 "I would also urge those who are fearful of what the 2012 brouhaha might mean to pick up this book, too, and to reflect on its central message of joy...We have waited long enough; this book invites us now to give expression to that which we expected those we have been waiting for to deliver." Peter Rae, Caduceus Magazine, January 2012 "2012: A Clarion Call shares a beautiful vision for the highest possibilities of Oneness and Unity, and the journey you may travel to reach a higher vibrational state of awareness frequency where you can perceive this heightened perspective of life, and create more beauty from this vantage point." Eco-Luminescence, January 2012

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Nicolya Christi is a conscious evolutionist, writer, spiritual teacher and mentor, global activist, and workshop facilitator. The founder of the WorldShift Movement, she lives near Rennes-le-Chateau in southern France.


The WorldShift 2012 Declaration Foreword by Barbara Marx Hubbard Acknowledgments Introduction Chapter One Who Were the Maya and Why Is 2012 So Important? Chapter Two 2012: The Shift of Ages Chapter Three Your Role in the Shift of Ages Chapter Four Shifting Frequencies and the Ascension Process Chapter Five Earth's Entrainment with the Galaxy Chapter Six Four Generations of Consciousness Transformers:Lightworkers, Indigos, Crystals, and Rainbows Chapter Seven For the Highest Good of All Chapter Eight A Tomorrow Unknown Chapter Nine The Human Shadow Chapter Ten Raising Consciousness and Vibration Chapter Eleven Creating a Home for Higher Consciousness Chapter Twelve The Lost Mode of Prayer Chapter Thirteen The Grail in the Heart Summary Appendix I Miracle and the Birth of This Book Appendix II Activating the Light-Body: Healing Methods and Practices Glossary Resource Directory About the Author About WorldShift Movement Index