Sagan Om Ringen


av J R R Tolkien. CD-bok, 2002

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a good way to relax the eyes

sometimes it is useful to be useless, 31 oktober 2002

I better do it in English as my Swedish is not that good yet.
I have been a Tolkien fan for 25 years. I have read it in several languages, and i am now slowly reading it in Swedish. The audio version is a unique achievement. It is almost a must for everyone training in Swedish. The voice is clear, the story sounds excellent and this book it the way to get a suntan, close your eyes and listen to the voice as you get a tan.
Over the last few years my interest in audio books have grown and this version of PAN is most excellent. The speaker is precise, articulate and clear.

18 CD's for the fist book sounds overwhelming, but to get all these pages read requires a seious amount of time. The end result is something they can be proud of. I enjoyed every second of it.

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