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  1. Henry James and the Art of Dress E-bok

    av C Hughes

    E-bok, Engelska, 2001-01-29, ISBN 9780230287761

    Henry James was fascinated by clothing and dress. This book examines, for the first time, the role of dress in reinforcing thematic and symbolic patterns in James's fictional world. Hughes traces a development from the significance of dress in dis...

  2. Two Germanies and Military Security in Europe E-bok

    av C Bluth

    E-bok, Engelska, 2002-10-31, ISBN 9780230288003

    This original study based on documents, hitherto not discussed in literature of the Cold War, adds a significant new perspective to an important episode in Cold War History. The subject of this book is the policy of the two Germanies towards the t...

  3. Three Decades of Enterprise Culture? E-bok

    av D Storey, F Greene, K Mole

    E-bok, Engelska, 2007-12-04, ISBN 9780230288010

    This book provides a unique portrait of the changing nature of entrepreneurship over a thirty year period in a 'low' enterprise area. Using data from interviews with over 900 entrepreneurs, it also compares and contracts new businesses in a 'low' ...

  4. Divisia Monetary Aggregates E-bok

    av M Belongia, J Binner

    E-bok, Engelska, 2000-10-06, ISBN 9780230288232

    The leading researchers from central banks and universities around the world debate issues central to the performance of Divisia monetary aggregates both in theory and in practice. The overall conclusion is that Divisia monetary aggregates outperf...

  5. Byron's Romantic Celebrity E-bok

    av T Mole

    E-bok, Engelska, 2007-07-31, ISBN 9780230288386

    This book offers a new history and theory of modern celebrity. It argues that celebrity is a cultural apparatus that emerged in response to the Romantic industrialization of print and culture. It investigates the often strained interactions of art...

  6. Policy Regimes and Industrial Competitiveness E-bok

    av P Agrawal, S Gokarn, V Mishra, K Parikh, K Sen

    E-bok, Engelska, 2000-10-10, ISBN 9780230288409

    This book looks at the economic performance of East Asia over the past three decades in a unified way. The focus is on the common forces, generated by each country's policies, that jointly produced such successful outcomes. The roles of macroecono...

  7. Legacy of Positivism E-bok

    av Michael Singer

    E-bok, Engelska, 2005-09-30, ISBN 9780230288522

    This book gives a unique historical and interpretive analysis of a widely pervasive mode of thought that it describes as the legacy of positivism. Viewing Auguste Comte as a pivotal figure, it charts the historical origins of his positivism and fo...

  8. Nations Out of Empires E-bok

    av H Gelber

    E-bok, Engelska, 2001-06-04, ISBN 9780230288645

    In this book, Harry Gelber examines centuries of colonial interaction and argues for a close link between revolution in 18th century Europe and the development of Asian nationalism from the 19th Century onwards. The author reviews how adoption of ...

  9. Power of Governance E-bok

    av R Khoza, M Adam

    E-bok, Engelska, 2007-05-01, ISBN 9780230288812

    Eskom is a South African company that has developed from a state utility under apartheid into a competitive state-owned enterprise. This book draws on the knowledge about corporate governance in state-owned enterprises. It locates Eskom's experien...

  10. Soviet Attitude to Political and Social Change in Central America, 1979-90 E-bok

    av D Paszyn

    E-bok, Engelska, 2000-04-07, ISBN 9780230289000

    The study analyses Soviet policy towards Nicaragua during the rule of the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) and towards the guerrillas fighting for political and social change in El Salvador and Guatemala. It covers the period from the S...