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  1. Harry Potter a L'ecole des Sorciers

    av J K Rowling

    E-bok, Franska, 2015-12-08, ISBN 9781781101032

    Le jour de ses onze ans, Harry Potter, un orphelin eleve par un oncle et une tante qui le detestent, voit son existence bouleversee. Un geant vient le chercher pour l'emmener a Poudlard, une ecole de sorcellerie! Voler en balai, jeter des sorts, c...

  2. Easy Learning French Conversation (Collins Easy Learning French)

    av Collins

    E-bok, Franska, 2011-07-28, ISBN 9780007444564

    Collins Easy Learning French Conversation is a unique guide to communicating in French. It will help you to find out more about French culture and to practise your spoken French with a free downloadable audio file.Collins Easy Learning French Conv...

  3. Easy Learning French Words (Collins Easy Learning French)

    av Collins

    E-bok, Franska, 2011-11-2112-15 år

    Collins Easy Learning French Words helps you develop your vocabulary and is the perfect companion to any titles of the ever-popular Easy Learning French range.Collins Easy Learning French Words is designed for learners of French of all ages, wheth...

  4. Easy Learning French Idioms (Collins Easy Learning French)

    av Collins

    E-bok, Franska, 2011-07-28, ISBN 9780007444632

    A unique guide to communicating in French. It will help learners discover expressions and idioms to make their French more natural and fluent, while developing an awareness of French culture.Designed for learners of French of all ages, whether you...

  5. Easy Learning French Grammar (Collins Easy Learning French)

    av Collins

    E-bok, Franska, 2011-07-28, ISBN 9780007444687

    Collins Easy Learning French Grammar offers beginners a clear and easy-to-understand guide to the verbs and grammar of French.Collins Easy Learning French Grammar has been designed for all those learning French at school, at work or at home. It pr...

  6. Easy Learning French Verbs (Collins Easy Learning French)

    av Collins

    E-bok, Franska, 2011-07-28, ISBN 9780007444694

    Collins Easy Learning French Verbs offers beginners a clear and easy-to-understand guide to French verbs.The main section of the book consists of 112 fully conjugated verbs, regular and irregular. Each is self-contained, showing all the major tens...

  7. Collins Gem French Phrasebook and Dicitonary (Collins Gem)

    av Collins Dictionaries

    E-bok, Franska, 2011-10-31, ISBN 9780007450916

    The market's most indispensable phrasebook has been reinvented for ereaders and is better than ever. With the most up-to-date travel information, easy-to-read page design and simple navigation Gem French will give you the right word at the right t...

  8. Collins Primary Illustrated French Dictionary

    av Collins Dictionaries

    E-bok, Franska, 2014-07-03, ISBN 9780007583645

    Optimised for colour tablets. The images in this e-book are not suitable for black and white e-ink devices.Collins Primary Illustrated French Dictionary is ideal for young learners of French as their first REAL dictionary. It offers detailed cover...

  9. Easy Learning French Conversation (Collins Easy Learning French)

    av Collins Dictionaries

    E-bok, Franska, 2015-05-07, ISBN 9780008118822

    A unique guide to communicating in French. It will help you to find out more about French culture and to practise your spoken French with a free downloadable audio file.An ideal tool for learners of French at all levels, whether at school, in even...

  10. Easy Learning French Vocabulary (Collins Easy Learning French)

    av Collins Dictionaries

    E-bok, Franska, 2016-05-05, ISBN 9780008142056

    The quickest way to study French vocabulary and the perfect companion to titles in the ever-popular Easy Learning French range.Collins Easy Learning French Words is designed for learners of French of all ages, whether you are learning at school, i...

  11. Collins French Phrasebook and Dictionary Gem Edition: Essential phrases and words (Collins Gem)

    av Collins Dictionaries

    E-bok, Franska, 2016-03-10, ISBN 9780008163464

    Sound and speak like a native. Collins Gem French Phrasebook & Dictionary is ideal for practising pronunciation, listening comprehension and becoming more confident, not just in speaking but in understanding others when abroad.The French Gem will ...

  12. Unlocking French with Paul Noble: Your key to language success

    av Paul Noble

    E-bok, Franska, 2017-01-12, ISBN 9780008209544

    Ever tried to learn French and found it too hard? Best-selling language expert Paul Noble has a quick and easy way to get you back on track with his unique tried-and-tested method.* Keeps things simple with three basic rules; don't skip anything, ...

  13. Mathematiques et Technologie

    av Christiane Rousseau, Helene Antaya, Yvan Saint-Aubin, Isabelle Ascah-Coallier

    E-bok, Franska, 2009-06-20, ISBN 9780387692135

    Les auteurs devoilent les elegants concepts mathematiques caches derriere des applications technologiques et les replacent dans un contexte historique. Les sujets traites comprennent : la cryptographie a cle publique, les codes correcteurs d'erreu...

  14. Jeff Madison et les ombres de Drakmere (Tome 1)

    av Bernice Fischer

    E-bok, Franska, 2016-03-30, ISBN 9780620697996

    Et s'il existait un royaume sombre, forge sur de terribles sortileges, avec a sa tete un roi malveillant dont le seul but est d'infiltrer les reves des enfants du monde entier ? Et si, avec l'aide d'une sorciere malefique, il parvenait a injecter ...

  15. La langue francaise a travers les siecles

    av Trudie Maria Booth

    E-bok, Franska, 2011-12-14, ISBN 9780761857679

    La langue franaise travers les siecles describes the development of the French language from its Latin origins to its most recent form. The book explains how written and oral French have been influenced by other languages over the centuries and th...

  16. Fous, Prodigues, Ivrognes

    av Thierry Nootens

    E-bok, Franska, 2007-03-19, ISBN 9780773560260

    A travers l'analyse de pres de 500 procedures d'interdiction engagees entre 1820 et 1895, Fous, prodigues et ivrognes examine les interactions entre les acteurs impliques dans la regulation de la deviance : familles, systeme judiciaire, institutio...

  17. Prairie en Nouvelle-France, 1647-1760

    av Louis Lavallee

    E-bok, Franska, 1992-12-21, ISBN 9780773563582

    Oans cette monographie seigneuriale, Louis Lavallee, s'appuyant sur une tres abondante documentation serielle, s'est donne pour tache de comprendre l'Qrganisation d'une societe paysanne en milieu colonial dans la longue duree du Regime francais. L...

  18. Arvida au Saguenay

    av Jose E Igartua

    E-bok, Franska, 1996-05-24, ISBN 9780773565838

    The town of Arvida provides a field on which we can observe in microcosm the birth of an industrial town and the development of the population's identity as a community. Using a wealth of quantitative and qualitative data, Jose Igartua examines wh...

  19. Vingt ans apres, Habitants et marchands

    av Sylvie Depatie, Catherine Desbarats

    E-bok, Franska, 1998-06-12, ISBN 9780773567023

    Habitants et marchands, Twenty Years Later includes eleven essays, seven of which are in French, that highlight current research in Quebec studies. Danielle Gauvreau, Dale Miquelon, and Louis Michel survey recent developments on population, mercha...

  20. Recoltes des forets publiques au Quebec et en Ontario, 1840-1900

    av Guy Gaudreau

    E-bok, Franska, 1999-02-25, ISBN 9780773567429

    Focusing on the transition from the production of squared timber to that of milled lumber and, finally, wood pulp, Gaudreau traces the constant depletion of the resource and the companies' resulting, inexorable push westward from Quebec into Ontar...

  21. Carabins ou activistes?

    av Nicole Neatby

    E-bok, Franska, 1999-09-20, ISBN 9780773567726

    Studies of young activists have tended to focus on the period of the 1960s. Neatby shows us that the youth of the sixties were not the only ones to distinguish themselves by their social activism and idealism - students of the Duplessis era were e...

  22. Des pouvoirs et des hommes

    av Michele Dagenais

    E-bok, Franska, 1999-10-05, ISBN 9780773568037

    Des pouvoirs et des hommes est une analyse de l'histoire de l'administration municipale qui peint, avec grande vivacite, le patronage politique et les fortes personnalites au sein de l'hotel de ville a une epoque ou Montreal fut le centre economiq...

  23. La Frenesie des fusions

    av Sancton Andrew

    E-bok, Franska, 2000-06-07, ISBN 9780773569065

    De 1974 a 1977, il a enseigne au college Marianopolis a Montreal. Depuis, le professeur Sancton travaille a l'Universite de Western Ontario a London, ou il dirige le programme d'etudes en administration locale depuis les 15 dernieres annees. Ce pr...

  24. Securite humaine et nouvelle diplomatie

    av Rob McRae, Don Hubert

    E-bok, Franska, 2002-02-05, ISBN 9780773570535

    Written by diplomatic practitioners, Human Security and the New Diplomacy is a straightforward account of challenges already overcome and the prospect for further progress. From the evolution of peace-keeping, to peacebuilding, humanitarian interv...

  25. Guide des pays federes, 2002

    av Ann L Griffiths, Karl Nerenberg

    E-bok, Franska, 2002-08-06, ISBN 9780773570771

    Depuis plus de deux siecles, le federalisme donne la preuve que des personnes peuvent vivre ensemble sans sacrifier leur diversite. Meme si l'eclatement de l'ancienne Yougoslavie laisse supposer que le federalisme n'est pas une panacee, le vif suc...

  26. Une mort tres digne

    av Brian J Young

    E-bok, Franska, 2003-06-27, ISBN 9780773571372

    Fonde en 1852, le cimetiere Mont-Royal est depuis longtemps un espace public cher aux Montrealais. C'est le lieu ou sommeillent du repos eternel l'homme politique Sir John Abbott, le poete F.R. Scott, l'etoile du hockey Howie Morenz, l'explorateur...

  27. Proteger la democratie canadienne

    av Serge Joyal

    E-bok, Franska, 2003-05-27, ISBN 9780773571631

    Le Senat du Canada a souvent fait l'objet de controverse et de projets de reforme ces dernieres annees. Proteger la democratie canadienne : Le Senat, en verite ... jette un nouveau regard sur l'histoire, le role et l'evolution du Senat, le situe d...

  28. C'etait du spectacle!

    av Viviane Namaste

    E-bok, Franska, 2005-02-28, ISBN 9780773572577

    Les annees soixante et soixante-dix ont ete des decennies de changement social au Quebec. C'etait du spectacle! raconte l'histoire de la premiere generation de transsexuelles ayant subi une chirurgie d'inversion de sexe. Namaste examine les condit...

  29. Guide des pays federaux, 2005

    av Ann Griffiths

    E-bok, Franska, 2005-02-23, ISBN 9780773572881

    En tant que projet du Forum des federations, un reseau international qui s'emploie a renforcer la gouvernance democratique par le biais de valeurs, de pratiques et de principes federaux, le guide 2005 est un ouvrage de reference essentiel; chacun ...

  30. Dialogues sur les origines, structures et changements constitutionnels dans les pays federaux

    av Raoul Blindenbacher

    E-bok, Franska, 2005-03-03, ISBN 9780773573093

    Le premier theme de la serie de livrets correspondants creee afin de fournir des renseignements accessibles et comparatifs sur les systemes federaux traite des origines, structures et changements constitutionnels dans les pays federaux. Les volume...