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  1. Milk and Honey

    av Rupi Kaur

    Häftad, Engelska, 2015-11-05, ISBN 9781449474256
    (13 röster)

    The book is divided into four chapters, and each chapter serves a different purpose; deals with a different pain; heals a different heartache. milk and honey takes readers through a journey of the most bitter moments in life and finds sweetness in...

  2. Chanel

    av Daniele Bott

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2007-07-01, ISBN 9780500513606
    (27 röster)

    Chanel's combination of tradition, originality and style has always made it the most seductive of brands. Here the House of Chanel opens its private archives, revealing a galaxy of brilliant designs created by Coco Chanel from 1920 onwards. Dazzli...

  3. The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

    av Patrick M Lencioni

    Häftad, Engelska, 2002-04-01, ISBN 9780787960759
    (4 röster)

    In The Five Dysfunctions of a Team Patrick Lencioni once again offers a leadership fable that is as enthralling and instructive as his first two best-selling books, The Five Temptations of a CEO and The Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executiv...

  4. Fundamentals of Game Design

    av Ernest Adams

    Häftad, Engelska, 2014-01-02, ISBN 9780321929679

    Now in its third edition, the classic book on game design has been completely revised to include the latest developments in the game industry. Readers will learn all the fundamentals of concept development, gameplay design, core mechanics, user in...

  5. Global Politics

    av Andrew Heywood

    Häftad, Engelska, 2014-03-11, ISBN 9781137349262

    The extensively revised new edition of Global Politics provides a systematic and integrated analysis of the theory and practice of contemporary international relations. Written with outstanding clarity and drawing on an exceptionally wide range of...

  6. Dungeons &; Dragons Player's Handbook (Dungeons &; Dragons Core Rulebooks)

    av Wizards Of The Coast

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2014-08-29, ISBN 9780786965601
    (16 röster)
  7. Kate

    av Kate Moss, Fabien Baron

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2012-10-18, ISBN 9780847837908
    (10 röster)

    Created by Kate Moss herself, in collaboration with creative director Fabien Baron, Jess Hallett, and Jefferson Hack, this book is a highly personal retrospective of Kate Moss's career, tracing her evolution from "new girl with potential"...

  8. Hematopathology

    av Elaine Sarkin Jaffe

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2016-09-05, ISBN 9780323296137

    The world's leading reference in hematopathology returns with this completely updated second edition. Authored by international experts in the field, it covers a broad range of hematologic disorders -- both benign and malignant -- with information...

  9. Maps of Meaning

    av Jordan B Peterson

    Häftad, Engelska, 1999-04-01, ISBN 9780415922227

    Connecting neuropsychology and cognitive science with Freudian theory and Jungian approaches to mythology and narrative, this text aims to show that there is an empirical connection between what neuroscience tells us about the brain/behaviour, and...

  10. Occupational Therapies Without Borders

    av Dikaios Sakellariou

    Häftad, Engelska, 2016-11-24, ISBN 9780702059209

    The new edition of this landmark international work builds on the previous two volumes, offering a window onto occupational therapy practice, theory and ideas in different cultures and geographies. It emphasizes the importance of critically decons...

  11. Nursing Research

    av Denise F Polit, Cheryl Tatano Beck

    Häftad, Engelska, 2016-02-01, ISBN 9781496308924
    (3 röster)

    Nursing Research: Generating and Assessing Evidence for Nursing Practice, 10th Edition has been thoroughly updated and revised to emphasize the link between research and evidence-based practice, The 10th edition of this classic textbook presents s...

  12. Clean Code: A Handbook Of Agile Software Craftsmanship

    av Robert C Martin

    Häftad, Engelska, 2008-08-18, ISBN 9780132350884
    (10 röster)

    Even bad code can function. But if code isnt clean, it can bring a development organization to its knees. Every year, countless hours and significant resources are lost because of poorly written code. But it doesnt have to be that way. Noted softw...

  13. In Vogue

    av Alberto Oliva, Norberto Angeletti

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2012-09-04, ISBN 9780847839452
    (1 röst)

    "In Vogue" is a fascinating look at the history of the world's most influential magazine. The complete compendium is illustrated with hundreds of covers and archival interiors of past "Vogue" editions, featuring the work of som...

  14. Dungeon Master's Guide (Dungeons &; Dragons Core Rulebooks)

    av Wizards Of The Coast

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2014-12-09, ISBN 9780786965625
    (6 röster)
  15. World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 1: Chronicle volume 1

    av Blizzard Entertainment, Blizzard Entertainment

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2016-03-17, ISBN 9781616558451
    (18 röster)

    A history of the "World Of Warcraft" computer game, with 20 full-page illustrations by artist Peter Lee, this explores the mythical world from its distant past to the modern era. A tie-in film is due to be released in June 2016.

  16. Business Model Generation: A Handbook for Visionaries; Game Changers; and Challengers

    av Alexander Osterwalder, Yves Pigneur

    Häftad, Engelska, 2010-08-20, ISBN 9780470876411
    (7 röster)

    Business Model Generation is a handbook for visionaries, game changers, and challengers striving to defy outmoded business models and design tomorrow's enterprises. If your organization needs to adapt to harsh new realities, but you don't yet have...

  17. Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods

    av Anthony William

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2016-11-08, ISBN 9781401948320
    (6 röster)

    ANTHONY WILLIAM, the Medical Medium, has helped tens of thousands of people heal from ailments that have been misdiagnosed or ineffectively treated-or that medical communities can't resolve. And he's done it all by listening to a divine voice that...

  18. Anatomy Trains

    av Thomas W Myers

    Häftad, Engelska, 2013-12-13, ISBN 9780702046544
    (6 röster)

    The latest edition of this highly successful volume presents a unique understanding of the role of fascia in healthy movement and postural distortion which is of vital importance to bodyworkers and movement therapists worldwide. Fully updated with...

  19. Louis Vuitton

    av Paul-Gerard Pasols, Pierre Leonforte

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2012-12-01, ISBN 9781419705564
    (2 röster)

    The first in depth portrait of one of the world's best known luxury brands, this elegant volume traces the remarkable history of the House of Vuitton, which has been making practical but stylish luggage, handbags and accessories for more than 150 ...

  20. A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide), 5th Edition

    av Project Management Institute

    Häftad, Engelska, 2013-03-12, ISBN 9781935589679
    (5 röster)

    'A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide) - Fifth Edition' reflects the collaboration and knowledge of working project managers and provides the fundamentals of project management as they apply to a wide range of projects....

  21. The Impossible Collection of Cars

    av Dan Neil

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2011-09-08, ISBN 9781614280156

    It is the dream of many to own the world's most beautifully designed automobiles, but most often only a handful of collectors ever come close. Now, The Impossible COLLECTION of Cars makes that dream come true, showcasing the 100 most exceptional c...

  22. Our Iceberg is Melting

    av John Kotter, Holger Rathgeber

    Häftad, Engelska, 2014-01-02, ISBN 9781447263272
    (1 röst)

    This charming story about a penguin colony in Antarctica illustrates key truths about how deal with the issue of change: handle the challenge well and you can prosper greatly; handle it poorly and you put yourself at risk. The penguins are living ...

  23. One Piece Box Set 3: Volumes 47-70

    av Eiichiro Oda

    Häftad, Engelska, 2016-10-20, ISBN 9781421590523
    (1 röst)

    Join the adventures-and misadventures-of Monkey D. Luffy and his swashbuckling crew in their search for the "One Piece," the greatest treasure in the world. The third premium box set of One Piece, one of the most beloved and bestselling ...

  24. Extreme Ownership

    av Jocko Willink, Leif Babin

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2015-10-22, ISBN 9781250067050
    (3 röster)

    The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, gave birth to a generation of leaders forged not in classrooms through hypothetical training, but on the front lines of war through hands-on experience. U.S. Navy SEAL Teams were at the forefront of thi...

  25. The Red Book

    av C G Jung, Sonu Shamdasani

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2009-10-09, ISBN 9780393065671

    "The years, of which I have spoken to you, when I pursued the inner images, were the most important time of my life. Everything else is to be derived from this. It began at that time, and the later details hardly matter anymore. My entire lif...

  26. Monster Manual: A Dungeons &; Dragons Core Rulebook

    av Wizards Of The Coast

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2014-10-03, ISBN 9780786965618
    (2 röster)
  27. Primer to the Immune Response

    av Tak W Mak

    Häftad, Engelska, 2014-02-04, ISBN 9780123852458

    Written in the same engaging conversational style as the acclaimed first edition, Primer to The Immune Response, 2 nd Edition is a fully updated and invaluable resource for college and university students in life sciences, medicine and other healt...

  28. Williams Hematology, 9E

    av Kenneth Kaushansky

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2016-02-01, ISBN 9780071833004

    the world's most highly regarded reference text on the mechanisms and clinical management of blood diseases A Doody's Core Title for 2017! edition after edition, Williams Hematology has guided generations of clinicians, biomedical researchers, and...

  29. 48 Laws of Power

    av R Greene

    Häftad, Engelska, 2000-11-01, ISBN 9781861972781
    (1 röst)

    An inspirational guide to self-empowerment, based on the advice of Elizabeth I, Henry Kissinger, Louis XIV and Machiavelli, amongst others. 30,000 copies sold in hardback.

  30. Robbins & Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease

    av Vinay Kumar

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2014-07-14, ISBN 9781455726134
    (3 röster)

    "...perfect not only for thoroughly understanding the basis of pathology, but also for looking up specific conditions." (Medical Student Review) Dependable, current, and complete, Robbins and Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease, 9th Edition is the ...