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Kung Leopolds Vålnad - om girighet, terror och hjältemod i det koloniala Afrika

(11 röster) 
POCKET. Ordfront förlag AB, Svenska, 2002-01-01.

I slutet av 1800-talet, när Europas stater styckade upp Afrika mellan sig, lyckades kung Leopold II av Belgien för egen del lägga beslag på det väldiga området runt Kongofloden; med benäget bistånd av den store upptäcksresanden H. M. Stanley. Enor...

Kung Leopolds Vålnad
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Ny Eurafrika : EU:s koloniala rötter

INBUNDEN. Leopard Förlag, Svenska, 2015-03-17.

EU:s koloniala rötter. EU presenteras ofta som ett fredsprojekt. Men bakom fasaden döljer sig en helt annan historia. För politiker, opinionsbildare och organisationer som från mellankrigstiden och framåt arbetade för europeisk integration stod Af...

Eurafrika : EU:s koloniala rötter
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Black Hawk Down : en berättelse om modernt krig

INBUNDEN. Albero Bokförlag, Svenska, 2013-10-04.

Rutinuppdraget i Mogadishu den 3 oktober 1993 var tänkt att ta en timme. Det blev istället en strid på liv och död för knappt 100 amerikanska soldater som ställdes mot tusentals tungt beväpnade somalier. Mark Bowdens bok är en av de mest närgångna...

Black Hawk Down  : en berättelse om modernt krig
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The Wretched of the Earth - Frantz Fannon ; Translated from the French by Richard Philcox ; Introductions by Jean-Paul Sartre and Homi K. Bhabha

HÄFTAD (Paperback / softback). Grove Press / Atlantic Monthly Press, Engelska, 2005-03-01.

From one of the most important theorists of revolutionary struggle, colonialism, and racial difference in history comes this brilliant analysis of the psychology of colonized peoples and their path to liberation--now available in a new translation...

The Wretched of the Earth
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The Devil That Danced on the Water - A Daughter's Memoir

(1 röst) 
HÄFTAD (Paperback). Flamingo, Engelska, 2003-04-01.

An intimate and moving portrait of a family combined with an account of the events which swept through Africa in the post-independence period. Aminatta Forna's intensely personal history is a passionate and vivid account of an African childhood - ...

The Devil That Danced on the Water
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The Kaiser's Holocaust - Germany's Forgotten Genocide and the Colonial Roots of Nazism

(1 röst) 
HÄFTAD (Paperback). Faber & Faber Non-Fiction, Engelska, 2011-08-04.

On 12 May 1883, the German flag was raised on the coast of South-West Africa, modern Namibia - the beginnings of Germany's African Empire. As colonial forces moved in , their ruthless punitive raids became an open war of extermination. Thousands o...

The Kaiser's Holocaust
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Kongo : en historia

HÄFTAD. Natur & Kultur Allmänlitteratur, Svenska, 2014-03-17.

Kongo - en historia är en storslagen historie- och reportagebok om landet som mer än något annat symboliserar situationen i Afrika. Kongo - en historia ger ett ingående porträtt av ett sargat land, men ökar också vår förståelse för hela kontinente...

Kongo : en historia
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Saltets pris : svenska slavar i Nordafrika och handeln i Medelhavet 1650-1770

INBUNDEN. Nordic Academic Press, Svenska, 2014-12-05.

När Jonas Thorsons föräldrar en dag år 1707 får veta att deras son har sålts som slav på en auktion i Alger på den ökända Barbariska kusten i Medelhavet är det ett skakande besked. Men Thorson är inte ensam: under perioden 16501770 tillfångatogs e...

Saltets pris : svenska slavar i Nordafrika och handeln i Medelhavet 1650-1770
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Reflections on Fieldwork in Morocco

HÄFTAD (Paperback). University of California Press, Engelska, 2007-05-01.

In this landmark study, now celebrating thirty years in print, Paul Rabinow takes as his focus the fieldwork that anthropologists do. How valid is the process? To what extent do the cultural data become artifacts of the interaction between anthrop...

Reflections on Fieldwork in Morocco
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Al-Shabaab in Somalia - The History and Ideology of a Militant Islamist Group, 2005-2012

INBUNDEN (Hardback). C Hurst & Co Publishers Ltd, Engelska, 2013-05-13.

Since early 2007 a new breed of combatants has appeared on the streets of Mogadishu and other towns in Somalia: the 'Shabaab', or youth, the only self-proclaimed branch of al-Qaeda to have gained acceptance (and praise) from Ayman al-Zawahiri and ...

Al-Shabaab in Somalia
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Sahel - A Short History of Mali, Niger and the Lands in Between

INBUNDEN (Hardback). C Hurst & Co Publishers Ltd, Engelska, 2015-08-30.

The Sahel, where the southern edge of the Sahara meets the land in between it and the savannah, is alternatively ignored and misunderstood. In the 1970s it was synonymous with drought and famine, yet crops and herds flourish along its riverbanks a...

Status: Ej utkommen
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Black Hawk Down - A Thrilling and visceral, no-holds-barred classic of modern war.

HÄFTAD (Paperback). Corgi Books, Engelska, 2002-01-01.

In 1993, 140 elite US soldiers abseiled into a market in the city of Mogadishu, Somalia. Their mission was to abduct two lieutenants of a Somali warlord. But they were drawn into a battle with armed Somalis. Black Hawk Down is a minute-by-minute a...

Black Hawk Down
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Boko Haram - Inside Nigeria's Unholy War

INBUNDEN (Hardback). I.B.Tauris, Engelska, 2015-02-28.

An insurgency in Nigeria by the Islamist extremist group Boko Haram has left thousands dead, shaken Africa's biggest country and worried the world. Yet it remains a mysterious - almost unknowable - organisation. rough exhaustive on-the-ground repo...

Boko Haram
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Emma's War - Love, Betrayal and Death in the Sudan

HÄFTAD (Paperback). HarperCollins Publishers Ltd, Engelska, 2004-02-01.

Love, corruption, violence and the dangerous politics of aid in the Sudan, by an exciting new writer. Emma McCune's passion for Africa, her unstinting commitment to the children of the Sudan, and her striking glamour set her apart from other aid w...

Emma's War
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Carthage Must be Destroyed - The Rise and Fall of an Ancient Civilization

HÄFTAD (Paperback). Penguin Books Ltd, Engelska, 2011-02-24.

Richard Miles' "Carthage Must Be Destroyed: The Rise and Fall of Ancient Civilization" charts one of the bloodiest dramas of the Ancient World: the devastating struggle to the death between Carthage and Rome. In an epic series of battles...

Carthage Must be Destroyed
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Anthropology of the Middle East and North Africa - Into the New Millennium

HÄFTAD (Paperback). Indiana University Press, Engelska, 2013-05-13.

This volume combines ethnographic accounts of fieldwork with overviews of recent anthropological literature about the region on topics such as Islam, gender, youth, and new media that are of particular relevance for understanding the "Arab Sp...

Anthropology of the Middle East and North Africa
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States and Power in Africa - Comparative Lessons in Authority and Control

HÄFTAD (Paperback). Princeton University Press, Engelska, 2015-01-16.

Theories of international relations, assumed to be universally applicable, have failed to explain the creation of states in Africa. There, the interaction of power and space is dramatically different from what occurred in Europe. In States and Pow...

States and Power in Africa
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The Horn of Africa - Intra-state and Inter-state Conflicts and Security

HÄFTAD (Paperback). Pluto Press, Engelska, 2013-01-08.

The Horn of Africa, comprising Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan and Somalia, is the most conflict-ridden region in Africa. This book explores the origins and impact of these conflicts at both an intra-state and inter-state level and the insecuri...

The Horn of Africa
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Prevail - The Inspiring Story of Ethiopia's Victory Over Mussolini's Invasion, 1935--1941

INBUNDEN (Hardback). Skyhorse Publishing, Engelska, 2014-09-18.

It was the war that changed everything, and yet it's been mostly forgotten: in 1935, Italy invaded Ethiopia. It dominated newspaper headlines and newsreels. It inspired mass marches in Harlem, a play on Broadway, and independence movements in Afri...

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A Man of Good Hope

INBUNDEN (Hardback). Jonathan Cape Ltd, Engelska, 2015-01-08.

When Asad was eight years old, his mother was shot in front of him. With his father in hiding, he was swept alone into the great wartime migration that has scattered the Somali people throughout the world. This extraordinary book tells Asad's stor...

A Man of Good Hope
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We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will be Killed with Our Families - Stories from Rwanda

(2 röster) 
HÄFTAD (Paperback). Picador, Engelska, 2000-03-01.

First published in 1999, this is an account of a people's response to genocide and what it tells us about humanity. Chronicling what has happened since 1994 and through intimate portraits of Rwandans in all walks of life Gourevitch focuses on the ...

We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will be Killed with Our Families
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Thomas Sankara - An African Revolutionary

HÄFTAD (Paperback). Ohio University Press, Engelska, 2014-11-04.

Thomas Sankara, often called the African Che Guevara, was president of Burkina Faso, one of the poorest countries in Africa, until his assassination during the military coup that brought down his government. Although his tenure in office was relat...

Thomas Sankara
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Understanding Namibia - The Trials of Independence

HÄFTAD (Paperback). C Hurst & Co Publishers Ltd, Engelska, 2014-12-15.

Since independence in 1990, Namibia has witnessed only one generation with no memory of colonialism - the 'born frees', who voted in the 2009 elections. The anti-colonial liberation movement, SWAPO, dominates the political scene, effectively makin...

Understanding Namibia
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Kilimanjaro: A Complete Trekker's Guide - Preparations, Practicalities and Trekking Routes to the 'Roof of Africa'

HÄFTAD (Paperback). Cicerone Press, Engelska, 2004-09-01.

Famous for its wildlife safaris and coastal resorts, East Africa is also an extraordinary destination for lovers of mountains, trekking and hiking. The mountains here stand as solitary peaks above surrounding plains. The most attractive is Mount K...

Kilimanjaro: A Complete Trekker's Guide
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The Battle of the Casbah - Terrorism And Counter-terrorism In Algeria, 1955-1957

HÄFTAD (Paperback). Enigma Books, Engelska, 2004-11-01.

No French army officer had ever spoken up in such detail on the subject of torture during the bloody 8-year conflict that led to Algeria's independence until this book was first published. General Paul Aussaresses decided to break the silence and ...

The Battle of the Casbah
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Jag, Slaven Gustavus Vassa

(1 röst) 
INBUNDEN. LL-förlaget, Svenska, 2005-08-01.

Följ med den afrikanske pojken Olaudah som blir bortrövad från sitt hem, blir slav och får namnet Gustavus Vassa. Han berättar om sitt liv som slav på 1700-talet. Ett liv som är grymt men också fyllt av spännande äventyr, krig och hårda stormar ti...

Jag, Slaven Gustavus Vassa
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De bortglömda.Andra världskriget i Afrika, Asien, Oceanien och Latinamerika

INBUNDEN. Leopard Förlag, Svenska, 2015-09-15.

Skrämmande, upplysande och tankeväckande skildring som förändrar vårt sätt att se på andra världskriget historia. Vi vet allt om invasionen i Normandie, slaget vid Stalingrad och koncentrationslägren det som hände i vår del av världen. Men kriget ...

De bortglömda.Andra världskriget i Afrika, Asien, Oceanien och Latinamerika
Status: Ej utkommen
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Detta fredliga uppdrag : om 522 svenskar i terrorns Kongo

HÄFTAD. H:ström Text & Kultur, Svenska, 2005-10-01.

Vilka var svenskarna i kolonialmaktens tjänst? Per Erik Tell berättar här en peronlig historia om Nils Viktor Andersson, född den 25 november 1876. Några år in i 1900-talet står han, tillsammans med kamraterna på väg mot äventyret, på Afrikaångare...

Detta fredliga uppdrag : om 522 svenskar i terrorns Kongo
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The Emperor - Downfall of an Autocrat

HÄFTAD (Paperback). Penguin Classics, Engelska, 2006-06-01.

After the deposition of Haile Selassie in 1974, which ended the ancient rule of the Abyssinian monarchy, Ryszard Kapuscinski travelled to Ethiopia and sought out surviving courtiers to tell their stories. Here, their eloquent and ironic voices dep...

The Emperor
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Sudan - Darfur and the Failure of an African State

HÄFTAD (Paperback). Yale University Press, Engelska, 2010-06-08.

Over the past two decades, the situation in Africa's largest country, Sudan, has progressively deteriorated: the country is in second position on the Failed States Index, a war in Darfur has claimed hundreds of thousands of deaths, President Bashi...

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