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Nationella & regionala kök

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  1. Classical Turkish Cooking

    av Ayla E Algar

    E-bok. Engelska, 2013-07-30, ISBN 9780062039118

    Turkish food is one of the worlds great cuisines. Its taste and depth place it with French and Chinese; its simplicity and healthfulness rank it number one. Turkish-born Ayla Algar offers 175 recipes for this vibrant and tasty food, presented agai...

    134 kr
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  2. Ching's Chinese Food in Minutes

    av Ching-He Huang

    E-bok. Engelska, 2009-09-03, ISBN 9780007342907

    If you're hungry for good food but short on time you'll love Ching's quick and easy Chinese recipes. The bestselling author is the master of fresh flavours and simple ingredients and her collection of all-time favourites and exciting new dishes ar...

    142 kr
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  3. Gordon Ramsay's Great Escape

    av Gordon Ramsay

    E-bok. Engelska, 2010-01-07, ISBN 9780007358014

    In his Channel 4 series TV chef Gordon Ramsay embarks on a culinary journey around India, discovering the breadth and depth of cooking of the country. His cookbook is packed with the best recipes from his travels, showing you how to cook authentic...

    152 kr
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  4. Pizza Pilgrims

    av Thom Elliot, James Elliot

    E-bok. Engelska, 2013-05-23, ISBN 9780007504312

    Incredible pizzas and authentic Italian recipes from street-foodie brothers who have taken London by storm.Pizza Pilgrims is the brainchild of James and Thom Elliot who decided to give up their 'proper' jobs to follow a dream. Excited by the burge...

    60 kr
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  5. Eat Me

    av Alexandra Antonioni

    E-bok. Engelska, 2014-06-26, ISBN 9780007584512

    Sex and the City meets Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver in this delicious combination of love, sex and the art of eating. This is the ultimate book for the those with an appreciation for the mouth-wateringly scrumptious and sensual.Sex and the City...

    35 kr
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  6. Taste of the Sun

    av Elizabeth David

    E-bok. Engelska, 2011-04-07, ISBN 9780141965987

    Legendary cook and writer Elizabeth David changed the way Britain ate, introducing a postwar nation to the sun-drenched delights of the Mediterranean, and bringing new flavours and aromas such as garlic, wine and olive oil into its kitchens. This ...

    63 kr
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  7. Mediterranean Cookbook

    av Marie-Pierre Moine

    E-bok. Engelska, 2014-04-01, ISBN 9780241008430

    Fresh, fast and easy Mediterranean recipes - now available in PDFIf you are looking to recapture an amazing meal enjoyed on a Mediterranean holiday or just to enjoy the fresh flavoursome food that the Mediterranean has to offer, The Mediterranean ...

    136 kr
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  8. Dumpling Sisters Cookbook

    av The Dumpling Sisters, Amy Zhang, Julie Zhang

    E-bok. Engelska, 2015-06-11, ISBN 9780297609070

    Over 100 deliciously fuss-free recipes from The Dumpling Sisters' Kitchen.Amy and Julie Zhang have been entertaining and educating their thousands of followers on Youtube with their recipes for deliciously easy homemade Chinese food - now THE DUMP...

    107 kr
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  9. French Kitchen

    av Michel Roux Jr

    E-bok. Engelska, 2013-10-24, ISBN 9780297867241

    French gastronomy is renowned for its classic recipes passed from generation to generation. From Burgundy to the Auvegne, Provence, the Loire and the Pyrenees, traditional family cooking has always been at the heart of the French kitchen and lifes...

    214 kr
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  10. Rachel Khoo's Muesli and Granola

    av Rachel Khoo

    E-bok. Engelska, 2013-10-10, ISBN 9780297868941

    Classic and simple breakfast recipes from the SUNDAY TIMES bestselling author of THE LITTLE PARIS KITCHEN.From her tiny kitchen in Paris, Rachel Khoo has revolutionised the way in which we think about French food with her bestselling book and TV s...

    127 kr
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  11. Julia's Kitchen Wisdom

    av Julia Child

    E-bok. Engelska, 2010-01-19, ISBN 9780307593535

    How many minutes should you cook green beans? Is it better to steam them or to boil them?What are the right proportions for a vinaigrette?How do you skim off fat?What is the perfect way to roast a chicken?Julia Child gave us extensive answers to a...

    177 kr
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  12. Bobby Flay's Burgers, Fries, and Shakes

    av Bobby Flay, Stephanie Banyas, Sally Jackson

    E-bok. Engelska, 2010-10-06, ISBN 9780307885463

    After a long day spent in one of his restaurants or taping a television show, what Bobby Flay craves more than anything else is a crusty-on-the-outside, juicy-on-the-inside burger; a fistful of golden, crisp, salty fries; and a thick, icy milkshak...

    288 kr
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  13. French Market Cookbook

    av Clotilde Dusoulier

    E-bok. Engelska, 2013-07-02, ISBN 9780307984838

    Cook from the farmer's market with inspired vegetarian recipesmany of which are gluten-free and dairy-freewith a French twist, all highlighting seasonal produce.Beloved food blogger Clotilde Dusoulier is not a vegetarian. ...

    250 kr
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  14. 200 Curries

    av Sunil Vijayakar

    E-bok. Engelska, 2009-03-08, ISBN 9780600622932

    For everyone who loves the taste and aroma of authentic, home-made curry, this wide-ranging cookbook is packed with 200 simple, delicious recipes for different curries from around the world. Whether you prefer the tangy taste of Lemongrass Chicken...

    24 kr
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  15. 200 Tagines & Moroccan Dishes

    E-bok. Engelska, 2012-02-06, ISBN 9780600624783

    With over 200 recipes infused with the deep and enticing flavours of Morocco, you can make every meal a journey to a far off land and enchant friends and family alike with delicious home cooked meals. From soups and tagines to saffron-scented deli...

    24 kr
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  16. Confessions Of A French Baker

    av Peter Mayle

    E-bok. Engelska, 2009-06-04, ISBN 9780748112463

    In Cavaillon, there are seventeen bakers listed in the Pages Jaunes, but we had been told that one establishment was ahead of all the rest in terms of choice and excellence, a vertiable palais de pain. At Chez Auzet, so they said, the baking and e...

    88 kr
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  17. Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking

    av Marcella Hazan

    E-bok. Engelska, 2012-01-26, ISBN 9780752228044

    Marcella Hazan is widely regarded as one of the greatest Italian cookery writers in the world and The Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking is her masterpiece, now reissued with a gorgeous new cover design. Aimed at cooks of every level, be they b...

    315 kr
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  18. Koreatown

    av Deuki Hong, Matt Rodbard

    E-bok. Engelska, 2016-02-16, ISBN 9780804186148

    A collection of 100 recipes exploring the foods and flavors of Koreatown, a New York Times bestseller and one of the most praised cookbooks of 2016.This is not your average soft-focus "e;journey to Asia"e; kind of cookbook.Koreatownis a sp...

    333 kr
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  19. 1,000 Indian Recipes

    av Neelam Batra

    E-bok. Engelska, 2011-04-12, ISBN 9781118108710

    Delve into the fascinating flavors and variety of Indian cuisine with this unrivaled recipe collectionYou'll discover delicious choices for dishes that make Indian food unforgettable: crispy fritters; tangy pickles; chaat snacks and salads; refres...

    290 kr
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  20. Asian Bites

    av Tom Kime

    E-bok. Engelska, 2008-05-01, ISBN 9781405336291

    Recreate the vibrant tastes, colours and pleasures of Asian cuisines, with bite-sized food that s big on flavourFrom crispy and fiery street food to delicate sweet treats, find out how to bring the exotic and eclectic food from the length and brea...

    97 kr
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  21. Complete Chinese Cookbook

    av Ken Hom

    E-bok. Engelska, 2011-11-30, ISBN 9781409074199

    Ken Hom is widely regarded as the world's leading authority on Oriental cuisine, and with the Complete Chinese Cookbook, he has created a seminal collection of his best-loved dishes. With Cantonese stir-fries and spicy Sichuan favourites alongside...

    175 kr
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  22. $7 a Meal Mediterranean Cookbook

    av Dawn Altomari-Rathjen, Jennifer M Bendelius

    E-bok. Engelska, 2010-12-18, ISBN 9781440511455

    Bruschetta for breakfast. Legumes for lunch. Dates for dessert. Cooking heart- and brain-healthy food has never been so delicious--or so inexpensive! Families on any budget will love cooking these 301 mouthwatering Mediterranean recipes, including...

    109 kr
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  23. 50 Best Breakfast and Brunch Recipes

    av Editors Of Adams Media

    E-bok. Engelska, 2011-12-01, ISBN 9781440536670

    They're fast. They're flavorful. And they're right at your fingertips. The 50 Best Breakfast and Brunch Recipes is an appetizing selection of delicious dishes that'll get your day off to a great start. From Mushroom Parmesan Frittata to Stuffed Fr...

    26 kr
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  24. Wahaca - Mexican Food at Home

    av Thomasina Miers

    E-bok. Engelska, 2012-06-21, ISBN 9781444756920

    'Thomasina Miers is bringing a large slice of genuine Mexico to the mainstream' Independent Eat your way around the markets of Mexico with this collection of over 130 mind-blowing recipes from Thomasina Miers, co-founder of the award-winning Wahac...

    166 kr
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  25. Ottolenghi: The Cookbook

    av Yotam Ottolenghi, Sami Tamimi

    E-bok. Engelska, 2012-05-08, ISBN 9781446407097

    'Ottolenghi changed the way we cook in this country just as surely and enduringly as Elizabeth David s A Book of Mediterranean Food had in 1950. It brought into our kitchens bold flavours, a vivid simplicity, a spirited but never tricksy inventive...

    175 kr
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  26. Shark's Fin and Sichuan Pepper

    av Fuchsia Dunlop

    E-bok. Engelska, 2014-03-31, ISBN 9781446489291

    Award-winning food writer Fuchsia Dunlop went to live in China in 1994, and from the very beginning vowed to eat everything she was offered, no matter how alien and bizarre it seemed to her as a Westerner. In this extraordinary memoir, Fuchsia rec...

    58 kr
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  27. Indian Vegetarian Cookery

    av Jack Santa Maria

    E-bok. Engelska, 2012-02-21, ISBN 9781448146116

    This book contains appetising recipes collected from all over India. They reflect a traditional view in which each daily act - including preparation, cooking and eating - forms a part of the divine gift of life.The creative use of foods and spices...

    58 kr
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  28. French Women For All Seasons

    av Mireille Guiliano

    E-bok. Engelska, 2013-03-31, ISBN 9781448181827

    Now you can have it all, all year round...'Who can resist a book that recommends love and chocolate as part of a balanced diet?' asked Allison Pearson in the Daily Telegraph about Guiliano's French Women Don't Get Fat, a mould-breaking book that u...

    93 kr
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  29. Dim Sum

    av Kit Shan Li

    E-bok. Engelska, 2013-07-23, ISBN 9781452132754

    With its small plates and endless assortment of dishes, dim sum is an increasingly popular way to do brunch. For those new to this fun feast, or regulars looking to try a different dish, Dim Sum is the ultimate guidebook to this traditional Chines...

    66 kr
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  30. Vij's at Home

    av Vikram Vij, Meeru Dhalwala

    E-bok. Engelska, 2010-09-18, ISBN 9781553658245

    As seen on the Today Show!The team behind the world famous Vijs and Rangoli restaurants in Vancouver have an approachable follow-up to their award-winning, bestselling cookbook Vijs: Elegant and Inspired Indian Cuisine. The easily adaptable, versa...

    197 kr
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