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Say What I am Called - The Old English Riddles of the Exeter Book and the Anglo-Latin Riddle Tradition

INBUNDEN (Hardback). University of Toronto Press, Engelska, 2009-05-09.

Perhaps the most enigmatic cultural artifacts that survive from the Anglo-Saxon period are the Old English riddle poems that were preserved in the tenth century Exeter Book manuscript. Clever, challenging, and notoriously obscure, the riddles have...

Say What I am Called
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The Discerning Barbarian's Guidebook to Roman Britain - People to Meet and Places to Plunder

HÄFTAD (Paperback). Bretwalda Books, Engelska, 2013-11-21.

"The essential handbook for tourists and pillagers" Julius Caesar "A modern RomCom" Constantine the Great "I never go raiding without it" Childeric the Sluggish Pillaging is a tough line of work. You spend half your ...

The Discerning Barbarian's Guidebook to Roman Britain
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