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Uppslagsverk & referenser

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  1. Companion to Development Studies, Third Edition

    av Vandana Desai, Rob Potter

    E-bok, Engelska, 2014-03-21, ISBN 9781134051595

    The Companion to Development Studies contains over a hundred chapters written by leading international experts within the field to provide a concise and authoritative overview of the key theoretical and practical issues dominating contemporary dev...

  2. Visual Methodologies

    av Gillian Rose

    E-bok, Engelska, 2016-03-10, ISBN 9781473967922

    Now in its Fourth Edition, Visual Methodologies: An Introduction to Researching with Visual Materials is a bestselling critical guide to the study and analysis of visual culture. Existing chapters have been fully updated to offer a rigorous examin...

  3. How to Win Campaigns

    av Chris Rose

    E-bok, Engelska, 2012-06-25, ISBN 9781136530814

    How to Win Campaigns is a practical guide for creating and running successful campaigns. Written for the new campaigner and the experienced communicator alike, it explores what works (and what doesn't) and shows how to use principles and strategy ...

  4. SPSS for Psychologists

    av Nicola Brace, Rosemary Snelgar, Richard Kemp

    E-bok, Engelska, 2016-04-29, ISBN 9781137579232

    This new, thoroughly updated edition of the hugely popular 'SPSS for Psychologists' includes revisions throughout - in line with the latest version of IBM SPSS software - as well as a whole new section on syntax. A new companion website features q...

  5. Digital Preservation Metadata for Practitioners

    av Angela Dappert, Rebecca Squire Guenther, Sebastien Peyrard

    E-bok, Engelska, 2016-12-19, ISBN 9783319437637

    This book begins with an introduction to fundamental issues related to digital preservation metadata before proceeding to in-depth coverage of issues concerning its practical use and implementation. It helps readers to understand which options nee...

  6. Doing Interview-based Qualitative Research

    av Eva Magnusson, Jeanne Marecek

    E-bok, Engelska, 2015-10-01, ISBN 9781316419991

    For many students, the experience of learning about and using qualitative methods can be bewildering. This book is an accessible step-by-step guide to conducting interview-based qualitative research projects. The authors discuss the 'hows' and 'wh...

  7. For the Love of Dogs

    av Allison Weiss Entrekin, Victoria Stilwell

    E-bok, Engelska, 2011-02-01, ISBN 9781623685171

    Expressing the passion felt for pets using all 26 letters of the alphabet accompanied by rhymes, colorful illustrations, and informative text, this tribute to dogs explores the canine obsession in a fresh and humorous way. Readers will enjoy fun f...

  8. Deep Thinking

    av Garry Kasparov, Mig Greengard

    E-bok, Engelska, 2017-06-01, ISBN 9781473653528

    In May 1997, the world watched as Garry Kasparov, the greatest chess player in the world, was defeated for the first time by the IBM supercomputer Deep Blue. It was a watershed moment in the history of technology: machine intelligence had arrived ...

  9. Battle at Sea

    av R G Grant

    E-bok, Engelska, 2010-05-03, ISBN 9781405335058

    A visual journey through 3,000 years of naval warfareFrom the clash of galleys in Ancient Greece to deadly encounters between nuclear-powered submarines in the 20th century, explore every aspect of the story of naval warfare on, under and above th...

  10. Economics in One Lesson

    av Henry Hazlitt

    E-bok, Engelska, 2010-08-11, ISBN 9780307760623

    With over a million copies sold, Economics in One Lessonis an essential guide to the basics of economic theory. A fundamental influence on modern libertarianism, Hazlitt defends capitalism and the free market from economic myths that persist to th...

  11. Truth About Garden Remedies

    av Jeff Gillman

    E-bok, Engelska, 2008-02-01, ISBN 9781604690071

    Can beer make plants grow? How about buttermilk? Or music-classical or rock? Are you sure about planting trees in deep holes? And how about chasing insects with hot sauce and stopping slugs with eggshells? Whether in ancient books, on television, ...

  12. Code Book: The Secret History of Codes and Code-breaking

    av Simon Singh

    E-bok, Engelska, 2010-06-24, ISBN 9780007378302

    The Science of Secrecy from Ancient Egypt to Quantum CryptographyFrom the best-selling author of Fermat's Last Theorem, The Code Book is a history of man's urge to uncover the secrets of codes, from Egyptian puzzles to modern day computer encrypti...

  13. Man and His Symbols

    av C G Jung

    E-bok, Engelska, 2012-02-01, ISBN 9780307800558

    Illustrated throughout with revealing images, this is the first and only work in which the world-famous Swiss psychologist explains to the layperson his enormously influential theory of symbolism as revealed in dreams.From the Paperback edition.

  14. World Religions: The esential reference guide to the world's major faiths (Collins Keys)

    av Collins

    E-bok, Engelska, 2017-03-30, ISBN 9780008241865

    A compact and informative guide to the key tenets, rituals and history of the world's major faiths, now in a new easy-reference format.This is one of two titles in a Collins reference series based on Gem material. Collins Keys are essential illust...

  15. Nudge

    av Cass R Sunstein, Richard H Thaler

    E-bok, Engelska, 2012-10-04, ISBN 9780141976105

    Every day we make decisions: about the things that we buy or the meals we eat; about the investments we make or our children's health and education; even the causes that we champion or the planet itself. Unfortunately, we often choose poorly. We a...

  16. Cassidy

    av Lori Wick

    E-bok, Engelska, 2007-07-01, ISBN 9780736933513

    Following the success of her recent stand-alone novel, White Chocolate Moments, bestselling author Lori Wick returns to delight readers with a new series set in the vast open places of Montana.Token Creek, Montana Territory, 1880Cassidy Norton is ...

  17. Your Personal Horoscope 2009: Month-by-month Forecasts for Every Sign

    av Joseph Polansky

    E-bok, Engelska, 2009-03-06, ISBN 9780007283743

    Your complete one-volume guide to the year 2009. This fantastic and in depth book includes month-by-month forecasts for every sign and all you need to know to find out what is in store for you in the year ahead.Discover when your lucky days will f...

  18. Element Encyclopedia of Secret Signs and Symbols: The Ultimate A-Z Guide from Alchemy to the Zodiac

    av Adele Nozedar

    E-bok, Engelska, 2010-01-21, ISBN 9780007283965

    Unlock the lost and hidden meanings of the world's ancient and modern signs and symbols with the latest in the hugely popular series of 'Element Encyclopedias'. This is the biggest A-Z reference book on symbolic objects you'll ever find.From the p...

  19. Steve Wright's Further Factoids

    av Steve Wright

    E-bok, Engelska, 2009-02-02, ISBN 9780007287871

    After the phenomenal success of Steve Wright's Book of Factoids, Steve returns with Further Factoids, bringing together the weirdest and most extraordinary factoids from BBC Radio 2's Steve Wright in the Afternoon.Steve Wright, one of nation's fav...

  20. Drop a Size Calorie and Carb Counter

    av Joanna Hall

    E-bok, Engelska, 2008-09-04, ISBN 9780007293070

    The perfect companion to the 5:2 Diet.ITV's popular diet and fitness presenter Joanna Hall presents the perfect accompaniment to fasting programmes. This easy-to-use handy guide tells you the exact calorie, carbohydrate, protein, saturated fat, fi...

  21. Your Chinese Horoscope 2010

    av Neil Somerville

    E-bok, Engelska, 2009-05-28, ISBN 9780007330720

    The year 2010 is the Chinese Year of the Tiger - what will this mean for you? This complete guide contains all the predictions you will need to take you into the year ahead - a year which offers great hope, advancement and opportunity.The ancient ...

  22. Your Personal Horoscope 2010: Month-by-month Forecasts for Every Sign

    av Joseph Polansky

    E-bok, Engelska, 2009-06-09, ISBN 9780007330737

    Your complete one-volume guide to the year 2010. This fantastic and in depth book includes month-by-month forecasts for every sign and all you need to know to find out what is in store for you in the year ahead.Discover when your lucky days will f...

  23. Connected: The Amazing Power of Social Networks and How They Shape Our Lives

    av Nicholas Christakis, James Fowler

    E-bok, Engelska, 2010-02-04, ISBN 9780007356423

    Based on exciting discoveries in mathematics, genetics, psychology and sociology, 'Connected' is an innovative and fascinating exploration of how social networks operate.Think it's all about who you know? It is. But not the way you think.Turns out...

  24. Element Encyclopedia of Secret Societies: The Ultimate A-Z of Ancient Mysteries, Lost Civilizations and Forgotten Wisdom

    av John Michael Greer

    E-bok, Engelska, 2010-06-10, ISBN 9780007359172

    Discover everything you ever wanted to know about secret societies like the Freemasons, the historical mystery of Atlantis, why King Arthur, Leonardo da Vinci and Hitler are key figures, plus conspiracy theories, forgotten sciences and ancient wis...

  25. Times Great Military Lives: Leadership and Courage - from Waterloo to the Falklands in Obituaries

    av William Hague, Ian Brunskill, Guy Liardet, Michael Tillotson

    E-bok, Engelska, 2010-06-10, ISBN 9780007359301

    The Times for over 150 years has been providing the most respected and perceptive verdicts on the lives of outstanding individuals. The Times Great Military Lives is an authoritative and fascinating collection of obituaries depicting the great mil...

  26. Times Great Irish Lives

    av Garret Fitzgerald, Charles Lysaght

    E-bok, Engelska, 2010-06-10, ISBN 9780007359318

    For the first time, The Times brings together a unique collection of obituaries of Ireland's most distinguished individuals from the last two centuries.The Irish have richly contributed to the world stage most notably in literature and politics bu...

  27. Brilliant Book of Baby Names: What's best, what's hot and what's not

    av Pamela Redmond Satran, Linda Rosenkrantz

    E-bok, Engelska, 2010-06-10, ISBN 9780007359387

    By the authors of Cool Names for Babies, and with over 50,000 hugely imaginative entries from around the world, this is the ultimate book of baby names.Way more than just a standard list of names and their meanings, Baby Names offers witty and ins...

  28. Dry Store Room No. 1: The Secret Life of the Natural History Museum (Text Only)

    av Richard Fortey

    E-bok, Engelska, 2010-06-24, ISBN 9780007362950

    This edition does not include illustrations.'Dry Store Room No. 1' is an intimate biography of the Natural History Museum, celebrating the eccentric personalities who have peopled it and capturing the wonders of scientific endeavour, academic rigo...

  29. Element Encyclopedia of Witchcraft: The Complete A-Z for the Entire Magical World

    av Judika Illes

    E-bok, Engelska, 2010-04-15, ISBN 9780007372034

    Following on from the hugely successful Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells, comes the next bumper encyclopedia celebrating all facets of witchcraft. This definite book is the most comprehensive, authoritative and entertaining guide you'll ever fi...

  30. Carbon Counter (Collins Gem)

    av Mark Lynas

    E-bok, Engelska, 2010-04-15, ISBN 9780007372560

    What effect are you having on the environment? If you buy Kenyan green beans what is the CO2 cost? What about your journey to work, your fridge or your clothes? The Gem Carbon Counter is your portable instant green reckoner.This handy little book ...