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Känsla för kor : ett nytt partnerskap tar sin början

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INBUNDEN. Balders förlag, Svenska, 2013-07-01.

På tio år har antalet mjölkbönder i Sverige minskat från tio tusen till femtusen, och de fortsätter att bli färre. Att se betande kor i landskapet håller på att bli en sällsynthet. Högpresterande och avlad till bristningsgränsen lever en mjölkko i...

Känsla för kor : ett nytt partnerskap tar sin början
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243:- Köp

The Veterinary Book for Sheep Farmers

INBUNDEN (Hardback). Old Pond Publishing Ltd, Engelska, 1901-01-01.

A wide-ranging manual on sheep diseases which offers to increase productivity and profitability by improving the standard of husbandry and upgrading the health status of the flock. The book stresses the understanding of the causes and development ...

The Veterinary Book for Sheep Farmers
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403:- Köp

Get Your Goat - How to Keep Happy, Healthy Goats in Your Backyard, Wherever You Live

INBUNDEN (Hardback). Quarry Books, Engelska, 2011-12-05.

It's all about back to basics: consumers are rejecting consumption and looking for more and more ways to reconnect with the earth, the community, and their food sources. Many people who have tried keeping chickens, toyed with turkeys, or even just...

Get Your Goat
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236:- Köp

The Practical Guide to Keeping Chickens, Ducks, Geese &; Turkeys - A Directory of Poultry Breeds and How to Keep Them: with Step-by-step Techniques and More Than 650 Colour Photographs

INBUNDEN (Hardback). Lorenz Books, Engelska, 2012-05-31.

This comprehensive and practical guide provides all the information that you need in order to start keeping poultry. A buyer's guide shows you what features to look for in healthy poultry as well as the best sources from which to buy them. Essenti...

The Practical Guide to Keeping Chickens, Ducks, Geese &; Turkeys
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209:- Köp

Spirit of Highland Cattle

INBUNDEN (Hardback). Pixz Books, Engelska, 2011-07-06.
Spirit of Highland Cattle
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85:- Köp

The Illustrated Guide to Ducks and Geese and Other Domestic Fowl - How to choose them - how to keep them

INBUNDEN (Hardback). A & C Black Publishers Ltd, Engelska, 2012-07-19.

With just a little land and available water, you can raise a variety of domestic fowl, from friendly ducks and characterful geese to guineafowl, dainty quail, placid turkeys or even peafowl. Illustrated with the author's charming watercolour paint...

The Illustrated Guide to Ducks and Geese and Other Domestic Fowl
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203:- Köp

Compassion, by the Pound - The Economics of Farm Animal Welfare

INBUNDEN (Hardback). OUP Oxford, Engelska, 2011-04-28.

This highly readable book is aimed at anyone with an interest in the food they eat. In conversational tone, and avoiding academic jargon, it provides an honest and objective account of the consequences of food consumption choices and policies, thr...

Compassion, by the Pound
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518:- Köp

The Camel and the Wheel

INBUNDEN (Hardback). Columbia University Press, Engelska, 1990-05-01.

Why, for many centuries, was the wheel abandoned in the Middle East in favor of the camel as a means of transport? This richly illustrated study explains this anomaly. Drawing on archaeology, art, technology, anthropology, linguistics, and camel h...

The Camel and the Wheel
Status: Tillfälligt slut
799:- Bevaka

Once Upon A Flock - Life with My Soulful Chickens

INBUNDEN (Hardback). Souvenir Press Ltd, Engelska, 2013-10-14.
Once Upon A Flock
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251:- Köp

The Encyclopedia of Historic and Endangered Livestock and Poultry Breeds

INBUNDEN (Hardback). Yale University Press, Engelska, 2002-03-01.

The hardy, multipurpose Dominique chickens that came to the New World with the Pilgrims and later travelled in pioneer saddlebags to help settle the West were once too numerous to count, by 1990 a mere 500 hens survived. This is but a single examp...

The Encyclopedia of Historic and Endangered Livestock and Poultry Breeds
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615:- Köp

The Chicken Keeper's Problem Solver - 100 Common Problems Explored and Explain

INBUNDEN (Hardback). Hamlyn, Engelska, 2015-04-06.

Keeping chickens involves understanding, commitment, and attention to detail. Getting the basics right is essential, and this demands a solid appreciation of important areas such as housing, feeding, breed choice, and health requirements. Whether ...

The Chicken Keeper's Problem Solver
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155:- Köp

Extraordinary Chickens

INBUNDEN (Hardback). Harry N. Abrams, Inc., Engelska, 2000-01-01.

An introduction to the world of exotic ornamental chickens. The book contains photographs of chickens of all shapes and sizes, including the Bearded Silkie, the crested Polish and the majestic Phoenix.

Extraordinary Chickens
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208:- Köp

Extra Extraordinary Chickens

INBUNDEN (Hardback). Harry N. Abrams, Inc., Engelska, 2005-09-01.

With gorgeous colour photographs and informative text, Stephen Green-Armytage surveys many breeds around the world, capturing with his camera chickens of all sizes, shapes, and colours and illuminating gorgeous feather patterns, elaborate wattles ...

Extra Extraordinary Chickens
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166:- Köp

Extraordinary Pigs

INBUNDEN (Hardback). Abrams, Engelska, 2011-03-01.

From the author of Extraordinary Chickens comes the newest extraordinary animal-the pig. Extraordinary Pigs shows the many varieties of swine, from tiny KuneKunes and wrinkled Meishans, to spotted Gloucester Old Spots and curly coated Mangalitzas....

Extraordinary Pigs
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201:- Köp

Goat Farming

INBUNDEN (Hardback). Farming Press, Engelska, 1998-03-01.

This second edition of a book on goats reflects the increasing interest in these animals as a domestic breed. The book emphasizes the impressive perrformance of the goat - it has the ability to survive in areas of the world that will not support o...

Goat Farming
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240:- Köp

Bees in the City - The Urban Beekeepers' Handbook

INBUNDEN (Hardback). Guardian Books, Engelska, 2007-08-01.

Beekeeping - once seen as an old-fashioned country pursuit - is increasingly attracting young metropolitan professionals, and new hives are springing up all over our cities. Whether you're attracted to beekeeping because you want to produce your o...

Bees in the City
Specialorder: Osäker tillgång
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302:- Köp

A Shepherd's Life - One Man and His Dog

INBUNDEN (Hardback). McNidder & Grace, Engelska, 2015-08-28.

This thoughtful and moving book looks at the life of a shepherd and of his dogs in the north of England. Covers many aspects of sheepdogs, including the history of the working dog, training from the puppy stage onwards, trials, breeding and the ex...

A Shepherd's Life
Status: Ej utkommen
221:- Bevaka

Pig Manual - The Complete Step-by-step Guide to Keeping Pigs

INBUNDEN (Hardback). J H Haynes & Co Ltd, Engelska, 2011-03-17.

The idea of keeping a few pigs has undergone something of a renaissance and never before has it been so popular. "The Pig Manual" is a straightforward, no-nonsense guide to getting started - whether your interest is filling your freezer,...

Pig Manual
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268:- Köp

The Secret Life of Cows

INBUNDEN (Hardback). Farming Books & Videos Ltd, Engelska, 2003-05-01.

Cows can love, play games, bond and form strong life friendships. They can sulk, they can hold grudges, they can have preferences and can be vain. In this insight into this secret life of cows, the author argues that compassion in farming makes so...

The Secret Life of Cows
Specialorder: Osäker tillgång
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264:- Köp

The World of Sheepdogs - A Photographic Tribute

INBUNDEN (Hardback). Kinloch Publishing, Engelska, 2009-02-15.
The World of Sheepdogs
Specialorder: Osäker tillgång
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544:- Köp

The Illustrated Guide to Chickens - How to Choose Them - How to Keep Them

INBUNDEN (Hardback). A & C Black Publishers Ltd, Engelska, 2010-04-09.

The Illustrated Guide to Chickens covers the 100 most familiar breeds of chickens in Europe and North America. The breed profiles are written in engaging text that covers the history of each breed, its main characteristics, and information about l...

The Illustrated Guide to Chickens
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211:- Köp

The Illustrated Guide to Cows - How to Choose Them, How to Keep Them

INBUNDEN (Hardback). A & C Black Publishers Ltd, Engelska, 2014-03-27.

Keeping cattle as a smallholder can be a rewarding enterprise, supplying you with food and milk and helping with the management of grassland on your property. This delightfully illustrated and informative book is ideal for anyone interested in kee...

The Illustrated Guide to Cows
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211:- Köp

Chicken &; Eggs - River Cottage Handbook No.11

INBUNDEN (Hardback). Bloomsbury Publishing PLC, Engelska, 2013-06-06.

Chickens are a fantastic addition to a garden or outdoors space - you don't have to live in the back of beyond to have a few clucking around and giving you fresh eggs. They come in all shapes and sizes: some are layers, some are just born to strut...

Chicken &; Eggs
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180:- Köp
Skickas inom 2-5 vardagar
318:- Köp

A Chicken in Every Yard - The Urban Farm Store's Guide to Chicken Keeping

INBUNDEN (Hardback). Ten Speed Press, Engelska, 2011-03-22.

This colorful, nuts-and-bolts guide to selecting and raising backyard chickens offers everything a first-time keeper needs to know, from the experts at the Urban Farm Store in Portland, Oregon. Portland's Urban Farm Store stocks everything today's...

A Chicken in Every Yard
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167:- Köp

The Inner World of Farm Animals - Their Amazing Social, Emotional and Intellectual Capacities

INBUNDEN (Hardback). Stewart, Tabori & Chang Inc, Engelska, 2009-04-24.

"The Inner World of Farm Animals" is a fascinating glimpse into the minds and hearts of farm animals. Through breakdowns of scientific experiments and discoveries, charming anecdotal side bars and poignant photos, cows, pigs, sheep, goat...

The Inner World of Farm Animals
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142:- Köp

Adventures in Yarn Farming - Four Seasons on a New England Fiber Farm

INBUNDEN (Hardback). Roost Books, Engelska, 2013-11-22.
Adventures in Yarn Farming
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222:- Köp

Biggle's Poultry Book - A Concise and Practical Treatise on the Management of Farm Poultry

INBUNDEN (Hardback). Skyhorse Publishing, Engelska, 2013-10-10.

When Jacob Biggle first published his book on the management of poultry, there were more than three hundred million chickens and thirty million other domesticated fowl in the United States. Today, the trend continues with thousands if not millions...

Biggle's Poultry Book
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104:- Köp

Backyard Ducks and Geese - A Practical Guide for the Enthusiast and the Smallholder

INBUNDEN (Hardback). The Crowood Press Ltd, Engelska, 2009-09-11.

There are many reasons for keeping ducks and geese. Not only are they lovely to look at, they will entertain you with their antics and make perfect 'pets' for adults and children alike. Ducks will eat troublesome slugs and snails as they follow yo...

Backyard Ducks and Geese
Skickas inom 3-6 vardagar
163:- Köp

Dogs of the Shepherds - A Review of the Pastoral Breeds

INBUNDEN (Hardback). The Crowood Press Ltd, Engelska, 2014-08-25.

Dogs of the Shepherds is a book for all those who admire the most valuable of all the working dogs, the pastoral breeds: sheepdogs, cattle dogs and flock protection dogs, the indispensable farmer's servants and companion dogs for thousands of prou...

Dogs of the Shepherds
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302:- Köp

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