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Here at bokus the newest releases are available quicker than you can flick through to the next page in your favorite book, and before you know it the next new release is here, and then the next and the next...

We're awake around the clock and we're poised to make your favorite books available to you as they are released. Our books have company too, you'll find millions of titles here. But don't worry, we've made it super easy to find them all.

Bokus is where it happens, and it happens around the clock! If the book you're looking for is available then you'll find it here at bokus.com

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Remember that the more details you can give us about your query the better service we can provide.

Opening hours: Mon-Friday 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM,
We'll always do our best to answer your question with 24 hours

Finding what you're looking for

There are two ways of finding a book you like. Either click through the shop categories (in the left column and in the main menu bar highlighted in blue), or use our search function which is highlighted in orange at the very top of the page.

How to shop

After you've found the book you're looking for you can easily add it to your shopping basket by clicking on the "Köp" (Buy) or "Boka" (Pre book) button next to each book.

Shopping basket

You will see the shopping basket at the top right of our website pages. Once a book is added to your shopping basket you'll be able to see the total number of books in your shopping basket just above the shopping basket icon.

You can add or remove books from your shopping basket by clicking on the shopping basket icon and making the required changes to each title.

When all the books you want to buy are in the shopping basket, click "Till kassan" (Go to checkout).

Here you can choose to use our express checkout "Snabbkassan", register an account "registrera konto" or to log in if you're already a customer.

Registering an account

You can choose to register an account with us by clicking on one of the links under "Registrera konto" (register an account) at the checkout. Choose "Privatkund" if you're a private customer or "Företagskund" if you're a business customer

You are then directed to a page where you can fill in the details needed to register as one of our customers.

Business customers outside Sweden who would like to discuss a contract with Bokus should contact our sales department, telephone +46 (0) 10-744 10 09

The username ("Användarnamn") you choose must be unique to you. If the username you select is already in use at Bokus, our system will ask you to choose a new one. Remember the following when you select your username and password "Lösenord"

  • Use the characters a - z, A - Z, 0 - 9.
  • Do not use å, ä, ö or characters such as @, brackets, question marks, etc.
  • We differentiate between upper and lower case (e.g. BabyBrother and babybrother are two different usernames/passwords).
  • The name you choose must be one word (BabyBrother is OK, Baby Brother is not).

When you have chosen your username and password, and filled in the other details, click "Fortsätt" (Continue).

Logging in

If you are already a customer, log in with your "Användarnamn" and "Lösenord" (username and password) here

Express checkout

If you're using the express check out you'll need to choose which type of customer you are. Choose "Privatkund" if you're a private customer or "Företagskund" if you're a business customer.

Once you're done just click on the "fortsätt" (Next) button.

Note that if you have chosen to use the Express checkout you won't be able to view you order or check the status of a delivery through the website. This is because an account is not created. You can however still use gift cards and campaign codes at the checkout.

Once an order is placed you will receive a confirmation via email, all the information you need regarding your order can be found there.

Remember, it's important that you save your order number in case you to need to contact our customer service department.

Confirming your order is correct

When you have created your account (new customer), or logged in (existing customer) and you have then proceeded through the Express Checkout, the order confirmation page is displayed. This is where you check that all the details are correct as we explain below. You may cancel your purchase by clicking "Cancel" ("Avbryt").

Customer details

First check that the address details are correct. If you need to change any address details, click "Ändra på kunduppgifter" (Edit) on the same line as the "Kunduppgifter" (Customer details) heading. You are then redirected to a new page where you can edit your customer details. When you have made your changes, click "Uppdatera" (Save) to return to your order.

Shopping basket

Check that the book titles and quantities are correct. If you want to change the contents, click "Ändra i varukorg" (Edit) on the same line as the heading "Varukorg" (Basket). You are then redirected to a new page where you can add or remove titles you have chosen. When you have made your changes, click "Uppdatera" (Save) to return to your order.


There are several ways to get a discount on your order at bokus.com:

  • Gift card (Presentkort)
  • Campaign code (Kampanjkod)
  • Combination deal (köp X och få X detta pris)

The discount boxes are placed on the right side of the page. Click on the alternative you want to use, to enter your details and get the discount. Click Save to get back to the order confirmation page.

Library services

Business customers may add library services "Utrustning" to their orders. The services included are adapted to Swedish cataloging systems. Contact us through our contact form if you are interested in ordering books with plastic covers, labels or bar codes

Payment methods

You can pay for your books on invoice or by using a credit card. You choose your method of payment at the checkout. The credit limit for private customers is 5000 SEK, and for business customers it is 15 000 SEK.

Payment via invoice

Available to customer in Sweden with a personal identification number

Private customers

The order amount must be paid within 14 days of receiving an invoice. An invoice cannot be sent to a different address than that to which the books are sent.

Business customers

The order amount must be paid within 30 days of receiving an invoice. Business customers may give a delivery address that is different from the billing address. In such cases, a delivery note is included with the books and the invoice is sent separately to the billing address.

We also offer monthly invoicing, with deliveries invoiced on the 27th of each month (a delivery note is included with each delivery. If you would like to be invoiced monthly, please contact Customer Services (the monthly invoicing service is set up manually).

If you have any questions regarding business export orders, please contact us using our contact form.

Payment by credit card

We currently accept the following cards: Visa and MasterCard/EuroCard and American Express. If you have chosen to pay by credit card, click "Bekräfta beställning" (Place order) , then fill in your card details on the following page. If the card details are accepted and we can reserve the whole order amount against your account, then the order is placed. Once the order has been processed, we withdraw the dispatched amount from your account. Note that the amount reserved against your account may be unavailable until the order has been fully processed.

Your receipt

When you have clicked "Bekräfta beställning" (Confirm order), a receipt is shown. When the receipt appears, you know that we have received your order.

As the receipt appears we also send a confirmation e-mail to the address you have provided.


NOTE: For export customers we only offer complete delivery. If you have books from different delivery time classes in your shopping basket, the whole order waits for the slowest book in the order before it will be shipped

The estimated time before dispatch for each book is shown as "skickas inom x" (sent in x days) This is always shown next to each book.

This time frame is always given in working and does not include weekends or public holidays,

If a problem arises with your order, we will notify you.

Shipping charges within Sweden

Express shipping (Snabb frakt) costs 25 kronor and is shipped within 1-2 working days.
Free shipping (Fri frakt) is available if the total order value exceeds 99 kronor.

Shipping charges outside of Sweden

The cost of delivery to other countries is based upon the weight of each parcel and the postage fees each shipping company levies. This means they can differ from one shipment to the next.

Note that if an order is split in to two shipments for any reason a customer will not incur any additional costs. (only for business clients)

We deliver to the following countries

Australia * Austria * Belgium * Canada * Cyprus * Czech Republic * Estonia * Faroe Islands * Finland (inc. Åland) * France * Germany * Greece * Hungary * Iceland * Ireland * Italy * Japan * Latvia * Lithuania * Luxembourg * Malta * Monaco * Netherlands * New Zealand * Norway * Poland * Portugal * Slovakia * Slovenia * South Korea * Spain (inc. Canary Islands) * Sweden * Switzerland * United Kingdom

We don't deliver to the United States of America!

The American customs return our shipments despite the requested and correct export documentation. Due to the complicated procedures and the costs involved we are no longer able to offer this service to customers in the US. As soon as the problems are solved we will start making deliveries to the United States of America again. Thanks for your understanding.


Swedish VAT is charged to private individuals outside Sweden but within the EU. Individuals outside the EU are able to make purchases VAT-free.

  • Companies within the EU are supplied VAT-free provided they have registered a user account and have filled in their VAT number.
  • Any carriage-paid, VAT-free, discount, credit or MedMera prices are not shown until you have logged in/created a new account at the checkout (see below).
  • You can always change the basket by clicking "Visa/Ändra" (Show/edit). You can then add or remove copies of the titles in your shopping basket. Click "Uppdatera antal" (Update quantity) when you have completed your changes.

Terms and conditions

Here you'll find our terms and conditions in English