1. Milk and Honey Häftad

    av Rupi Kaur

    Häftad, Engelska, 2015-10-06
    (19 röster)

    #1 New York Times bestseller Milk and Honey is a collection of poetry and prose about survival. About the experience of violence, abuse, love, loss, and femininity. The book is divided into four chapters, and each chapter serves a different purpos...

  2. The Underground Railroad Pocket

    av Colson Whitehead

    Pocket, Engelska, 2017-05-16

    Cora is a slave on a cotton plantation in Georgia. Life is hellish for all the slaves, but Cora is an outcast even among her fellow Africans, and she is coming into womanhood; even greater pain awaits. Caesar, a recent arrival from Virginia, tells...

  3. The Underground Railroad Häftad

    av Colson Whitehead

    Häftad, Engelska, 2017-04-26


  4. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time Häftad

    av Mark Haddon

    Häftad, Engelska, 2004-04-01
    (17 röster)

    Narrated by a 15-year-old autistic savant obsessed with Sherlock Holmes, this dazzling novel weaves together an old-fashioned mystery, a contemporary coming-of-age story, and a fascinating excursion into a mind incapable of processing emotions.

  5. A Song of Ice and Fire:

    A Game of Thrones 6 Books Box Set Pocket

    av George Rr Martin

    Pocket, Engelska, 2012-05-24
    (63 röster)

    The box includes: A Game of Thrones A Clash of Kings A Storm of Swords 1: Steel and Snow A Storm of Swords 2: Blood and Gold A Feast for Crows A Dance with Dragons

  6. It E-bok

    av Stephen King

    E-bok, Engelska, 2007-10-04

    NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE - Stephen King's terrifying classic.'They float...and when you're down here with me, you'll float, too.'To the children, the town was their whole world. To the adults, knowing better, Derry Maine was just their home town...

  7. 4 3 2 1

    av Paul Auster

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2017-01-25
    (1 röst)

    LONGLISTED FOR THE MAN BOOKER PRIZE 2017On March 3, 1947, in the maternity ward of Beth Israel Hospital in Newark, New Jersey, Archibald Isaac Ferguson, the one and only child of Rose and Stanley Ferguson, is born. From that single beginning, Ferg...

  8. The Break Häftad

    av Marian Keyes

    Häftad, Engelska, 2017-09-07

    **The Break is the brand new novel from Marian Keyes, out on September 7th 2017 - preorder it now**'Myself and Hugh . . . We're taking a break.''A city-with-fancy-food sort of break?'If only.Amy's husband Hugh says he isn't leaving her.He still lo...

  9. When Calls the Heart (Canadian West Book #1) E-bok

    av Janette Oke

    E-bok, Engelska, 2005-02-01

    Nothing in her cultured East Coast upbringing prepared Elizabeth for a teaching position on the Canadian frontier. Yet, despite the constant hardships, she loves the children in her care. Determined to do the best job she can and fighting to survi...

  10. Devotion

    av Patti Smith

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2017-09-01

    From the renowned artist and author Patti Smith, an inspired exploration of the nature of creative invention A work of creative brilliance may seem like magic-its source a mystery, its impact unexpectedly stirring. How does an artist accomplish su...

  11. Conversations with Friends Häftad

    av Sally Rooney

    Häftad, Engelska, 2017-05-25

    Frances is twenty-one years old, cool-headed and darkly observant. A college student in Dublin and aspiring writer, she works at a literary agency by day. At night, she performs spoken word with her best friend Bobbi, who used to be her girlfriend...

  12. Fall of Light E-bok

    av Steven Erikson

    E-bok, Engelska, 2016-04-21

    Before the Malazan Empire, there was a time that set the stage for all those tales yet to be told . . . The winter is bitter. Civil war threatens Kurald Galain for the warrior Urusander s army has begun its march on the city of Kharkanas. Led by t...

  13. A Horse Walks into a Bar Häftad

    av David Grossman

    Häftad, Engelska, 2017-06-14

    WINNER OF THE INTERNATIONAL MAN BOOKER PRIZE 2017 The setting is a comedy club in a small Israeli town. An audience that has come expecting an evening of amusement instead sees a comedian falling apart on stage; an act of disintegration, a man cru...

  14. Waking Gods Häftad

    av Sylvain Neuvel

    Häftad, Engelska, 2017-04-06

    What's going on?Turn on the television.What channel?Any channel.An unknown vessel, not of this world, materializes in London. A colossal figure towering over the city, it makes no move. Is this a peaceful first contact or the prelude to an invasio...

  15. 1984 Pocket

    av George Orwell

    Pocket, Engelska, 1950-07-01
    (9 röster)

    Satire on the possible horrors of a totalitarian regime in England in 1984.

  16. The Ministry of Utmost Happiness Häftad

    av Arundhati Roy

    Häftad, Engelska, 2017-06-06

    A monumental new novel from the Booker Prize-winning author of THE GOD OF SMALL THINGS. This is a book about love. Love in the most improbable circumstances. Its geographical setting is precise and particular, but its real setting is the soul. It ...

  17. Beren and Luthien

    av J R R Tolkien, Christopher Tolkien

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2017-06-01
    (2 röster)

    Painstakingly restored from Tolkien's manuscripts and presented for the first time as a continuous and standalone story, the epic tale of Beren and Luthien will reunite fans of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings with Elves and Men, Dwarves and O...

  18. Violence in War and Peace Häftad

    av Nancy Scheper-Hughes, Philippe I Bourgois

    Häftad, Engelska, 2003-09-01

    From Hannah Arendt s banality of evil to Joseph Conrad s fascination of the abomination, humankind has struggled to make sense of human-upon-human violence. Edited by two of anthropology s most passionate voices on this subject, Violence in War an...

  19. 4 3 2 1 Häftad

    av Paul Auster

    Häftad, Engelska, 2017-10-04

    On March 3rd, 1947, Archibald Isaac Ferguson, the only child of Rose and Stanley Ferguson, is born. From that single beginning, Ferguson's life will take four simultaneous paths. Four Fergusons will go on to lead four parallel and entirely differe...

  20. Words of Radiance Part One Häftad

    av Brandon Sanderson

    Häftad, Engelska, 2015-03-03

    The natural heir to Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight Archive series hit No.1 in the US and No.2 in the UK with the hardback release of the massive second volume, WORDS OF RADIANCE. Split into two volumes for paperback this is Part One...

  21. Knight of the Seven Kingdoms Pocket

    av George R R Martin

    Pocket, Engelska, 2017-06-06

    NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY LOS ANGELES TIMES AND BUZZFEED Taking place nearly a century before the events of A Game of Thrones, A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms compiles the first three official prequel nove...

  22. Behold the Dreamers Häftad

    av Imbolo Mbue

    Häftad, Engelska, 2017-08-10

    WINNER OF THE 2017 PEN/FAULKNER AWARD A NEW YORK TIMES BOOK OF THE YEAR AN OBSERVER BOOK OF THE YEAR AN OPRAH BOOK CLUB PICK `A formidable storyteller' Jonathan Franzen `Savage and compassionate in all the right places' New York Times Book Review ...

  23. A Little Life Häftad

    av Hanya Yanagihara

    Häftad, Engelska, 2016-01-01

    "A Little Life" follows four college classmates broke, adrift, and buoyed only by their friendship and ambition as they move to New York in search of fame and fortune. While their relationships, which are tinged by addiction, success, an...

  24. Come Sundown Häftad

    av Nora Roberts

    Häftad, Engelska, 2017-05-30
    (1 röst)

    Love. Lies. Murder. A lot can happen... COME SUNDOWNBodine Longbow loves to rise with the dawn. As the manager of her family's resort in Western Montana, there just aren't enough hours in the day - for life, for work, for loved ones. She certainly...

  25. The Handmaid's Tale Häftad

    av Margaret Atwood

    Häftad, Engelska, 2016-08-04
    (6 röster)

    NOW A SMASH-HIT CHANNEL 4 TV SERIES 'It isn't running away they're afraid of. We wouldn't get far. It's those other escapes, the ones you can open in yourself, given a cutting edge' Offred is a Handmaid. She has only one function: to breed. If she...

  26. The Break

    av Marian Keyes

    Inbunden, Engelska, 2017-09-07

    Marian's brand NEW novel is nearly here, pre-order yours . . . Amy's husband Hugh has run away to 'find himself'. But will he ever come back? 'Myself and Hugh . . . We're taking a break.''A city-with-fancy-food sort of break?'If only. Amy's husban...

  27. Me Before You Häftad

    av Jojo Moyes

    Häftad, Engelska, 2016-04-28
    (1 röst)

    Lou Clark knows lots of things. She knows how many footsteps there are between the bus stop and home. She knows she likes working in The Buttered Bun tea shop and she knows she might not love her boyfriend Patrick.What Lou doesn't know is she's ab...

  28. Words of Radiance Part Two Häftad

    av Brandon Sanderson

    Häftad, Engelska, 2015-03-03
    (1 röst)

    Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight Archive moves into a new, darker phase and in this, the second part of the second volume the Parshendi risk the return of the fearsome Voidbringers of old as they attempt to strenthen themselves against the challange...

  29. See Me Pocket

    av Nicholas Sparks

    Pocket, Engelska, 2017-05-01