Fler böcker av Robert Cohen

  • Freedom's Orator

    Robert Cohen

    Here is the first biography of Mario Savio, the brilliant leader of Berkeley's Free Speech Movement, the largest and most disruptive student rebellion in American history. Drawing upon previously unavailable Savio papers, as well as oral histories...

  • Acting Power

    Robert Cohen

    'Robert Cohen's book, Acting Power, follows the tradition of his other book, Acting One, and has been the veritable bible for acting teachers for the last quarter century.' - David Krasner, Emerson College 'This book, above all else, is an attempt...

  • God'S Nutritionist

    Ellen G White, Robert Cohen

    Here are 500 of Ms. White's 'pearls of wisdom' - words that are as practical, insightful and moral as they are accurate. Gathered from her many works, these classic quotations beautifully present her beliefs, from her stand as an ardent vegetarian...