Last Seen Alive (e-bok)
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Last Seen Alive (e-bok)

Last Seen Alive E-bok

A Novel

E-bok (EPUB - DRM), Engelska, 2018-06-26
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One woman is trapped in the death-grip of the pastand every one of its dark secretsin this riveting novel of psychological suspense from the award-winning author of The Sisters and Local Girl Missing. She can runAs much as Libby Hall needs a vacation, shes never considered taking one until she sees the note for a house swap. Suffering a miscarriage was a personal turning point. Saving a child from a burning school was a public one. Just as the emotional fallout of both incidents takes its toll, along comes her lifesaversthe Heywoods, a couple in need of a getaway of their own.But she cant hideLibby and her husband Jamie cant believe their good fortune when they arrive at the Heywoods isolated seaside estate with its panoramic viewsand just in exchange for their drab two-bedroom apartment. How generous of the Heywoods! Yet how odd. Libby almost feels guilty until the home yields disquieting surprises: a fortune in hidden surveillance equipment, a stranger in the garden who watches them, and the make-shift operating room in the basementBecause someone knows her secretWhen Jamie falls dangerously ill, all Libby wants is to return to their comfortably imperfect lives. But its already too late. Libby has just discovered the Heywoods biggest secret. And when it appears that even Jamie is hiding something from her, Libbys paranoia gets the best of her. It should. For she has buried secrets of her own. As the past comes crawling out of the darkness, Libby fears shes walked into an elaborate trap. But who has set it? What do they want of her? And what is she willing to risk to make it out alive?
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