User Experience in the Age of Sustainability (e-bok)
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Elsevier Science
User Experience in the Age of Sustainability (e-bok)

User Experience in the Age of Sustainability (e-bok)

A Practitioner's Blueprint

E-bok (EPUB - DRM), Engelska, 2012-05-30
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User Experience in the Age of Sustainability focuses on the economic, sociological and environmental movement in business to make all products including digital ones more sustainable. Not only are businesses finding a significant ROI from these choices, customers are demanding this responsible behaviour. The author looks at user experience practice through the lens of sustainability whether it be a smart phone, service - based subscription solutions or sustainable packaging to expose the ways in which user researchers and designers can begin to connect to the sustainability not merely as a theoretical. This book has a practical take on the matter providing a framework along with case studies and personal stories from doing this work successfully. Both hardware and software design are covered. Learn about the fundamentals of sustainability and how it can change the future of user experience professionals Learn how to integrate sustainability into designs with a solid framework using user research methodology, techniques, and purposeful metrics Find out how to integrate sustainability frameworks into the software and product development cycles Find out how sustainability applies to mobile and digital products with discussions on user messaging, dematerialization, and efficient design See how companies have made it work with case studies
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