UNIX for the Mainframer (häftad)
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UNIX for the Mainframer (häftad)

UNIX for the Mainframer

The Essential Reference for Commands, Conversions, TCP/IP

Häftad Engelska, 1997-08-01
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I know how to do it on the mainframe, but what's the command under UNIX?

More and more organizations are migrating to UNIX, leaving experienced programming staff frustrated by their lack of familiarity with the new environment. But mainframe skills are transferable!

Designed especially for mainframe professionals, UNIX for the Mainframer builds on existing computer knowledge to ease the technology transfer. Programmers, analysts, system analysts, database administrators, and consultants already know how computers work. This book maps that understanding to the UNIX paradigm without rehashing a lot of basic computing concepts or presuming prior familiarity with UNIX.

UNIX for the Mainframer provides a complete orientation to UNIX for users in transition. It is also an outstanding reference volume for looking up the answers to specific questions, for example:

  • What's the command for ????? - UNIX commands are mapped directly to the corresponding mainframe terms.
  • What's a Shell Script? - UNIX scripting languages are explained in terms of JCL, PROC's, CLIST, and REXX.
  • How did these files get here? - How to organize, specify, name, and retrieve UNIX files is detailed, along with full instructions for account configuration.
  • How do you edit these files? - Popular editors are reviewed and related to ISPF commands.
  • What's going on deep down? - A comparative history describes UNIX and mainframe operating systems and environments.
Appendices offer further resources for deciphering common error messages, converting data, comparing hardware, and accessing networks, along with general hints and suggestions for ongoing reading.

UNIX for the Mainframer is the only book that helps mainframers use their existing skills to get them up and running in the UNIX environment, fast.

David Horvath has written an excellent introduction, tutorial, and reference for those mainframe programmers and administrators who need or want to become part of the larger computing and network world. It is solidly structured, technically sound, and more than passably readable. Robert Slade, Internet Review Project.

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Övrig information

<p> DAVID HORVATH is a senior consultant with CGI Systems, Inc., a subsidiary of IBM Corporation. Besides teaching UNIX, C programming, and data modeling, he has developed and taught courses on transitioning between operating systems in industry and at the college level. He is now pursuing an MS degree in the Dynamics of Organization at the University of Pennsylvania.






Trademarks and Copyright Acknowledgments.


1. Operating Systems and Environments.

UNIX History. What Is UNIX and How It Is Different From the Mainframe.

2. Files and Data.

UNIX Files. UNIX Directories. Filesystems. Filename Structure. Directory Name Structure and Pathnames. Moving From Datasetnames to UNIX File and Pathnames. UNIX Filename Conventions. Special UNIX Files. UNIX Tape File Access.

3. Utilities and Commands.

Logging In to UNIX. Terminal and Keyboard Behavior. Directory Navigation (cd and pwd Commands). Looking at Directories (the ls Command)Replacement for ISPF Dataset List Utility. Wildcards and Filenames. Command Buffering. ISPF Browse and Edit ReplacementAn Overview of UNIX Editors. IEBGENER and ISPF Move/Copy Utility Replacement. Copy, Move, and Link Commands (cp, mv, and ln). Common Errors and Problem Determination. Problem DeterminationPermissions. Problem DeterminationAvailable Space. Problem DeterminationUsed Space. Problem DeterminationLimits on Resource Usage. IEFBR14 and ISPF Library and Dataset Utility Replacement. Delete and Create File Commands (rm and touch). Create, Delete, and Rename Directory Commands (mkdir, rmdir, and mv). ISPF Dataset List Utility Replacement find Command. Pipes and Redirection and the more Command. How To Get Help. Help Under UNIXman, apropos, and what is Commands. Printing and Replacing ISPF Hardcopy Utility and /*ROUTE PRINT. UNIX Print Commands (lp and lpr). UNIX Print Status Commands (lpstat and lpq). Canceling UNIX Print Jobs (cancel and lprm Commands). Printing From Programs and Commands (Redirection to Printer). IDCAMS Replacement. Creating and Deleting Generation Data Groups. Creating and Deleting VSAM Datasets. ISPF SDSF or IOF Replacement. ps Command. who, finger, and w Commands. ISPF Foreground Processes and Command Replacements. ISPF Background Processes and Batch Submit Replacements. Job Control. Background Job Modifiers (nohup, nice, time, and timex Commands). Canceling Background Jobs and Commands. Job Schedulingcrontab and at Commands and the cron Daemon. cron table Format. crontab Command. at Command. JES2 /*ROUTE XEQ and /*XEQ Replacement. rsh and remsh Commands. rexec Command. ISPF Super-Compare Replacements. File Comparison Commands. diff, cmp, and comm Commands. bdiff, sdiff, and diff3 Commands. ISPF Search-For Replacement. grep Command. Regular Expressions for grep and egrep. egrep and fgrep Commands. Mimicking Search-For Word, Suffix, and Prefix Options. Summary.

4. JCL, PROCs, and CLISTs Become Shell Scripts.

Invoking and Exiting Shells. Creating a Simple Command Procedure. IKJEFTO1 (TSO in Batch) Replacement. What To Do With Batch JCL. Replacing Jobs in JCL With Shell ...