C# Primer (häftad)
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Addison Wesley
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C# Primer (häftad)

C# Primer

A Practical Approach

Häftad Engelska, 2001-12-01
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Using his famous primer format, best-selling author Stan Lippman now brings you an indispensable guide to C#. C# PRIMER is a comprehensive, example-driven introduction to this new object-oriented programming language.

C# is a cornerstone of Microsoft's new .NET platform. Inheriting many features from both Java and C++, C# is destined to become the high-level programming language of choice for building high-performance Windows and Web applications and components--from XML-based Web services to middle-tier business objects and system-level applications.

  • Coverage of fundamentals, such as namespaces, exception handling, and the unified type system
  • Detailed explanations and examples of both class and interface inheritance, including a discussion of when each is appropriate
  • A wide-ranging tour of the .NET class library, including an introduction to ADO.NET, establishing database connections, regular expressions, threading, sockets programming, XML programming using the firehose and DOM parser models, XSLT, and XPATH
  • Detailed discussion of ASP.NET Web Form Designer, walking through the page life cycle and caching, and providing a large number of examples
  • Introduction to .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR)
Adding C# to your toolbox will not only improve your Web-based programming ability, it will increase your productivity. C# PRIMER provides a solid foundation to build upon and a refreshingly unbiased voice on Microsoft's vehicle to effective and efficient Web-based programming.

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Stanley B. Lippman is Architect with the Visual C++ development team at Microsoft. Previously, he served as a Distinguished Consultant at the Jet Propulsion Laboratories (JPL). Stan spent more than twelve years at Bell Laboratories, where he worked with Bjarne Stroustrup on the original C++ implementation and the Foundation research project. After Bell Laboratories, Stan worked at Disney Feature Animation, originally as principal software engineer, then as software technical director on Fantasia 2000. 0



1. Hello, C.

A First C Program.


Alternative Forms of the Main Function.

Making a Statement.

Opening a Text File for Read and Write.

Formatting Output.

The string Type.

Local Objects.

A Value and Reference Types.

The C Array.

The new expression.

Garbage Collection.

Dynamic Arrays: The ArrayList Collection Class.

The Unified Type System.

Shadow Boxing.

Unboxing Leaves Us Downcast.

Jagged Arrays.

The Hashtable Container.

Exception Handling.

A Basic Language Handbook.


Built-in Numeric Types.

Arithmetic, Relational, and Conditional Operators.

Operator Precedence.


2. Class Design.

Our First Independent Class.

Opening a New Visual Studio Project.

Declaring Data Members.



Member Initialization.

The Class Constructor.

The Implicit this Reference.

static Class Members.

const and readonly Data Members.

The enum Value Type.

The delegate Type.

Function Parameter Semantics.

Function Overloading.

Pass by Value.

Pass by Reference: The ref Parameter.

Pass by Reference: The out Parameter.

Variable-Length Parameter Lists.

Operator Overloading.

Conversion Operators.

The Class Destructor.

The struct Value Type.

3. Object-Oriented Programming.

Object-Oriented Programming Concepts.

Supporting a Polymorphic Query Language.

Designing a Class Hierarchy.

Object Lessons.

Designing an Abstract Base Class.

Declaring an Abstract Base Class.

Static Members of an Abstract Base Class.

A Hybrid Abstract Base Class.

The Single-Inheritance Object Model.

How Is a Hybrid Abstract Class Different?

Defining a Derived Class.

Overriding the Inherited Virtual Interface.

Overriding the Virtual Object Methods.

Member Access: The new and base Modifiers.

Accessibility versus Visibility.

Encapsulating Base-Class Access.

Sealing a Class.

The Exception Class Hierarchy.

4. Interface Inheritance.

Implementing a System Interface: IComparable.

Accessing an Existing Interface.

Defining an Interface.

Implementing Our Interface: Proof of Concept.

Integrating Ou...