Modern Romance: Books 1-4 (häftad)
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Mills & Boon
Books 1-4
Modern Romance: Books 1-4 (häftad)

Modern Romance: Books 1-4

Häftad Engelska, 2015-12-01
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Four thrilling tales of glamour, seduction and passion! The Price of His Redemption by Carol Marinelli Daniil Zverev is the world's most ruthless and sinfully seductive tycoon. No one would ever know the cruelty and rejection that fuelled his ascent. But beautiful ballet teacher Libby Tennent is getting under Daniil's skin - and dangerously close to the truth...Back in the Brazilian's Bed by Susan Stephens Events planner Karina Marcelos has risen to the top of her field, while trying to forget Lothario polo-player Dante Barracca. Ten years ago he took her innocence - but that wasn't all she lost after that fateful night. But when Dante hires her to organise the Gaucho Cup, will Karina be able to keep her secrets? The Innocent's Sinful Craving by Sara Craven Abandoned as a child, the stately mansion Dana Grantham called home symbolised the security she so desperately wanted. A shameful scandal - and billionaire Zac Belisandro - drove her away. Now Dana has the opportunity to return to the life she craves-if she agrees to be sinful Zac's bride! Brunetti's Secret Son by Maya Blake Romeo Brunetti survived his childhood and found success by locking down emotion. Until, for one beautiful moment, he lost himself to stunning stranger Maisie O'Connell. Now, as his family legacy returns to haunt him, he finds out he has a son-could Romeo have finally found the family he's never had?
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Carol Marinelli recently filled in a form asking for her job title. Thrilled to be able to put down her answer, she put writer. Then it asked what Carol did for relaxation and she put down the truth - writing. The third question asked for her hobbies. Well, not wanting to look obsessed she crossed the fingers on her hand and answered swimming but, given that the chlorine in the pool does terrible things to her highlights - I'm sure you can guess the real answer. Susan Stephens is passionate about writing books set in fabulous locations where an outstanding man comes to grips with a cool, feisty woman. Susan's hobbies include travel, reading, theatre, long walks, playing the piano, and she loves hearing from readers at her website. Sara Craven was born in South Devon just before World War II and grew up in a house crammed with books. Her early career was in provincial journalism, and she had her first novel Garden of Dreams accepted by Mills and Boon in 1975. Sara enjoys listening to music, going to the theatre, watching very old films and eating in good restaurants. She also likes to travel, especially in France, Greece and Italy where many of her novels are set. Maya Blake's writing dream started at 13. She eventually realised her dream when she received The Call in 2012. Maya lives in England with her husband, kids and an endless supply of books. Contact Maya: