Macroeconomics: A European Perspective with MyEconLab access card
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Financial Times/ Prentice Hall
Giavazzi, Francesco / Amighini, Alessia
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Macroeconomics: A European Perspective with MyEconLab access card

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Mixed media product, Engelska, 2011-06-30


Macroeconomics: A European Perspective will give students a fuller understanding of the subject and has been fully updated to provide broad coverage of the financial crisis. In particular, this new edition provides:

  • NEW chapters and updated text across all chapters
  • NEW data on Europe and the financial crisis
  • And what has always been the strength of the book: A unified view of macroeconomics, enabling students to make the connections between the short, medium, and long run.
"This is a truly outstanding textbook that beautifully marries theory, empirics and policy.  It is surely destined to become the gold standard against which all other texts must be measured."

Charles Bean, Deputy Governor, Bank of England 

Refreshingly original for an undergraduate text. Relevant applications to European economies and elsewhere are plentiful, and the breadth of topics covered is truly impressive. Unlike many texts at this level, the authors do not avoid potentially tricky, yet important topics; they do their utmost to relate textbook theory to real-world economics. Relative to competing texts, I think students would find this more engaging.

Paul Scanlon, Trinity College Dublin

Up-to-date material on the Euro, especially in light of the current crisis; strong open economy emphasis; and lots of examples from European countries. There is so much new material on the monetary union that there is much less need for supplementary reading.

Pekka Ilmakunnas, Aalto University School of Economics
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* Olivier Blanchard studied at Universite of Paris Nanterre, and has taught at MIT since 1983. He is currently Economic Counsellor and Director of the Research Department of the International Monetary Fund. * Alessia Amighini is Adjoint Professor at Universita del Piemonte Orientale (Novara) in Milan. * Francesco Giavazzi is Professor of Economics at Bocconi University in Milan and a regular Visiting Professor at MIT. Alessia and Francesco co-authored the Italian edition of Macroeconomics, and worked directly with Olivier Blanchard on this adaptation.


Chapter 1 A Tour of the World
Chapter 2 A Tour of the Book


The Short Run
Chapter 3 The Goods Market
Chapter 4 Financial Markets
Chapter 5 Goods and Financial Markets: The ISLM Model
Chapter 6 The IS-LM model in an Open Economy

The Medium Run
Chapter 7 The Labour Market      
Chapter 8 Putting All Markets Together: The ASAD Model
Chapter 9The Natural Rate of Unemployment and the Phillips Curve
Chapter 10 Inflation, Activity, and Nominal Money Growth

The Long Run    
Chapter 11 The Facts of Growth
Chapter 12 Saving, Capital Accumulation, and Output
Chapter 13 Technological Progress and Growth


Chapter 14 Expectations: the Basic Tools
Chapter 15 Financial Markets and Expectations
Chapter 16 Expectations, Consumption, and Investment
Chapter 17 Expectations, Output, and Policy

The Open Economy: Exchange rates and policy choices
Chapter 18 Output, the interest rate and the exchangerate
Chapter 19 Exchange Rate Regimes

Chapter 20 The crisis of 2007-2010
Chapter 21 High Debt
Chapter 22 High Inflation

Should Policymakers Be Restrained?             
Chapter 23 Policy and Policymakers: What Do We Know?
Chapter 24 Monetary and Fiscal Policy Rules

Europein progress         
Chapter 25 European Economic and Monetary Integration
Chapter 26 The Euro: The Ins and the Outs

Appendix 1: A maths refresher
Appendix 2: An introduction to econometrics
Symbols used in this book