Polyimides (inbunden)
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Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers
Mittal, K. L.
XV, 614 p.
Volume 1
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Polyimides (inbunden)


Synthesis, Characterization, and Applications. Volume 1

Inbunden Engelska, 1984-10-01
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This and its companion Volume 2 chronicle the proceedings of the First Technical Conference on Polyimides: Synthesis, Char acterization and Applications held under the auspices of the Mid Hudson Section of the Society of Plastics Engineers at Ellenville, New York, November 10-12, 1982. In the last decade or so there has been an accelerated interest in the use of polyimides for a variety of applications in a number of widely differing technologies. The applications of polyimides range from aerospace to microelectronics to medical field, and this is attributed to the fact that polyimides offer certain desirable traits, inter alia, high temperature stability. Polyimides are used as organic insulators, as adhesives, as coat ings, in composites, just to name a few of their uses. Even a casual search of the literature will underscore the importance of this class of materials and the high tempo of R&D activity taking place in the area of polyimides. So it was deemed that a conference on polyimides was both timely and needed. This conference was designed to provide a forum for discussion of various ramifications of polyimides, to bring together scientists and technologists interested in all aspects of polyimides and thus to provide an opportunity for cross-pollination of ideas, and to highlight areas which needed further and intensi fied R&D efforts. If the comments from the attendees are a baro meter of the success of a conference, then this event was highly successful and fulfilled amply its stated objectives.
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I: Synthesis and Properties.- Synthesis and Characterization of Organo-Soluble, Thermally-Curable, Phenylated Aromatic Polyimides.- Polyimides from Water Soluble Precursors.- Advances in Acetylene Substituted Polyimides.- Silicon-Modified Polyimides: Synthesis and Properties.- Modified Polyimides by Silicone Block Incorporation.- V-378A, A New Modified Bismaleimide Matrix Resin for High Modulus Graphite.- A Thermoplastic Polyimidesulfone.- Synthesis and Characterization of a Melt Processable Polyimide.- New Processable Polyimide Based Adhesives.- Polyetherimide: A Versatile, Processable Thermoplastic.- The Synthesis of Polyamic-Acids with Controlled Molecular Weights.- Investigation of the Reactivity of Aromatic Diamines and Dianhydrides of Tetracarboxylic Acids in the Synthesis of Polyamic Acids.- Synthesis of Tin-Containing Polyimide Films.- II: Properties and Characterization.- Dielectric and Chemical Characterization of the Polyimide, LARC-160.- Characterization of Polyimides and Polyamic Acids in Dilute Solution.- Polyimide Cure Determination.- In-situ Monitoring of Polyamic Acid Imidization with Microdielectrometry.- Studies on Thermal Cyclization of Polyamic Acids.- The Interplay Between Solvent Loss and Thermal Cyclization in LARC-TPI.- Kinetics and Mechanism of Thermal Cyclization of Polyamic Acids.- The Cure Rheology of PMR Polyimide Resins.- Rheological Characterization of Addition Polyimide Matrix Resins and Prepregs.- Etching of Partially Cured Polyimide.- Laser Micromachining of Polyimide Materials.- Structure - Tg Relationship in Polyimides.- Softening and Melting Temperatures of Aromatic Polyimides.- Thermal Studies of Compositional Variations of Some Novel Silicone Polyimides.- Polyimide Characterization Studies - Effect of Pendant Alkyl Groups.- Polyimide Thermal Analysis.- Sorption and Transport of Physically and Chemically Interacting Penetrants in Kapton (R) Polyimide.- X-Ray Scattering Measurements Demonstrating In-Plane Anisotropy in Kapton (R) Polyimide Films.- Thermally Stimulated Discharge Currents from Corona Charged Polypyromellitimide Film.- The Photoinduced Polarization and Autophotoelectret State in Polypyromellitimide Film.- Electrical Properties of Metal-Doped Pyridine-Derived Polyimide Films.- Metal Contact Effect on the Dielectric Relaxation Processes in Polypyromellitimide Film.- ESCA Analysis of PMDA-ODA Polyimide.- Ultrasonic and Viscometric Investigation of Polymer-Polymer Compatibility in Solutions of Polyamic Acid Blends.- Effect of Neutron and Proton Irradiation on Some Properties of Kapton (R).- Aminosilane-Polyimide Interactions and Their Implications in Adhesion.- Polymer Complex Formation of Polyamic Acids with Amines.- About the Contributors.