Fundamental Aspects of Quantum Theory (inbunden)
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Inbunden (Hardback)
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1986 ed.
Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers
15 Illustrations, black and white; 474 p. 15 illus.
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1 Hardback
Fundamental Aspects of Quantum Theory (inbunden)

Fundamental Aspects of Quantum Theory

Inbunden Engelska, 1986-12-01
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General Problems and Crucial Experiments.- Are Coherent States the Natural Language of Quantum Theory?.- The Classical Behaviour of Measuring Instruments.- A Continuous Superselection Rule as a Model of Classical Measuring Apparatus in Quantum Mechanics.- Quantum Interference Effect for Two Atoms Radiating a Single Photon.- Neutron Interferometry and Quantum Mechanics.- An Attempt at a Unified Description of Microscopic and Macroscopic Systems.- On the Quantum Theory of Continuous Measurements.- Conditional Expectations on Jordan Algebras.- Quantization and Stochastic Processes.- Stochastic Quantization of Gauge Fields and Constrained Systems.- Brownian Motion, Markov Cosurfaces, Higgs Fields.- Stochastic Description of Supersymmetric Fields with Values in a Manifold.- Quantum Stochastic Calculus in Fock space: A Review.- Quantum Markov Processes Driven by Bose Noise.- Stochastic Interpretation of Emission and Absorption of the Quantum of Action.- Probabilistic Expression for the Solution of the Dirac Equation in Fourier Space.- Are Dirac Electrons Faster than Light?.- Sojourn Times and First Hitting Times in Stochastic Mechanics.- Chaotic Behaviour in Quantum Mechanics.- Quantum Systems Periodically Perturbed in Time.- Chaotic Ionization of Highly-Excited Hydrogen Atoms by a Microwave Electric Field.- Possible Evidence of Deterministic Chaos for the Sinusoidally-Driven Weakly-Bound Electron.- Quantization of Non-Integrable Systems: the Hydrogen Atom in a Magnetic Field.- Quantum Ergodicity and Chaos.- Microscopic and Macroscopic Levels of Description New Techniques and Results.- Some Fundamental Properties of the Ground State of Atoms and Molecules.- Mass/Energy Gap Associated to Symmetry Breaking: A Generalized Goldstone Theorem for Long Range Interactions.- Embedding as a Description of the Relation Between Macro- and Microphysics.- Some Applications of Semigroups.- N-Level Systems Interacting with Bosons: Semiclassical Limits.- Bose-Einstein Condensation in Some Interacting Systems.- General Aspects of Gauge Theories.- Charge, Anomalies and Index Theory.- Adiabatic Phase Shifts for Neutrons and Photons.- The Gauge Principle in Modern Physics.- Infinite Dimensional Lie Algebras and Quantum Physics.- The Spins of Cyons and Dyons.- Beyond the Hall Effect: Pratical Engineering from Relativistic Quantum Field Theory.- Generalized Aharonov-Bohm Experiments with Neutrons.- Round-Table Discussion on the Aharonov-Bohm Effect.- The Aharonov-Bohm Effect is Real Physics not Ideal Physics.- Again About an Old Stuff: The Aharonov-Bohm "Effect".- Against the Existence of the Aharonov-Bohm Effect.- Theories Without AB Effect Misrepresent the Dynamics of the Electromagnetic Field.- Some Cases of the Aharonov-Bohm Effect: Electron Scattering on Magnetic Strings.- Global Gauge Invariance in Two-Dimensional Quantum Mechanics.- Gravity in Quantum Mechanics.- Stability of Matter.- Ihe Gravitational Phase Transition.- Gravitational and Rotational Effects on Superconductors.- Quantum Fields on Manifolds: an Interplay Between Quantum Theory, Statistical Thermodynamics and General Relativity.- Quantum Field Theory in Gravitational Background.- Classical Scattering Theory on the Schwarzschild Metric and the Construction of Quantum Linear Fields on Black Holes.- The Stochastic versus the Euclidean Approach to Quantum Fields on a Static Space-Time.- Quantum Theory in Vector Bundles.- Anomalies and Their Cancellation.- Remarks about Metric Tensors on Fractal Structures.- Short Communications.- A New Gauge Without Any Ghost for Yang-Mills Theory.- Unitary Formalism for Time-Dependent Problems.- Finite Temperature Quantum Electrical Network Theory.- Two Remarks on the Physical Content of Stochastic Mechanics.- The LambShift for Resonances: Complex Dilations and Coupling Constant Thresholds in Relativistic Quantum Mechanics.- Energy Density and Roughening in the 3-D Ising Ferromagnet.- Bose-Einstein Condensation of Free Photons.- Variational Pri