Neuro Web Design: What Makes Them Click? (häftad)
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Neuro Web Design: What Makes Them Click? (häftad)

Neuro Web Design: What Makes Them Click?

Häftad Engelska, 2009-02-09


Why does someone decide to buy a product online or register at a website? Psychologists have known for years about the nonconscious forces that persuade people to take action. Neuro WebDesign applies the research on persuasion and decision making to the design of websites. Neuro WebDesign explains psychological research on social validation, reciprocity, fear of loss, contrast and other principles in an easy to understand way, and then goes on to show how to implement these powerful ideas. For example, why are customer ratings so important at a website, and what are the critical elements to include to make them even more effective? Does the order in which you provide choices have an unconscious effect on which one is chosen? Some books describe research; some books give advice on web design, but Neuro WebDesign combines the research on non-conscious decision-making and persuasion with web design advice.
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Susan Weinschenk has a Ph.D. in Psychology. For the past 30 years she has been an industry leader, consultant, and expert in usability, interface, and web design. Most recently she has been reviewing the research on the psychology of persuasion and non-conscious decision-making and has been a keynote speaker on this topic at conferences and for clients. Susan is a national and international speaker for user experience and usability conferences, most recently the keynote speaker for the Internet User Experience Conference in Ann Arbor MI, and an invited speaker for the Usability Professionals Association, just held in Baltimore MD. She has hundreds of clients, mainly in the US.


CHAPTER 1:  Designing Web Sites for Persuasion and the Unconscious Mind
CHAPTER 2:  Wanting to Belong: The Power of Social Validation
CHAPTER 3:  Feeling Indebted: How to Build in Reciprocity and Concession
CHAPTER 4:  Invoking ScarcityIf Something Seems Unavailable, We Seem to Want It Even More
CHAPTER 5:  Choosing CarefullyGiven Too Many Choices, We Freeze (and Then We Dont Choose at All)
CHAPTER 6:  Its All About You:  Speaking to the Self-Centered, Unconscious Mind
CHAPTER 7:  Building CommitmentWe Want to Think Were Consistent
CHAPTER 8:  Using Similarity, Attractiveness, and Association: Are We the Same?
CHAPTER 9:  Afraid to LoseHow Fear of Loss Trumps Our Anticipation of Victory
CHAPTER 10:  Using Pictures and Storiesthe Best Way to Talk to Our Unconscious Minds
CHAPTER 11:  Were Social AnimalsFinding the Next Big Thing by Making It Social