An Der Spitze GCSE German: Course Book (häftad)
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Häftad (Paperback)
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2 Rev ed
Philip Allan Updates
Thacker, Mike (series ed.)
Full colour throughout
Course Book
275 x 215 x 12 mm
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An Der Spitze GCSE German: Course Book (häftad)

An Der Spitze GCSE German: Course Book

Häftad, Engelska, 2009-04-24


An der Spitze is a 2-year course that fully prepares students in years 10 and 11 for the updated Key Stage 4 German specifications. Written by two authors who are highly experienced in the teaching and examining of German, An der Spitze aims to give students the confidence, fluency and linguistic competence that are required for success at Key Stage 4. Features of An der Spitze include: - coverage of all GCSE topics offered by the English awarding bodies - a thorough, rigorous approach to essential grammar, with clear explanations and practice exercises comprehensive treatment of the key vocabulary needed, giving a secure base for the examination - integration of cultural topics on German-speaking countries into listening and reading texts, with insights into German social and cultural life - carefully developed sequences of exercises that aim to exploit the topics fully - a balanced approach to the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing - periodic revision units, to enable students to consolidate their learning The course book is accompanied by An der Spitze Teacher Guide plus CD (978 1844 897247) which includes free audio CDs of the listening material to support the book.
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Suitable for all exam boards, this easy to use coursebook is all you need for German GCSE. Clear tasks, exercises and instructions and interesting layout.Suitable for all exam boards, this easy to use coursebook is all you need for German GCSE. Clear tasks, exercises and instructions and interesting layout. Amazon reviews

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Birgit Linton is a Tutor in German at the Department of Languages and Translation Studies of the University of Surrey, where she has taught on a variety of programmes since 1991. Janet Searle has more than 25 years' experience as a teacher and examiner in MFL and is now a Chief Examiner for German. She is an experienced writer of educational texts in German and of assessment materials for German at Key Stage 4. Series Editor Mike Thacker is a former Director of the Language Centre at the University of Surrey. He is the author of several textbooks for the teaching of Spanish and has many years of experience as a senior examiner at GCSE and A-level.


Thema 1 Ich personlich 1 Ich stelle mich vor... Say who you are Say where you come from and where you live Give your age and date of birth Ask others for this information Use regular and irregular verbs in the present tense 2 Ich uber mich Talk about your close family Ask others about their family Learn to use the indefinite article in the accusative 3 ...und wer gehort noch dazu? Understand family relationships Talk about your relatives and your pets Learn how to use possessive pronouns 4 Und wie siehst du aus? Describe your appearance Describe your character Vokabular Thema 2 Mein Zuhause das dein Traumhaus? Say where you live Say what type of house you have Learn to use adjective endings 2 Wo ist...meine Lampe? Describe the rooms in your house Describe where things are Use prepositions with the dative case 3 Was an meinem Tag so lauft Talk about your daily routine Use reflexive verbs 4 Im Haushalt helfen Talk about helping at home Use separable verbs Vokabular Thema 3 Freizeit 1 Hobbys Talk about your hobbies and interests Ask how others spend their spare time Discuss what you do when, where and how often Express opinions on leisure activities 2 Zu Geld kommen... Talk about pocket money Talk about part-time jobs Talk about spending and saving Use subordinating conjunctions (dass, weil, wenn) 3 Ich bin fit Talk about sport Express preferences Use adjectives 4 Und am Samstag...? Say what else you do in your free time Talk about an outing Use correct word order in longer sentences Vokabular Noch einmal bitte! Themen 1-3 Thema 4 Die Schule 1 Ich besuche... Talk about the kind of school you go to Describe your school Talk about your uniform Understand how to use kein 2 ...und das ist mein Stundenplan Talk about your school day Revise subordinating conjunctions (weil, obwohl) 3 Was ich heute in der Schule gemacht habe... Talk about events in the past Use the perfect tense of verbs with haben 4 Ich bin zu spat gekommen... Continue talking about what you have done Learn how to use verbs of movement in the perfect tense Learn how to use separable verbs in the perfect tense Vokabular Thema 5 Berufe, Berufe... 1 Was soll ich werden? Learn how to describe different jobs Learn about masculine and feminine job titles Learn to use sentences with um...zu 2 Mein Arbeitspraktikum Talk about your forthcoming work experience week Use expressions of time to talk about future intent 3 Nach dem Praktikum Talk about your work experience in the past Vokabular Thema 6 ...und in Zukunft? 1 Wie geht es weiter? Discuss your plans for after your GCSEs Learn to use the future tense 2 ...und nach dem Abitur? Talk more about your future plans (e.g. after your A-levels) Use adverbs to express probability 3 Ich suche einen Job... Apply for a job Vokabular Noch einmal bitte! Themen 4-6 Thema 7 Unterwegs 1 Am Bahnhof Understand signs at the train station Get information about train travel Buy train tickets 2 Wie komme ich z