Made in Hong Kong (häftad)
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Made in Hong Kong (häftad)

Made in Hong Kong

Studies in Popular Music

Häftad Engelska, 2020-04-23
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Made in Hong Kong: Studies in Popular Music serves as a comprehensive and thorough introduction to the history, sociology, and musicology of twentieth- and twenty-first century popular music in Hong Kong. The volume consists of essays by leading scholars in the field, and it covers the major figures, styles, and social contexts of popular music in Hong Kong. Each essay provides adequate context to allow readers to understand why the figure or genre under discussion is of lasting significance. The book is organized into four thematic sections: Cantopop, History and Legacy; Genres, Format, and Identity; Significant Artists; and Contemporary Cantopop.
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Anthony Fung is Professor in the School of Journalism and Communication, and Co-Director of the Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He also holds an appointment as Professor in the School of Arts and Communication at Beijing Normal University, China. Alice Chik is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Educational Studies and a core member of the Faculty of Human Sciences Multilingualism Research Centre at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia.


Introduction Mainstreaming Hong Kong Popular Music ANTHONY FUNG & ALICE CHIK PART I: CANTOPOP, HISTORY, AND LEGACY Mapping sociopolitical and cultural changes through "The Daughters of Hong Kong:" From Anita Mui to Denise Ho VICKY HO & MIRANDA MA Once upon a time in Hong Kong Cantopop: 1984 YIU-WAI CHU Pax Musica & Mnets: Cantopop-Kpop convergences and inter-Asia cultural mobilities KAI KHIUN LIEW & MEICHENG SUN Voices shaped by the people and for the people: Cantopop and political crisis from the colonial to postcolonial era STELLA LAU & IVY MAN PART II: GENRES, FORMAT, AND IDENTITY The symbolism sound of Cantopop: Relistening to "The Fatal Irony" (1974) TING YIU WONG Rethinking Chineseness in the Cantopop of Sam Hui BRENDA CHAN Alternative music, language, and "Hong Kong" identity: The use of metaphor in English lyrics of Hong Kong independent music LOK MING ERIC CHEUNG Covers and "One Melody, Two Lyrics" Songs JOHNSON LEOW PART III: SIGNIFICANT ARTISTS Love songs from an island with blurred boundaries: Teresa Teng's anchoring and wandering in Hong Kong CHEN-CHING CHENG Remembering Hong Kong as a queer metaphor: Leslie Cheung's queer performativity and posthumous networked fandom HONG-CHI SHIAU Hong Kong is (no longer) my home: From Sam Hui to My Little Airport MILAN ISMANGIL MC Yan and his Cantonese conscious rap ANGEL M. Y. LIN PART IV: CONTEMPORARY CANTOPOP Snapshots of multilingualism in Hong Kong popular music PHIL BENSON & ALICE CHIK Our Little Twins Stars: Conglomerate-catalyzed cross-media stardom in the new millennium KLAVIER J. WANG & STEPHANIE NG Performing the political: Reflections on Tatming meeting George Orwell in 2017 YIU FAI CHOW, JEROEN de KLOET & LEONIE SCHMIDT The politicization of music through nostalgic mediation: The memory in "Boundless Oceans, Vast Skies" JESSICA KONG & ANTHONY FUNG CODA The globo-regional and the local in Hong Kong popular music C. J. W.-L. WEE Afterword Cantopop is always hybrid: A conversation with Serina Ha