Fler böcker av Peter Taylor

  • The Collected Stories of Peter Taylor

    Peter Taylor

    Described by Anne Tyler as "the undisputed master of the short story form," Peter Taylor imbued his stories with a powerful sense of the conflicts between the old rural society and the increasingly urbanized South. Ranging in subject fro...

  • Cities in Globalization

    Peter Taylor, Ben Derudder, Pieter Saey, Frank Witlox

    Despite traditionally being a strong research topic in urban studies, inter-city relations had become grossly neglected until recently, when it was placed back on the research agenda with the advent of studies of world/global cities. More recently...

  • The Economics of Sport and Recreation

    Peter Taylor, Chris Gratton

    The Economics of Sport and Recreation provides a much needed and up-to-date analysis of sport's contribution to the global economy. This new edition covers all aspects of the economics of sport and recreation but gives prominence to the staggering...