Fler böcker av Mario Puzo

  • The Sicilian

    Mario Puzo

    Michael Corleone's exile in Sicily is ending, but on the instructions of his father, The Godfather, he must bring back to him the young man known as Salvatore Giuliano - if he can find him. At sea amid the treacheries of a brutal and unfamiliar la...

  • The Godfather

    Mario Puzo

    Reissued to coincide with the September Random House release of The Last Don, here is the sweeping saga of a family and of its leader, a friendly and reasonable man who just happens to be the deadliest gang leader in the Cosa Nostra.

  • Family

    Mario Puzo

    Dazzling, passionate, a masterwork that ranks with Puzos best. Nicholas Pileggi, author of WiseguysOne of his most satisfying works.A thoroughly entertaining posthumous present from one of the masters of popular fiction. BooklistMario Puzos final ...