Windows on the House of Islam (häftad)
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University of California Press
66 b-w illustrations, 1 map
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Windows on the House of Islam (häftad)

Windows on the House of Islam

Muslim Sources on Spirituality and Religious Life

Häftad Engelska, 1998-06-01
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Over the centuries and across the globe, Muslim authors and artists have given moving testimony to their experience of being members of the Islamic community. Their many vantage points come together in this collection, one that represents major Islamic groups from the past through the present and covers a range of themes essential to understanding Islamic spirituality and religious life. More than thirty leading Islam scholars present translations originating from a dozen languages, including Arabic, Persian, Chinese, and Indonesian. Texts include samples of virtually every major literary form of significance to the Muslim faith: the Qur'an, hadith, scriptural commentary, letters, treatises, lyric and didactic poetry, hagiography, historical chronicle, aphorism, endowment deeds, and personal diary entries. In addition, over five dozen illustrations thematically document a full range of artistic forms and historical periods, from ritual objects and architecture to manuscripts of religious texts. This volume and its companion, John Renard's 1996 book, "Seven Doors to Islam", are the only books available that integrate such a wide range of Islamic literary and visual forms. Together they offer a superb introduction to the primary religious sources as well as a general understanding of Islamic spirituality and culture.
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John Renard is Professor of Theological Studies at Saint Louis University. His previous books include All the King's Falcons: Rumi on Prophets and Revelation (1994) and Seven Doors to Islam: Spirituality and the Religious Life of Muslims (California, 1996).


List of Illustrations Preface ONE FOUNDATIONS: PROPHETIC REVELATION TEXTS FROM THE QUR'AN Surat ar-Rahman, The Merciful Writing Sacred Text SuratYusuf Hadith: Prophetic and Sacred Sacred Text and Architecture VARIETIES OF QUR'AN INTERPRETATION Three Commentaries on Surat al-Fatiha, The Opening Ibn Taymiya: Treatise on the Principles of Tafsir Sacred Text and the Mihrab Al-Ghazali: The Canons of Ta 'Wil EXPERIENCING QUR'AN Nawawi: Etiquette in Recitation TWO DEVOTION: RITUAL AND PERSONAL PRAYER ON THE FIVE PILLARS Sharaf ad-Din Maneri: On the Necessity of Proper Intention Nurcholish Madjid: Worship as an Institution of Faith Tabari: Hadith on the Five Daily Ritual Prayers Ritual and Creed in Moses' Conversation with God Hamka: Qur'an Commentary on Pilgrimage Ritual DEVOTION BEYOND DUTY Prayers of Holy Women Rites of Passage and Popular Practice Marthiya: Imam Husayn's Conversation with God Madih: Three Contemporary Poems Honoring Imam Riza Na't: Poem in Praise of Muhammad Ginan: Isma'ili Petition of a Yearning Soul Sermon for a Special Occasion A Radio Mawlid Sermon THREE INSPIRATION: EDIFICATION AND ETHICS EXEMPLARY MODELS The Prophet: From Devotion to Edification Acrostic Poem in Praise of Muhammad Na't in Praise of Muhammad Taha Hussein: Interpreting Muhammad's Life in Modern Times Collections of Holy Lives Asiya, an Exemplary Woman in Tha'labi's Stories of the Prophets Munawi's Life of Rabi'a al-'Adawiya Three Women of Iberia Holy Women of Morocco and Egypt The Life of Sufi Badhni Jabarti's Account of 'Ali al-Bayyumi WISDOM LITERATURE The Qur'anic Paradigm of Wisdom: Surat Luqman Morals for the Masses Aphorisms of 'Ali Sayings Attributed to Mu'in ad-Din Chishti ENCOUNTERING THE EXEMPLARY PERSONS Storytelling as Entertainment Telling Tales: A Miracle of Mulla Hadda Edifying Anecdotes: Ziya' ad-Din Nakhshabi FOUR AESTHETICS: FROM ALLEGORY TO ARABESQUE LITERATURE AND SPIRITUALITY Interpreting Religious Poetry Mir 'Ali-Shir N~wa'i: A Poet's Intentions Shams ad-Din Lahiji: Commentary on Shabistari's Garden of Mystery Allegory Yahya Suhrawardi Maqtul: Allegory of Beauty and Love PRINCIPAL POETIC FORMS Didactic Poetry Sana'i of Ghazna: Two Teaching Parables Mude Kala: Gayo Didactic Religious Poetry Lyric Poetry Ibn al-Farid: Ruba Munawi's Literary Hagiography of Ibn al-Farid Jalal ad-Din Rumi: Ghazal Muhammad Shirin Maghribi: Ghazal Nuri and Shad: Na Bibi Hayati: Ghazal FIVE COMMUNITY: SOCIETY, INSTITUTIONS, AND PATRONAGE SOCIAL AND HISTORICAL CONTEXTS Religion, Society, and Culture Shaykh Luqman: A Contemporary Life in a Traditional Context INSTITUTIONAL TEXTS Public Support Historical Epigraphy of Mamluk Sultan Faraj ibn Barquq Two Waqf Documents: Sultan Barquq and Khwaja Ahrar Mamluk Sultan Barquq's Waqf A Central Asian Waqf of Naqshbandi Sufi Master Khwaja Ahrar Private Discipline Shihab ad-Din 'Umar Suhrawardi: Treatises on Sufi Chivalry PATRONAGE AND THE ARTS Women as Patrons of Architecture Sitt ash-Sham of Damascus Works of Timurid and Ottoman Women Building Community and Community Patronage Architectural Past, Present, and Future in America Chronicles of Royal Patronage Ibn Marzuq: Sultan Abu 'L-Hasan 'Ali's Architectural Patronage Khwandamir: The Rediscovery and Refurbishment of 'Ali's Tomb Sultan-Husayn Mirza: Apologia SIX PEDAGOGY: FANNING SPARK INTO FLAME ADVANCED INTERPRETATION OF FOUNDATIONAL ISSUES Teaching Islam in Medieval Iran: Ahmad Sam'ani's Refreshment of Spirits Teaching across Cultures Islam in China: Wang Daiyu's Real Commentary on the True Teaching From Arabic into Javanese: The Gift Addressed to the Spirit of the Prophet FROM THE GREAT TEACHERS Between Sermon and Seminar Women as Scholars and Teachers Teaching with Pictures: Three Paintings of Bawa Muhaiyaddeen Borrowed Notes Muhammad Husayni Gesu Daraz on Love Keeping in Touch Shaykh Husayn: A Letter on the True Names of Go