Ethical God-Talk in the Book of Job (inbunden)
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Mein, Andrew (ed.), Camp, Claudia V. (ed.)
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Ethical God-Talk in the Book of Job (inbunden)

Ethical God-Talk in the Book of Job

Speaking to the Almighty

Inbunden Engelska, 2020-04-16
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William C. Pohl IV investigates ethical God-talk in the book of Job, by exploring the prominence of such theology, showing how each major section of the book highlights the theme of proper speech, and demonstrating that Job's internal rhetoric is the foundation for the book's external rhetoric. Pohl analyses each of Job's speeches for literary rhetorical situation, forms (i.e., genres), its rhetorical strategies; the rhetorical goals of each speech are identified in light of Job's exigency (or exigencies) and his use of strategies is explored in light of these goals. Pohl argues that Job faces two main exigencies: his suffering and the necessity of defending his protest prayer vis-a-vis his "friends." Job seeks to alleviate his suffering with protest prayer, and to defend his prayers to the friends through argumentation. Following the internal rhetorical analysis, this study proceeds to examine the external rhetorical effect of the Elihu and Yahweh speeches vis-a-vis ethical God-talk. Pohl concludes that the book of Job shapes its readers to see protest prayer as an ethical, even encouraged, form of discourse in the midst of innocent suffering. Brief implications of this conclusion are outlined, identifying the book's rhetorical situation through the "entextualized" problem in the book. Pohl proposes a new exigency for the book of Job in which protest prayer was eschewed, and a tentative proposal for the book of Job's historical provenance is outlined.
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William C. Pohl IV is a faculty member at Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy, USA, and is also an Adjunct Professor for Knox Theological Seminary, USA.


Preface Abbreviations Acknowledgments Chapter 1. Ethical Speech in Job: An Introduction Chapter 2. "Job Did Not Sin With His Lips": The External Rhetoric of the Book of Job-A Preliminary Investigation Chapter 3. "I Will Complain in the Bitterness of My Soul": Job's Internal Rhetoric in the First Speech Cycle (Job 3-12) Chapter 4. "Why Do You Pursue Me Like God?": Job's Internal Rhetoric in the Second Speech Cycle (Job 15-21) Chapter 5. "Even Today My Complaint is Bitter": Job's Internal Rhetoric in the Third Speech Cycle (Job 22-27) and Final Speech (Job 29-31) Chapter 6. "Words Without Knowledge"? The External Effect of the Elihu and Yahweh Speeches Chapter 7. Ethical God-Talk: Conclusions and Implications Bibliography Index