The Ageless Diet (häftad)
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Optimal Life LLC
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The Ageless Diet (häftad)

The Ageless Diet

The Toolkit For Optimal Living

Häftad Engelska, 2015-09-23
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This book is your guide to optimum health, wellness, and a younger, revitalized you. We are designed for agelessness. We've forgotten what we've known in our gut to be true, that good, whole foods, sleep, movement, and mindfulness can change our lives and our world. We don't have to age and lose control of our bodies and minds as we get older, we can thrive till the day we die. We can look beautiful in our 40s, 50s, 60s, till our 90s and beyond. Life doesn't end at 40; it begins when you embrace your innate agelessness. This book, this ageless lifestyle, will give you a master plan for maximum vibrancy. This is your map to the fountain of youth. Follow the 4 Ageless Rules, use the meal plans, do the workouts, take the supplements, and try the meditations-all available on the website you will feel better. You will look great. We're designed for exuberant joyful living. Embrace your life today!
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Recensioner i media

Aquatia O., Financial Analyst, NY, NY:
"The Ageless Diet was a lifesaver. Tania has a true understanding of the interconnectedness of body and mind. The Ageless Diet helped me reset my approach to food, nutrition, and its impact to my body. As a result of the diet, my energy, weight, and overall wellness have improved dramatically. The recipes are a staple in my house. They have been simple to prepare and taste great. Tania, you've been a blessing and inspiration to me... keep up the great work."

Blair D., Bookstore Owner, Denver, CO:
"The Ageless Diet transformed me. This lifestyle works. Even better, it makes for more easeful living. I'm in my 50's and I regularly get mistaken for a man much younger. I feel and look lighter, stronger, and younger. I love food. I've learned how to cook healthier, and my friends enjoy my cooking so much they prefer when I am the dinner party host. Life is fun again. I'm living a sustainable lifestyle, better for me and the planet. And I look great while doing it."

Chris R., Filmmaker, Cape Town, South Africa:
"Since starting the Ageless Diet Reset I feel more energetic and focused, and my ruddy and dry skin, especially on my face has improved. Instinctively, I know my body is in better shape for cutting out the above foods and additives. It was not as hard as I thought, partly because I didn't have to cut out everything I like, like most diets focused on weight loss. I still eat meat and chicken, but only grass-fed or free-range, and now that I am more involved in what I put in my body I have managed to find all kinds of goodies without all the additives and sugar. After about 2 months on the Ageless Diet I noticed something unusual-I could read the ingredients on the backs of packages, and these are really small fonts. I wore reading glasses and could not do that for over 15 years, and suddenly my eyesight was improving. And finally, as a side bonus, I have so far lost 22 pounds without dieting-just eating better! Now that our film is done I'm looking forward to the rest of the Ageless Diet Lifestyle, and exercising and meditating."

Övrig information

Writer, producer, and content creator Tania Van Pelt has been studying wellness, specifically diet-related health, since before creating the popular lifestyle website Happiness Series in 2010. After was up and running, she realized that she wasn't as vibrant as she could be, she was stressed, overworked, and she was aging prematurely like almost everyone else she knew. After years of research and practical application, working with a team of health and wellness experts, Tania creating the Ageless Diet. And, she has been developing anti-inflammatory, Ageless Diet recipes ever since, serving up fresh, seasonal dishes on Happiness Series. She recently wrapped a series of short cooking segments, shot on location in New York and Colorado, USA and in Cape Town, South Africa for PBS, which will be airing in Fall 2015. Tania is also creating special Ageless Diet menus for top restaurants and vineyards in the Winelands of South Africa, the number one tourist destination in the world, to promote healthy living. Tania also recently wrote, produced, and completed post-production on her sitcom web/TV series pilot Employees Only. Tania has also written several, film festival award-winning screenplays, one of which, Swirl, a comedy set in the Winelands, is in pre-production in South Africa. Tania writes regularly for Happiness Series and other lifestyle sites.


1 What's It All About 3
2 The Early Years 12
3 Why Go Full Ageless 27
4 This Is Your Life, Take Responsibility,
Make The Right Changes 32
5 Feel Change Fast 36
6 Eating Clean Saves You Money 40
7 Eating Organic, Cooking Our Own Food 42
8 You're In Charge Of Your Health-The Right Diet Heals 46
9 The Basics 48
10 Why is Diet the First Ageless Rule? 55
11 Drop the 3 Biggest Inflammatory Foods 56
12 White Gold 59
13 Drugs Kill? So Does Sugar. 64
14 Drop Dairy 76
15 Drop Wheat (The 3rd Inflammatory Food) 83
16 There's Always Hope 89
17 Save Your Life, Save the World:
Fall In Love With Real Food 92
18 Eat Less Meat. Eat Better Meat. 98
19 Fiber Keeps You Ageless 107
20 Eat More of These Foods 111
21 Live Exuberantly, Not Moderately 114
22 Hydrate 116
23 Cool Down Inflammation.
Just Say No to Inflammatory Diseases & Alzheimer's 119
24 Foods to Eat for Maximum Agelessness 121
25 Eat for a Happy Gut 128
26 Cleanse & Reset 136
27 Ageless Rules 139
28 Booze, Coffee & the Ageless Diet 144
29 Why We Supplement 150
30 Ageless Diet Supplements 156
31 Meditate Your Way to a Better World 169
32 Reframe Stress 178
33 How to Meditate 182
34 Work That Booty, Cardinal Rule #3 189
35 Ageless Rule #4-Sleep! 201
36 How to Get a Good Night's Sleep 211
37 Live Ageless . . . For Easeful Living 215
38 Ageless Diet on the Road 216
39 The Ageless Diet in Review 222
40 Meal Plans: A Simple How-To 231
41 Embrace Cooking 235
42 Ageless Diet Meal Plan: The First 8 days 238
43 Ageless Diet Recipes 248
44 The Big Fat Ageless Diet Shopping List 280