Archives of Memories (häftad)
Häftad (Paperback / softback)
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White Nights Press
Sasha A Palmer
Rustembekova, Natalya (design)
37 Illustrations
229 x 152 x 17 mm
427 g
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23:B&W 6 x 9 in or 229 x 152 mm Perfect Bound on White w/Gloss Lam
Archives of Memories (häftad)

Archives of Memories

Poems of a World War II survivor

Häftad Ryska, 2019-07-21
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  • Siege of Leningrad in World War II through the eyes of a young child.

  • An inexhaustible desire to live. 

  • 900 days of the Siege of Leningrad through poetry.

  • A second wind of life after the war.


The author, Yefim Medvedovskiy, as a little boy from three to six years old, survived the entire 900 days of Siege of Leningrad. His subsistence was only possible through the self-sacrifice of his mother. He endured merciless starvation, the unheated walls amidst the cruel Russian winter, shelters from air raids, and endless lines just to obtain drinking water. These powerful impressions are imprinted in his memory for the rest of his life, ultimately transforming into emotional poetry with its depth, frankness and chiseled brevity.


In sirens I would music dream,

Like saws they'd cut air flying,

By phantom walls -- a silent scream,

A metronome replying.


The war did not extinguish the light in the poet's heart. The sources of his artistic inspiration are music that has attracted him since early childhood; poetry and the penetration into its secret vaults; nature "through the eyes of an artist", especially the sun and the sea; and his beloved wife Yuliya and daughter Natasha. The book is divided into cycles based on those different topics.

Overall, the poems of the peace period are imbued with lyricism, tenderness, the author's signature sense of humor, an imaginative perception of the world, and vivid metaphors. In addition to his mastery of poetry, he is attuned to the intonation and melodic beauty of language from also being a musician. 

"Archives of Memories" features illustrations made by a team of talented artists in different states of the USA, Serbia and Kazakhstan. Unique photographs of the afterwar time from the author's family archive are used in the book. Translations made by Alexandra Palmer are as close to the originals as possible. Each of the translations preserve the same meaning, meter and stresses, as if you are looking into a mirror.

The English-speaking world will surely be excited to see these true gems of poetic beauty.
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Recensioner i media

when yefim medvedovskiy was three years old, a blockade ring closed around leningrad. the boy, rapidly grew up, surviving all of its 900 days. meeting the angel of death breaks someone forever, and to someone else, it opens a clear vision of life. perhaps this is why yefim’s poems are so piercingly simple, distinct and complete. there is no conflict between thought and emotion. no pretense.

Arie Yudasin for the "Jewish World" newspaper

look how so very kind and full of warmth are the poems of yefim medvedovskiy, who as a 3-year old child endured all 3 years of the siege of leningrad -- one of the most horrific times and places on our planet.

Arie Yudasin for the "Jewish World" newspaper

piercing poems, close to the spirit of every person of leningrad. moves me to tears!

Maria Ludko, soprano, musicologist, Honored Artist of Russia

the poetry of yefim medvedovskiy combines a beauty of metaphor, musical concatenation of words, smiling humor, and the deep soul of the best of russian literature.  this bilingual russian/english collection is an excellent introduction to the important work of this gifted writer.

David M. Abrams, psychologist and author

simple and very deep writing.

Margo Shulman, flutist

great poems. so sorry that i didn't know them before...

Evgeny Irshai, composer


Övrig information

Yefim Medvedovskiy was born in 1938 in Leningrad. As a child, he lived through all 900 days of the Siege of Leningrad, also known as the Leningrad Blockade. Yefim worked as an engineer and was employed as a saxophone player by Lenconcert orchestras. He began to pursue poetry professionally at the age of forty, attending a number of Leningrad literary societies and taking classes from V. Kuznetsov, S. Davydov and A. Kushner. Yefim's poetry appeared in a literary almanac "Young Leningrad-84" and was highly praised and cited by the poet Yuri Voronov. Yefim's translations from Belorussian into Russian of the original poems by Sergei Grakhovskiy were published in the magazine "Neman." Yefim addressed the audience with a presentation of his poems at the Conference of Poets of the Northwest RSFSR. Yefim's poems were shown on the large screens at the annual St. Petersburg Anichkov Palace event, "A candle of memory" dedicated to the day when the Siege of Leningrad was ended.
Yefim and his family emigrated to New York in 2003. His work appeared in the American publications "Islands", "Big Open World", "The Future's not Ours to See", "Jewish World", and "Intelligent".
In 2018, the Pushkin Society in America presented poems from the book, "Archives of Memories", at the poetry reading in the Grand Central Library in Manhattan. Yefim is a member of the New York Blockade Society, Literary Club of New York and a frequent guest at the Pushkin Society in America events .


burst into june the blizzard’s wailing

In Memory of the Siege of Leningrad In the World War II

boys’ grown up eyes

the music sounded in me

comprehending the world of poetry

in flight


november exhibition

in a straw hut of your hands

to my daughter


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