Drunk Love Sober Death (häftad)
Häftad (Paperback / softback)
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Jade Jackson
Black & white illustrations
229 x 152 x 12 mm
304 g
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2:B&W 6 x 9 in or 229 x 152 mm Perfect Bound on Creme w/Gloss Lam
Drunk Love Sober Death (häftad)

Drunk Love Sober Death

Poetry by Jade Jackson

Häftad Engelska, 2020-05-14
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At the end of the day, (or night), they are just words. Words can mean everything or they can mean nothing; such is their power. The spoken word, mightier. The whispered word, lighter. Keep your words precious beside you, they will win both wars and gold someday.  Jade Jackson 

Drunk Love Sober Death is a collection of poetry spanning four decades and encompassing four key themes; being drunk, being in love, becoming sober, and dealing with death and grief. Having lost most of my original hand written poetry in a house fire, this book would not have happened without a present I gifted a close friend, which was a handwritten copy of my favourite poems. Despite distance and moving several times, she kept that book of handwritten poetry and posted it back to me, after the housefire. 

Seeing those early works, sparked excitement and reminded me, what writing poetry meant to me; pushing me to become the writer I am today. 

Essentially this book is a journey, showcasing early works, under the influence of alcohol, whilst later writings, have the clarity of sobriety bringing greater depth and emotion. The loss of a clos

e friend and lover, Jen, brought forth multiple poems expressing confusion and anger, especially because alcohol was the cause of her death. 

"A free verse, down-to-earth, and heartfelt poet, Jade produces abstract but equally recognisable poems." Ilse T'Kindt

Övrig information

Hi, I'm Jade Jackson, Writer, Podcaster, and photographer.
I discovered my love of writing with poetry, after being inspired by Trent Reznor's lyrics in a Nine Inch Nails cassette along with Jim Morrison from The Doors, and Leonard Cohen. This spawned dozens of notebooks filled with ideas, beginnings of scripts and song lyrics. Unfortunately I lost all my original writings in a house fire, however my play, Compass miraculously survived on an external hard drive.
Before it was lost forever, I self-published it. Most recently I've self-published a collection of poetry and am in the process of completing some sixteen other novels. For more of my writings and to listen to my podcasts, visit my website, https://jadejackson.com.au.


legal    4

about the author    5

forward    6

book one    12

scouring the city's roots    13

i went out walking    14

can you see my smile    15

powerless beats    16

angel died..    17

i served her well    18

the church walls bend    19

her curls shiver    20

a fountain of days    21

marriage celebrants    22

w/my nurturing silk    23

blank    24

watch the sunrise    25

our world so dark    26

the pigeon lay    27

the switch blade kisses    28

out burned the lights    29

grim reaper    30

back door moans    31

gentle kisses    32

the night was wet    33

a vast array    34

fermented angel tears    35

i have the hand    36

the vent disguised    37

a smoking jazz singer    38

along a dirt path    39

inspiration is my host    40

a botanist's dream    41

riches    42

wizard    43

dictator    44

unconcern    45

the general    46

we are all monsters    47

gathering    48

i search the skies    49

hovering    50

you are round    51

dragon eyes    52

i'm a strange man    53

spent to degrade    54

a paris love    55

it's time for havoc    56

a weed    57

where will we go?    58

there is a light    59

chopping and churning    60

in your eyes    61

tread softly    62

unleashing dreams    63

bleach stained smile    64

the future is pills    65

pack up my bags    66

spinning the other way    67

i thought i lost the urge    68

i'm your lover    69

a halo surrounds    70

give me some death    71

this is the windy city    72

why do i feel    73

i must arise    74

i'm being eaten    75

the only war i see    76

makes me want to cry*    77

book two    78

this windy city    79

rusty    80

w/a sigh    81

your rhymes    82

a mishmash of lover's*    83

the smell of ink    85

still here i am    87

children seated    88

a round table   &nbs...