Fler böcker av James Gilligan

  • Violence

    James Gilligan

    James Gilligan lays the foundation for a complete re-thinking of the nature and meaning of violence in society. He reveals the motives of men who commit horrifying crimes, men who not only kill other people, but also destroy themselves rather than...

  • Why Some Politicians Are More Dangerous Than Others

    James Gilligan

    Politicians and the political process, even in ostensibly democratic countries, can be deadly. James Gilligan has discovered a devastating truth that has been &quote;hiding in plain sight&quote; for the past century - namely, that when America's c...

  • Holding a Mirror up to Nature

    James Gilligan

    Shakespeare has been dubbed the greatest psychologist of all time. This book seeks to prove that statement by comparing the playwright's fictional characters with real-life examples of violent individuals, from criminals to political actors. For G...