Phillipps' Field Guide to the Mammals of Borneo and Their Ecology (häftad)
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Princeton University Press
141 color plates. 160 maps.
215 x 152 x 31 mm
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Phillipps' Field Guide to the Mammals of Borneo and Their Ecology (häftad)

Phillipps' Field Guide to the Mammals of Borneo and Their Ecology

Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei, and Kalimantan

Häftad Engelska, 2016-05-10
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This is the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and easily accessible field guide to the mammals of Borneo-the ideal travel companion for anyone visiting this region of the world. Covering Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei, and Kalimantan, the book provides essential information on 277 species of land and marine mammals and features 141 breathtaking color plates. Detailed facing-page species accounts describe taxonomy, size, range, distribution, habits, and status. This unique at-a-glance guide also includes distribution maps, habitat plates, regional maps, fast-find graphic indexes, top mammal sites, and a complete overview of the vegetation, climate, and ecology of Borneo.Covers 277 species-from orangutans and clouded leopards to otters and other marine mammalsFeatures 141 superb color platesIncludes facing-page species accounts, distribution maps, fast-find graphic indexes, and moreDescribes Borneo's vegetation, climate, and ecology
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"Excellent and very informative... All the species present in the region are covered in detail with wonderful illustrations by Karen Phillipps... The details provided on each mammal are comprehensive, informative and cover all 277 known land and marine mammals' species in the region."--Dato' Dr Amar-Singh, Bird Ecology Study Group "This book is much more than a field guide, although it serves this purpose extremely well... A number of sidebars provide information on particular ecological relationships (such as predator/prey), seed dispersal, and other notable facts. The writing is colorful yet professional. Overall, this is a very comprehensive work."--Choice

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Quentin Phillipps is a native of Borneo who has been fascinated by its wildlife and natural history since he was a child. Karen Phillipps is a native of Borneo who has illustrated many books on Asian wildlife, including A Field Guide to the Mammals of Borneo. They are the coauthors of the acclaimed Phillipps' Field Guide to the Birds of Borneo (Princeton).


Introduction 6Endemic Mammals 8Climate: Seasons 10Climate: Phenology 12Origin and Evolution of Bornean Mammals 14Sundaland 1 Million Years Ago 16Extinct Mammals 18Arrival of Man 20Traditional Hunting 22Ecology: Forest Diseases and Natural Medicines 24Ecology: Danger Signals, Mimicry and Camouflage 26Ecology: Vegetation and Mammals in Borneo 28Ecology: Large Caves of Borneo 30Ecology: Biodiversity Gradients 32Ecology: Seed Dispersal Overview 34Ecology: The Significance of Seed Size 36Ecology: Anachronistic Fruits 38Ecology: How Plants Colonize New Islands 40Ecology: Forest Nomads 42Ecology: Seed Predation Overview 44Ecology: Why So Many Trees? 46Plants: Poaceae Grasses and Bamboos 48Plants: Palms 50Plants: Eugeissona Palms 52Plants: Dipterocarps 54Plants: Rafflesia 56Plants: Mangoes 58Plants: Oaks and Chestnuts 60Plants: Durians 62Plants: Langsat Family 64Plants: Legumes (Bean Trees) 66Plants: Leguminous Lianas 68Plants: Pitcher Plants 70Plants: Bananas and Gingers 72Plants: Artocarpus 74Plants: Figs 76Bat Ecology: Bat Figs 78Bat Ecology: Bat-dispersed Seeds 80Bat Ecology: Bat-pollinated Trees 82MAMMALS OF BORNEOFruit Bats and Flying Foxes 84Cynopterus Fruit Bats 86Dayak and Dusky Fruit Bats 88Rousette Fruit Bats 90Tail-less Fruit Bats: Aethalops, Chironax, Balionycteris 92Tail-less Fruit Bats: Megaerops 94Macroglossus and Eonycteris Nectar Bats 96Introduction to Insectivorous Bats 98Insect Bat-Foraging Guilds 100Rhinolophus: Horseshoe Bats 102Hipposideros: Roundleaf Bats 106False Vampire and Hollow-Faced Bats 110Emballonuridae: Sheath-tailed Bats 112Bent-winged or Long-fingered Bats 116Vesper Bats 118Molossidae 1, Wrinkle-lipped Bats 134Molossidae 2, Naked Bat 136Shrews 138Moonrat and Hylomis 140Treeshrews Introduction 142Lesser, Slender and Plain Treeshrews 144Mountain, Striped and Smooth-tailed Treeshrews 146Painted and Splendid Treeshrews 148Large Treeshrew 150Pangolin 152Colugo 154Introduction to the Primates of Borneo 156Tarsiers 158Slow Loris 160Red Langur 162Grey Langurs 164Natuna Langur 168Sarawak Langur 170Silvered Langur 172Proboscis Monkey 174Proboscis Monkey: Ecology 176Proboscis Monkey: Conservation 178Long-tailed Macaque 180Pig-tailed Macaque 182Gibbons 184Gibbons: Ecology 186Hominidae, Orangutan 188Orangutan: Ecology 190Orangutan: Conservation 192Squirrels 194Kinabalu Squirrel 195Prevost's Squirrel 196Horse-tailed Squirrel 198Small Sundasciurus Squirrels 200Red-bellied Squirrels 202Grey-bellied Callosciurus Tree Squirrels 204Pigmy Squirrels 206Bornean Sculptor Squirrel 208Giant Squirrel 210Ground Squirrels 212Tufted Ground Squirrel 214Flying Squirrels: Introduction 216Petinomys and Pteromyscus Medium Flying Squirrels 218Hylopetes and Iomys Medium Flying Squirrels 220Aeromys Large Flying Squirrels 222Petaurista Giant Flying Squirrels 224Rats: Introduction and Commensal Rats 226Dark-tailed Rats 228Endemic Mountain Rats 230Relict Tree Rats 232Large Maxomys Spiny Rats 234Small Maxomys Spiny Rats 236Lowland Tree Rats 238Chiropodomys Sunda (Pencil-Tailed) Tree Mice 240Emmon's Tree Rat and Ranee Mouse 242Old World Porcupines 244Sun Bear 246Sun Bear Ecology 248Martens, Weasels, Otters and Badgers 250Malay Weasel 252Sunda Skunk and Ferret-Badger 254Otters 256Otter Ecology 258Linsang 260Introduction to Civets 262Three-striped and Island Palm Civets 264Malay Civet and Otter Civet 266Masked Palm Civet and Binturong 268Hose's and Banded Civet 270Mongooses 272Wild Cats 274Clouded Leopard 276Clouded Leopard Ecology 278Marbled Cat 280Bay Cat 282Flat-headed Cat 284Leopard Cat 286Elephants 288Bornean Elephant Ecology 290Elephant Conservation 292Introduction to Rhinoceroses 294Sumatran Rhino Ecology 296Sumatran Rhino Conservation 298Wild Pigs 300Bearded Pig Ecology 302Banteng and Water Buffalo 304Mousedeer or Cevrotains 306Deer and Sambar Deer 308Muntjac 310Dugongs 312Dolphins, Porpoises and Whales 314Whales 324Maps and Sites 326Selected Bibliography 388Index of Common Names 394Index of Scientific Names 396Glossary and Index of Te