The Horses Foot (inbunden)
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The Horses Foot (inbunden)

The Horses Foot

Inbunden Engelska, 2006-05-01
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The new edition of this successful title on equine foot diseases and lameness will be expanded to become a comprehensive, highly illustrated text instead of the current atlas format. There will be significantly increased text in this edition, giving much wider discussion on the treatment of foot diseases and lameness. The excellent, high-quality colour prints, line illustrations and radiographs are one of the great strengths of the book, and will be expanded where necessary. Case histories are included to enhance the text and give hints and tips on diagnosis. The entire spectrum of conditions affecting the equine foot is covered, from tumours and infections to laminitis and the malformed hoof.
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Chris Pollitt has an international reputation as an equine lameness expert. He is an invited speaker at many conferences and training courses worldwide and equine specialists beat a path to his door for guidance on problem cases. In addition, he has a very strong following amongst farriers and blacksmiths,for whom he holds training courses and who are an import market for this title. He is a leading authority on laminitis.


*Structure and Function *Clinical Examination *Horseshoes and Horseshoeing *Problem Feet *Hoof Wall Reconstruction *conformation *Interference Injury *Failure of Digital Blood Supply *Ringbone *Disorders of the Cartilages of the Distal Phalanx *Trauma to Distal Interphalangeal Jint and Distal Phalanx *Disorders and Diseases of the Hoof Wall *Disorders and Diseases of the Coronet *Disorders and Diseases of the Sole, Frog and Bar *Infected Nail Hole *Quarter Cracks *Infections and Tumours of the Foot *Navicular Disease (Podotrochleosis) *Laminitis