Rhythmic Activities and Dance
Mixed media product
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2 Revised edition
Human Kinetics Publishers
Riemer, Pamela Coughenour
112 illustrations, 9 photos
266 x 203 x 12 mm
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Contains 1 Paperback / softback and 1 CD-ROM
Rhythmic Activities and Dance

Rhythmic Activities and Dance

Mixed media product Engelska, 2006-03-01


This is a reference book for dance and physical education teachers. It offers a wide variety of activities, from rhythmic games and aerobic dance-fitness routines, as well as teaching social dances, such as the waltz, foxtrot, tango, merengue, salsa/mambo, rumba and swing. It aims to help students get involved in the process of learning to dance using assignments to create their own work, review questions and "Critical Thinking Challenges" at the end of each chapter. This new edition has a stronger focus on dance as a tool for social development and includes suggestions for setting up a non-threatening environment and how to include students of all abilities. It is designed to be user-friendly for teachers. For example, the book includes an easy-to-use rhythmic activity finder to help teachers reference the available dances and activities in the book, the CD of music means that there are no extra expenses or extra time and effort needed to find appropriate music for the dances and has been cross referenced in the book making the music for each dance easy to find.
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John Bennett has been teaching dance to all ages from preschool to older adults since 1969. He is currently a professor at the department of Health and Applied Human Sciences at the University of North Carolina, where he has taught dance for the last eleven years. Pamela Riemer has over 25 years of experience as a physical education teacher, where she used dance as a major component of her curriculum.


Rhythmic Activity FinderCD Song List Key to Diagrams PrefaceAcknowledgmentsChapter 1. Starting a Rhythmic Activities and Dance ProgramPlanning Your ProgramProgram ConsiderationsUnit PlanningLesson PlanningRhythmic TermsMusic in Rhythmic Activities and DanceEvaluationSummaryChapter 2. Icebreaker ActivitiesEasing Students Into Rhythmic Activities and Dance SummaryChapter 3. Rhythmic Games and ActivitiesFrom Old to NewMusic SelectionLarge-Group ActivitiesSmall-Group ActivitiesCircuitsGamesCulminationSummaryChapter 4. Aerobic Dance and Fitness RoutinesStrategies for Quality AerobicsWarm-Up and Cool-Down ExercisesExercise Components for Aerobics and Dance RoutinesSample Aerobic WorkoutsHow to Create Rhythmic Routines and DancesPrechoreographed RoutinesSummaryChapter 5. Line DancesLine Dance ActivitiesLine Dance Unit PlanningSummaryChapter 6. Folk DancesDescription of Folk DancingAfricanAmerican-CentralAmerican-NorthAmerican-SouthAsianEuropean-Eastern European-WesternSummaryChapter 7. MixersHistory of Mixers Teaching Social Mixers With the Round-Robin WaveSingle Circle Facing Center With a PartnerDouble Circle, Facing Line of DirectionDouble Circle Partners FacingFree or OpenSummaryChapter 8. Square Dances and CloggingHistory of American Square DanceBasics of Teaching Square DanceAppalachian Big SetBig-Circle FiguresSmall-Circle FiguresSquare FiguresCloggingSummaryChapter 9. Social DancesSmooth American-Style DancesLatin-Style DancesSwingSummaryGlossarySuggested ResourcesAbout the Authors