Strategic Integrated Marketing Communications (häftad)
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Strategic Integrated Marketing Communications (häftad)

Strategic Integrated Marketing Communications

Theory and Practice

Häftad, Engelska, 2008-06-01


This exciting and comprehensive new textbook deals with all aspects of integrated marketing communication from a strategic perspective. Integrated Marketing Communications is planning in a systematic way to determine the most effective and consistent message for appropriate target audiences. The book shows clearly that this is rarely achieved in organisations where the needs of the brand can become lost in managerial needs to pursue IMC budgets- i.e. the share of the internal pie is more important than the external impact. It demonstrates that IMC is not just the utilisation of multiple communications options in a campaign but depends on-

* Effective brands having the right positioning and brand attitude

* The use of IMC to ensure that that all aspects of the brand communications reinforce the brand message consistently

* That IMC is ensures that all marketing communications for brands also support the company's overall identity, image and reputation

* An essential book for today's marketer now that integrated marketing communications form a critical success factor in building strong brands and strong companies
* Once an emerging discipline IMC now lies at the heart of successful Marketing Strategy
* Corporate image, identity and reputation have never been more important and this book unlocks the key factors in achieving and enhancing this
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Currently a consultant in marketing and communication and Visiting Professor with appointments at a number of graduate business schools, Professor Percy has spent over 35 years as both a practitioner and academic. He has worked for several leading worldwide marketing communications organizations, and now consults with many major corporations and institutions (e.g. NASA). He has been part of the graduate faculty at the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie-Mellon University, and Oxford University Said Business School. Currently, he has appointments as visiting professor at the Copenhagen Business School, Luiss School of Management (in Rome), Stockholm School of Economics, and the Stockholm University Graduate School of Communications. Prof. Percy is the author of Strategies for Implementing Integrated Marketing Communication, and co-author or author of eight other books on marketing strategy and advertising theory, including the leading graduate textbook worldwide in advertising management. He has contributed over 80 published papers and journal articles to the field, and has served on the editorial board of a number of important journals (including the Journal of Marketing Research, Psychology in Marketing, Journal of Advertising) and currently sits on the editorial board of the International Journal of Advertising and the Journal of Current Issues and Research in Advertising. He has conducted numerous executive seminars, both in the United States and in Europe.


Introduction to IMC 1. Overview of IMC / What is IMC? / Managing IMC / Barriers to Effective IMC / Identifying IMC Opportunities / IMC Strategic Planning 2. Brands and IMC / The Role of IMC in Building Brands / Positioning - Understanding how markets are defined - Determining brand positioning / Building Brand Equity / Brand Portfolio Considerations 3. Companies and IMC / The Role of IMC in Strengthening Companies / Company Identity, Image, and Reputation - Target group perceptions / Building Positive Identity and Image - When to use advertising and other marketing communications - Leveraging image / Establishing and Maintaining a Positive Reputation II. Components of IMC 4. Traditional Advertising / The Role of Traditional Advertising in IMC / Types of Advertising - Consumer oriented advertising - Retail, corporate, and business-to-business advertising / Communication Effects / Establishing Brand Awareness and Brand Attitude - Brand awareness strategies - Brand attitude strategies 5. Traditional Promotion / The Role of Traditional Promotion in IMC / Nature and Types of Traditional Promotion - Trial vs. repeat purchase / Consumer Promotion / Trade and Retail Promotion 6. Direct Marketing and Other IMC Options / The Role of Direct Marketing in IMC - Database marketing / The Role of Other IMC Options - Sponsorships - Event marketing - Exhibition and trade shows / The Role of Personal Selling in IMC / Public Relations 7. New Media / The Role of New Media in IMC - More than a delivery vehicle / Internet Advertising / Interactive Marketing Communication - Point-of-purchase kiosk - Interactive television / Emerging Trends III. Creating Effective IMC Messages 8. Message Processing / How Messages are Processed - Attention - Learning and Acceptance / The Role of Memory / The Role of Emotion 9. Creative Execution / General Creative Techniques - Gaining attention - Facilitating learning / Specific Creative Tactics - Branding via brand awareness - Persuasion via brand attitude / Ensuring Consistency in IMC Executions IV. IMC Strategic Planning 10. Planning Consideration / Communication Objectives / Relative Communication Strengths of Advertising and Promotion / Market Characteristics Influencing the Effectiveness of Advertising and Promotion / Advantages of Using Advertising and Promotion Together 11. Developing the Plan / Reviewing the Marketing Plan / Selecting a Target Audience / Determining How Decisions are Made / Establishing a Brand Positioning - Benefit selection - Benefit focus / Setting Communication Strategy / Matching Media Options 12. Implementing the Plan / Identify Touchpoints in the Decision Process / Optimize Communication Objectives / Determine Appropriate Target Audience / Select Best Media Options / IMC Task Grid