Frontiers of Combining Systems: 1st First International Workshop, Munich, March, 1996 (inbunden)
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1996 ed.
Kluwer Academic Publishers
1st First International Workshop, Munich, March, 1996
254 x 171 x 25 mm
861 g
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Frontiers of Combining Systems: 1st First International Workshop, Munich, March, 1996 (inbunden)

Frontiers of Combining Systems: 1st First International Workshop, Munich, March, 1996

First International Workshop, Munich, March 1996

Inbunden, Engelska, 1996-10-01
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This volume contains research papers that consider the problem of combining formal systems, algorithms, and software tools from the different perspectives of logic, computer science, and artificial intelligence. The emphasis lies on logical systems, automated deduction, and constraint logic programming, but topics like computer algebra systems and the logic modeling of multi-agent systems are also addressed.
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An Overview of Fibred Semantics and the Combination of Logics; D.M. Gabbay. Generalizing Propositional Modal Logic Using Labelled Deductive Systems; A. Russo. A Topography of Labelled Modal Logics; D. Basin, et al. Combining Classical and Intuitionistic Logic, or: Intuitionistic Implication as a Conditional; L. Farinas del Cerro, A. Herzig. A New Correctness Proof of the Nelson-Oppen Combination Procedure; C. Tinelli, M. Harandi. Co-operation of Decision Procedures for the Satisfiability Problem; C. Ringeissen. Combining Finite Model Generation with Theorem Proving: Problems and Prospects; J. Slaney, T. Surendonk. Reasoning Theories: Towards an Architecture for Open Mechanized Reasoning Systems; F. Giunchiglia, et al. Natural Language Presentation and Combination of Automatically Generated Proofs; B.I. Dahn, A. Wolf. Symbolic Computation: Computer Algebra and Logic; B. Buchberger. Classification of Communication and Co-operation Mechanisms for Logical and Symbolic Computation Systems; J. Calmet, K. Homann. Logic Tuple Spaces for the Co-ordination of Heterogeneous Agents; E. Denti, et al. Integration Systems and Interaction Spaces; C. Landauer, K.L. Bellman. Combining Constraint Solvers in a Meta CLP Architecture; E. Lamma, et al. Membership-Constraints and Complexity in Logic Programming with Sets; F. Stolzenburg. Integrating Lists, Multisets, and Sets in a Logic Programming Framework; A. Dovier, et al. CLP( ) for Proving Program Properties; F. Mesnard, et al. First-Order Constrained Lambda Calculus; J.N. Crossley, et al. Unified Relational Framework for Programming Paradigm Combination; N. Habra, B. le Charlier. Model Checking ACTL Constrained Processes; Xiao Jun Chen.