Spatial Cognition (häftad)
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New ed
Psychology Press
Stiles-Davis, Joan
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Spatial Cognition (häftad)

Spatial Cognition

Brain Bases and Development

Häftad Engelska, 1988-03-01
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Looking at the ways humans perceive, interpret, remember, and interact with events occurring in space, this book focuses on two aspects of spatial cognition: How does spatial cognition develop? What is the relation between spatial cognition and the brain? This book offers a unique opportunity to share the combined efforts of scientists from varied disciplines, including cognitive and developmental psychology, neuropsychology, behavioral neurology, and neurobiology in the process of interacting and exchanging ideas. Based on a conference held at the Neuroscience Conference Center of the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, this book explores current scientific trends seeking a biological basis for understanding the relationships among brain, mind, and behavior.
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Contents: Preface. Foreword. Part I: Spatial Cognition in Adults: Introduction. L. Morrow, G. Ratcliff, The Neuropsychology of Spatial Cognition. M.J. Farah, The Neuropsychology of Mental Imagery. R.A. Andersen, The Neurobiological Basis of Spatial Cognition: Role of the Parietal Lobe. R.N. Shepard, The Role of Transformations in Spatial Cognition. M. Kritchevsky, The Elementary Spatial Functions of the Brain. Part II: The Development of Spatial Cognition: Introduction. H.L. Pick, Jr., Perceptual Aspects of Spatial Cognitive Development. L. Acredolo, Infant Mobility and Spatial Development. L.S. Liben, Conceptual Issues in the Development of Spatial Cognition. J.R. Johnston, Children's Verbal Representation of Spatial Location. A. Nicolopoulou, Interrelation of Logical and Spatial Knowledge in Preschoolers. D. Wolf, Drawing the Boundary: The Development of Distinct Systems for Spatial Representation in Young Children. Part III: Effects of Different Early Experiences: Introduction. J. Stiles-Davis, Spatial Dysfunctions in Young Children With Right Cerebral Hemisphere Injury. U. Bellugi, H. Sabo, J. Vaid, Spatial Deficits in Children With Williams Syndrome. L.A. Petitto, U. Bellugi, Spatial Cognition and Brain Organization: Clues From the Acquisition of a Language in Space. H.J. Neville, Cerebral Organization for Spatial Attention. B. Landau, The Construction and Use of Spatial Knowledge in Blind and Sighted Children. S.F. Witelson, J.A. Swallow, Neuropsychological Study of the Development of Spatial Cognition. Part IV: Discussions: Introduction. S. Zola-Morgan, M. Kritchevsky, Spatial Cognition in Adults. J.M. Mandler, The Development of Spatial Cognition: On Topological and Euclidean Representation. D. Lillo-Martin, P. Tallal, Effects of Different Early Experiences.