Toxicology (inbunden)
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CRC Press Inc
201 black & white tables, 71 black & white halftones
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Toxicology (inbunden)


Principles and Applications

Inbunden Engelska, 1996-03-01
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Focusing primarily on basic principles and concepts, Toxicology also provides 200 tables worth of toxicological data. Each heavily illustrated chapter is a complete study unit containing a table of contents, an introduction, a learning core, a self-test, and feedback. The main text for the unit is followed by a self-test, which reveals whether the learning objectives have been met. The feedback section answers frequently asked questions, while a summary enables the student to review the main concepts before moving on to the next unit.
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FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLESToxicology: History and Scope of the Field, J.H. KoemanExposure: Qualitative and Quantitative Aspects, A. MuschBiotransformation: Detoxification and Bioactivation, B.J. BlaauboerBiotransformation: Species Differences and Determining Factors, A. BastAbsorption, Distribution, and Elimination of Xenobiotics, R.J.M. NiesinkToxicokinetics: Quantitative Aspects, J. de VriesDose-time-effect Relationships, A. MuschMOLECULAR ASPECTS OF TOXICITYStructure-activity Relationships, J.L.M. HermensToxicity of Mixtures, A. MuschCytotoxicity: Molecular Mechanisms of Cell Death, J. de VriesGenetic Toxicology, Ph. Vanparys and F.-J. van SchootenIntroduction to Carcinogenesis, H. van Cauteren, Th.M.C.M. de Kok, and F.-J. van SchootenCancer Risk Evaluation, H. van Cauteren, Th.M.C.M. de Kok, and F.-J. van SchootenORGAN TOXICOLOGYToxicity Testing, Risk Assessment, Regulation, and Legislation, K.N. WoodwardCytopathology: General Response Patterns and Morphological Aspects, A. PenninksNecrosis and Apoptosis: Irreversibility of Cell Damage and Cell Death, A. VerheyenORGANS INVOLVED IN ABSORPTION AND ELIMINATIONDermatotoxicology: Toxicological Pathology and Methodological Aspects, R.J.M. NiesinkRespiratory Toxicology: Pathophysiology, Toxicological Pathology, and Mechanisms of Toxicity, R.B. Beems, V.J. Feron, P.G.J. Reuzel, and A. ZwartInhalatory Exposure and Methodological Aspects, R.B. Beems, V.J. Feron, P.G.J. Reuzel, and A. ZwartGastro-intestinal Toxicology: Structure, Function, and Intestinal Toxicity, W. CoussementGastro-intestinal Toxicology: Toxicological Pathology and Sources of Intestinal Toxicity, W. CoussementHepatotoxicology: Structure, Function, and Toxicological Pathology, J. VandenbergheHepatotoxicology: Mechanisms of Liver Toxicity and Methodological Aspects, J. VandenbergheNephrotoxicology: Toxicological Pathology and Biochemical Toxicology, J.F. NagelkerkeOrgan Perfusion Techniques: In Vitro Toxicity Testing, A. Sj. KosterORGANS INVOLVED IN MAINTAINING HOMEOSTASISCardiovascular Toxicology: Toxicological Pathology and Methodological Aspects, A. VerheyenToxicology of the Blood: Pathophysiology, Toxicological Pathology, and Mechanistic Aspects, J.J. MarxImmunotoxicology: Determination of Immunotoxic Effects and Immunotoxicity Mechanisms, H. van Loveren and J.G. VosImmunotoxicology: Examples of Immunotoxic Substances, H. van Loveren and J.G. VosEndocrinotoxicology: Methodological Aspects, M.A.M. Krajns-Franken, F.X.R. van Leeuwen, and J.G. LoeberGeneral Reproductive Toxicology, J.M. Garbis-Berkvens, P.W.J. PetersSpecial Reproductive Toxicology, J.M. Garbis-Berkvens and P.W.J. PetersAnatomy and Toxicological Pathology of the Nervous System, A. BastFunctional Neurotoxicology, T.A. de VliegerNeurobehavioral Toxicology, R.J.M. NiesinkAPPLICATION AREASIntroduction to Nutritional Toxicology, J.H. KoemanFood Toxicity: The Toxicological History of Asp