Memoirs of Swedenborg and Other Documents (e-bok)
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Swedenborg Foundation Publishers
Memoirs of Swedenborg and Other Documents (e-bok)

Memoirs of Swedenborg and Other Documents (e-bok)

E-bok (EPUB - DRM), Engelska, 2014-10-01
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Written in 1782, Memoirs of Swedenborg by Carl Robsahm is without doubt the most compelling eyewitness account of Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) to be published in any language. Drawing on reminiscences from his own long-standing friendship with and years as a neighbor to Swedenborg, Robsahm offers a fascinating picture of the Swedish philosopher and mystic as a man of gentleness and integrity. Rich in detail and generosity, this memoir is a classic in its own right and a primary resource for all subsequent biographies. This edition has been selected and edited by Stephen McNeilly featuring revised translations, an introduction, and annotations by the renowned Swedish scholar Anders Hallengren. It also contains eight other historical documents concerning Swedenborg's day-to-day life, three of which are from the hand of Swedenborg himself. The volume includes:  "e;Memoirs of Swedenborg"e; by Carl Robsahm "e;Reply to a Letter from a Friend"e; by Emanuel Swedenborg "e;A Truthful Account of the Late Queen Dowager at Haga in 1774"e; by Anders von Hopken Extract from the Proceedings of the Exegetic and Philanthropic Society in Stockholm "e;Memoranda in the Notebook of 1747-48"e; by Emanuel Swedenborg "e;Description of the Late Assessor, Mr. Emanuel Swedenborg's Estate at Sdermalm"e; "e;A List of Valuables of 1770"e; by Emanuel Swedenborg "e;A Visit to Swedenborg's Home"e; by Carl Christoffer Gjrwell Testimony by Christian de Tuxen Each document is accompanied by its own individual contextual introduction and annotations by Anders Hallengren. Also included in the volume are a general foreword and introduction by Anders Hallengren, a chronology of Swedenborg's life and works, and an index.
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