Nordisk Films Kompagni 1906-1924 (e-bok)
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Indiana University Press

Nordisk Films Kompagni 1906-1924 E-bok

The Rise and Fall of the Polar Bear

E-bok (LCP),  Engelska, 2017-10-01
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This comprehensive study of the Danish film company demonstrates how it became one of the most important innovators of the silent era.Established in 1906, Nordisk Films Kompagni's rise and fall is one of the most dramatic stories of the early film industry. Based on archival research, primarily in the company's surviving business archives, this volume describes and analyzes how Nordisk Films became one of the leading players in the world market-and why the company failed to maintain this position.Isak Thorsen examines Nordisk Film as a business and organization, from its establishment in 1906 until 1924 when founder Ole Olsen stepped back. He covers a wide range of topics, including the competitive advantages Nordisk Film gained in reorganizing the production to multiple-reel films around 1910; the company's highly efficient film production which anticipated the departmentalized organization of Hollywood; Nordisk Film's aggressive expansion strategy in Germany, Central-Europe and Russia during the First World War; and the grand plans for taking control of UFA in association with the American Famous Players in the post-war years.
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